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1.     Which of the following is a characteristic of the Hawk system?

a.     It has an automated diagnostic troubleshooting and module replacement maintenance system.
b.     All major components are trailer mounted, giving it a degree of operational mobility.
c.     It is designed to provide low- to high-altitude defense against air attack.
d.     It is air portable only by helicopters.

2.     What is the AN/TSQ-73 system?

a.     An improved continuous-wave radar.
b.     An electronic AD command and control system.
c.     A target alerting data display system.
d.     An alert nerve center and tracking system, model Q-73.

3.     Which provides the best option for providing adequate AD for US forces?

a.     The Patriot system, which can destroy aircraft from very high to low altitudes.
b.     The Vulcan gun system, which can move with the forward elements.
c.     The Stinger missile system, which is man-portable and can easily be transported wherever soldiers go.
d.     A mix of complementary systems, which are highly effective when employed in sufficient numbers.

4.     On the Patriot missile system, once the missile is launched and the target is acquired by the onboard missile seeker antenna it is then tracked via--

a.     the missile.
b.     the sight.
c.     manual control.
d.     data link.

5.     In which configuration is the Hawk missile system fielded?

a.     Towed and SP.
b.     SP only.
c.     Trailer-mounted.
d.     Truck-mounted.

6.     What is the purpose of the FAAR system?

a.     To provide alert warning for Chaparral, Vulcan, Redeye, and Stinger.
b.     To provide forward antiaircraft response control.
c.     To control final aircraft attrition response.
d.     To provide a forward automated command and control center.

7.     The Redeye weapon system consists of three major components: launcher, missile and BCU. Is the missile to be separated from the launcher in the field? If so, for what purpose?

a.     This missile should be removed for quarterly service and lubrication of the variable control surfaces.
b.     The missile should be removed annually to perform required checks of the missile battery section.
c.     The missile should be removed only after a misfire.
d.     The missile is sealed within the launcher, and it is not removed in the field except by firing.

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