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31 August 2018 Military News

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  • Maritime Pre-positioning Ships Squadron Conducts Group Sail with Guam Units AFPS 31 Aug 2018 -- Maritime Pre-positioning Ships Squadron Three successfully conducted its third multiship training exercise, Group Sail, Aug. 19-24, off the coast of Saipan, the Northern Mariana Islands and Guam.
  • Network modernization: Innovation in a time of unprecedented opportunity Army News 31 Aug 2018 -- It has been well-documented that advances in technology will heavily influence the character of future warfare. Artificial intelligence, information technology, advanced robotics, more efficient and automated uses of available spectrum, and the ability to leverage investments by commercial industry in low-earth-orbit meshed satellite constellations have the ability to be game-changers in the way we fight.
  • Safer, smarter, faster: An interview with Gen. James McConville Army News 31 Aug 2018 -- Since assuming duties as the 36th Vice Chief of Staff of the Army in 2017, Gen. James C. McConville has focused on meeting the Secretary of the Army's and Chief of Staff of the Army's readiness and modernization priorities. A graduate of the U.S. Military Academy, McConville is a master aviator and most recently served as the Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1. In this interview, McConville shares his impressions on the impact the Army's new era of modernization will have on the logistics community.
  • Modernizing at the speed of relevance: An interview with Under Secretary of the Army Ryan McCarthy Army News 31 Aug 2018 -- As the 33rd Under Secretary of the Army, Ryan D. McCarthy is leading the way in building readiness for the future. Between his experiences as a proven industry leader and his proud service as an Army Ranger, McCarthy is now transforming the way the Army does business. Army Sustainment Magazine sat down with him to discuss the new Army Futures Command and the role sustainment will play in the Army's modernization efforts.
  • Readout of Secretary of Defense Middle East Security Roundtable Discussion DoD 31 Aug 2018
  • Ronald Reagan Strike Group, JMSDF Participate in Bilateral Training NNS 31 Aug 2018 -- The Ronald Reagan Strike Group and Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, Escort Flotilla 4 Battle Group, participated in bilateral training Aug. 31 while underway in the South China Sea.
  • Deputy Secretary Discusses Future of Space Force at Space and Missile Systems Center AFPS 31 Aug 2018 -- Space is a contested environment, and the United States must deploy new tools, new capabilities and the right leadership to ensure dominance in that environment , Deputy Defense Secretary Patrick M. Shanahan said recently.
  • Worldwide flu outbreak killed 45,000 American Soldiers during World War I Army News 31 Aug 2018 -- In September 1918 there were two killers in the world.
  • Belgium, Canada and Germany take up NATO air policing duties NATO 31 Aug 2018 -- Starting in September, Belgian and German fighter aircraft will take responsibility for patrolling the skies as part of NATO's Baltic air-policing mission. Operating out of Siauliai airbase in Lithuania, four Belgian F-16s will lead the mission, with four German Eurofighter aircraft supporting them out of Ämari airbase in Estonia. The detachments replace French, Portuguese and Spanish air force units which have patrolled the Baltic region since May 2018.
  • Russia Drills Area in Mediterranean Dangerous for Navigation, Air Traffic - Navy Sputnik 31 Aug 2018 -- Russian military drills in the Mediterranean will involve 26 warships and submarines, as well as 34 combat aircraft, Russian Navy Commander-in-Chief Adm. Vladimir Korolev said. The country's Navy and Aerospace Forces will hold joint large-scale naval exercises in the Mediterranean Sea from September 1 to 8.
  • Navy proposes NT$31.6 billion for fast attack missile boats CNA 31 Aug 2018 -- The Navy has submitted a request for NT$31.6 billion (US$1.02 billion) to build 50-ton fast attack missile boats, as part of the national annual defense budget which was submitted for legislative review on Friday.
  • AIDC to deliver 66 advanced jet trainers by 2026 CNA 31 Aug 2018 -- Aerospace Industrial Development Corp. (AIDC) is scheduled to deliver 66 advanced trainer aircraft to the government by 2026, the Ministry of National Defense said Friday.
  • China Denies Reports It Plans To Set Up Base, Troops In Afghanistan RFE/RL 31 Aug 2018 -- China is denying reports that it plans to deploy troops or establish a military base in Afghanistan, saying it is merely engaged in "normal military and security cooperation" with its neighbor.
  • China to Replace Black Hawk Choppers With Harbin Z-20 Sputnik 31 Aug 2018 -- China's People's Liberation Army is preparing to retire its aging UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter fleet in favor of a new, indigenously produced medium-lift chopper: the Harbin Z-20, which will be capable of operating both in high altitudes and off of the country's rapidly expanding naval force.
  • Sino-Russian drill set to guard regional peace People's Daily 31 Aug 2018 -- The upcoming joint military exercise between China and Russia, dubbed Vostok-2018 or East-2018, will strengthen their abilities to jointly deal with different types of security threats and safeguard regional peace and security, China's Ministry of National Defense said on Thursday.
  • Iran rejects claim it is arming Iraqis to fight US troops IRNA 31 Aug 2018 -- The spokesman for Iran mission to UN Alireza Miryousefi on Thursday described Wall Street Journal's claim that Iran is training and arming Iraqis to fight the Americans as ridiculous, saying that Iran has helped the country purely for the purposes of self-defense against terrorist groups like Daesh.
  • Iran self-sufficient in missile technology: Commander IRNA 31 Aug 2018 -- Iran has reached self-sufficiency in surface-to-air missile technology with various ranges, a senior Iranian commander said on Friday.
  • Japan's military seeks record spending amid US push Press TV 31 Aug 2018 -- Japan is seeking a record-high spending next year to help pay for US missile systems and warplanes amid calls from Washington to increase purchase of American weapons.

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