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25 July 2018 Military News

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  • Air Force establishing new office aimed at driving down maintenance costs AFNS 25 Jul 2018 -- Secretary of the Air Force Heather Wilson announced the establishment of the Air Force Rapid Sustainment Office today.
  • Accelerating Multi-Domain Operations: evolution of an idea Army News 25 Jul 2018 -- Multi-Domain Battle has a clear origin. Stemming from the idea that disruptive technologies will change the character of warfare, it recognizes that the way armies will fight and win wars will also change. It also reflects the desire to replicate the success of AirLand Battle, which is arguably the most significant case of developing a concept and then materializing capabilities across the DOTMLPF spectrum (Doctrine, Organization, Training, Material, Leadership Education, Personnel, and Facilities). Origin stories establish the foundation from which lasting ideas emerge. However, for ideas to have a lasting impact they must evolve.
  • Harvested HMMWV parts will save Corps millions, increase survivability of JLTV USMC News 25 Jul 2018 -- A harvesting effort by Program Executive Officer Land Systems and Marine Corps Systems Command could save the Corps millions and make one of its newest vehicles more survivable.
  • US expanding biggest Mideast military base in Qatar Press TV 25 Jul 2018 -- Qatar and the United States have launched a project to expand Washington's already largest military base in the Middle East region, with both sides discussing "permanent" American presence in the emirate.
  • Navy Utilizes Realistic Cyber Simulations to Mature Cyber Mission Forces Beyond Qualifications NNS 25 Jul 2018 -- The next phase in the maturation of the Navy's Cyber Mission Force teams is underway as leadership from U.S. Fleet Cyber Command/U.S. 10th Fleet (FCC/C10F) develop innovative training methods that allow operators to hone their skills in a realistic and challenging environment.
  • Russia threatens with 'response' if Sweden, Finland join NATO Press TV 25 Jul 2018 -- Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu says Moscow would "take response measures" if Sweden and Finland joined the NATO military alliance.
  • Pentagon Awards $300Mln to Deliver Javelin Missiles to Ukraine, 5 Other States Sputnik 25 Jul 2018 -- The US Army has awarded a $307 million Foreign Military Sales contract to Raytheon to supply more Javelin anti-tank missiles to Ukraine, Estonia and Lithuania as well as to Australia, Turkey and Taiwan, the Department of Defense said in a press release.
  • India, Japan Gearing Up For First Joint Military Exercise Sputnik 25 Jul 2018 -- The two countries are also exploring possibilities to enhance cooperation between the Japan Air Self Defense Force and Indian Air Force by enabling visits by their aircraft to each other's air bases.
  • Two Iranian missile-launching warships dock at Baku coastlines IRNA 25 Jul 2018 -- Two Iranian missile launching warships – Peykan and Joshan – docked at Caspian Sea coastlines at Baku to participate at Sea Cup-2018.
  • Iran's IRGC upgrades Sukhoi fleet Press TV 25 Jul 2018 -- A senior commander of Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps says the IRGC has upgraded several of its Sukhoi SU-22 fighter bombers and will soon equip them with cruise missiles.
  • Iran unveils 10 upgraded Sukhoi Su- 22 ISNA 25 Jul 2018 -- 10 Sukhoi Su- 22, modernized and upgraded by Aerospace experts of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and Iranian knowledge based companies, were unveiled and added to the Aerospace fleet during a ceremony on Wednesday where the chief commander of IRGC Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari and the Commander of IRGC Aerospace Force, Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh were in attendance.
  • US bases within reach of Iran's defense power: Iranian Chief of Staff ISNA 25 Jul 2018 -- Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Bagheri says the country's Armed Forces are highly prepared to give a "crushing response to any threat at any level" against the Islamic Republic.
  • Kazakh Defense Minister Makes First Official Visit To Bishkek Since Soviet Collapse RFE/RL 25 Jul 2018 -- Kazakh Defense Minister Saken Zhasuzaqov traveled to Bishkek on July 25, making the first official visit by a Kazakh defense chief to Kyrgyzstan since the two Central Asian nations gained independence in the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union.

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