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Bulldog Brigade assaults through the breach

By Maj. Anthony Clas June 5, 2019

RODRIGUEZ LIVE FIRE COMPLEX, Republic of Korea -- Doing routine things routinely and striving to master the fundamentals is critical for all military units to be prepared to support any contingency when required.

Soldiers with 1st Battalion, 77th Armor Regiment and 2nd Brigade Engineer Battalion, 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team "Bulldog", 1st Armored Division (Rotational), 2nd Infantry Division/ ROK-U.S. Combined Division; and the 128th Infantry Battalion (ROK Army), conducted a combined arms breach exercise at Rodriguez Live Fire Complex, Republic of Korea, May 9.

"A combined arms breach is a battalion-level operation," said Capt. Christopher Mathews, native of Harrisonville, Missouri, commander, Company A, 1st Battalion, 77th Armor Regiment, 3rd ABCT, 1st AD, 2IDRUCD. "As the breach company, we support our engineers as they perform the breach, and we are in standby to perform the breach ourselves in case something happens to one of the engineer vehicles. Once our local support by fire is set, my breach platoon along with the engineers will identify the edge of the breach, and breach the obstacle, allowing my assault platoon to move through the breach and assault the objective."

Preparation for the Bulldog Combined Arms Breach live demonstration began Feb. 4 with each participating unit rehearsing the basics of combined arms maneuver and the fundamentals of breaching tactics prior to the live demonstration.

"We're working on the fundamentals of breaching, SOSRA (Suppress, Obscure, Secure, Reduce, and Assault), for the combined arms breach (leader professional development demonstration)," said Sgt. 1st Class Brendon Domingo, native of El Paso, Texas, platoon sergeant, Company B, 2nd Brigade Engineer Battalion, 3rd ABCT, 1st AD. "We remove obstacles so the assault force coming through behind us has safe passage (to get through) to accomplish the mission."

Exercising systems and procedures to bypass obstacles within an area of operations provides Bulldog Brigade and ROK Army elements freedom of maneuver across the peninsula to rapidly deploy forces expeditiously in response to any contingency.

"If you want to breach a tank ditch, clear a minefield, we go in first and we get it done," said Pfc. Samantha Bolognia, native of Charleston, Massachusetts, Assault Breacher Vehicle (ABV) operator, Company A, 2nd BEB, 3rd ABCT, 1st AD, 2IDRUCD. "Each MICLIC (M58 Mine Clearing Line Charge) tub has 1800 pounds of C-4 (explosives) we can use to clear obstacles in our path, then we will go through and proof everything, fill in the tack ditch, and do what's needed to be done. To put it simply, the rest of the battalion or the brigade wouldn't be getting through (the obstacle) if we didn't do what we do."

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