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16 March 2018 Military News

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  • Test pilot briefs T-6 nation AFNS 16 Mar 2018 -- An F-16 Fighting Falcon's sustained 9 g-force break turn is no small matter on a normal day. Imagine yourself there. Your head weighs 180 pounds and your arms are pinned to the stick and throttle; let go of your breath the wrong way, and you watch the world fade from gray to black in an instant. Now add to this situation a corset-tight upper vest built to restrict lung inflation and an oxygen hose with half the normal flow rate – on purpose.
  • Special Operations Forces Exercise in Arctic Conditions AFPS 16 Mar 2018 -- The U.S. military conducts mission-based training events year-round, but Arctic Edge 2018 is a unique opportunity that has brought more than 1,500 U.S. military personnel from 20-plus units together to train in arctic conditions throughout the Alaska range.
  • Eucom Commander Discusses Counteracting Russian Disinformation AFPS 16 Mar 2018 -- Russia is using all aspects of government power to overthrow the existing international rules-based infrastructure and especially trying to subvert NATO, Army Gen. Curtis M. Scaparrotti said during a roundtable with reporters at the Pentagon yesterday.
  • Defense Official Discusses Security Cooperation Reform AFPS 16 Mar 2018 -- Army Lt. Gen. Charles W. Hooper, the director of the Defense Security Cooperation Agency, discussed his agency's role in the new National Security Strategy, and its role in ongoing reform efforts within the security cooperation enterprise during a Center for Strategic and International Studies panel event here today.
  • Mattis Describes Middle East Trip as Successful In Building Unity AFPS 16 Mar 2018 -- Defense Secretary James N. Mattis said his recently concluded Middle East trip was successful, adding that collaboration, the spirit of shared understanding and unity were what he took away from his official meetings with heads of state and military and diplomatic leaders.
  • US, Slovenian Army conduct live fire base defense training Army News 16 Mar 2018 -- To fight a modern war takes more than infantry, artillery, reconnaissance and engineers. Even a highly deployable fighting force like the 173rd Airborne Brigade has to get to the battle and be sustained in the fight. This means having riggers to pack the parachutes and rig the equipment to be dropped, mechanics to keep the vehicles in top condition, and fuelers to keep those vehicles running, or even the "water dogs" to purify thousands of gallons of water a day to keep the paratroopers fighting.
  • Army scientists develop pizza MREs, slated for assembly March 2018 Army News 16 Mar 2018 -- It's ready, set, dough for the Meals, Ready-to-Eat pizza.
  • Arlington National Cemetery seeks changes to burial eligibility criteria to ensure future space Army News 16 Mar 2018 -- Arlington National Cemetery will reach full capacity by the early 2040's if changes aren't implemented soon, according to the Army National Military Cemeteries executive director.
  • USS Oklahoma City Visits Singapore NNS 16 Mar 2018 -- The Los Angeles-class attack submarine USS Oklahoma City (SSN 723) arrived in Singapore March 16 for a visit as part of its deployment to the Indo-Pacific.
  • NATO Trends Heading Up, Annual Report Shows AFPS 16 Mar 2018 -- NATO has stepped up recrafting deterrence and defense, and the alliance's annual report for 2017 shows that the trend lines for the alliance are up, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said in Brussels yesterday.
  • Deputy Secretary General marks first anniversary of NATO's enhanced forward presence in Poland NATO 16 Mar 2018 -- NATO Deputy Secretary General Rose Gottemoeller began a trip to Poland with a visit to the NATO multinational battlegroup in Orzysz on Friday (16 March 2018). Led by the US, the battlegroup is one of four that are operational in the eastern part of the Alliance.
  • UK-US military links strengthened after ministerial visit to Washington DC UK MOD 16 Mar 2018 -- Military ties between the UK and USA have been reinforced following a visit to Washington DC by Defence Minister Mark Lancaster this week.
  • Reports reveal sea tests of electromagnetic railguns People's Daily 16 Mar 2018 -- Official media reports on two scientists during China's Two Sessions period have revealed that the Chinese navy is making notable achievements on advanced weapons, including sea tests of electromagnetic railguns, and noise-reduction of its nuclear submarines.
  • Chinese Marines Conduct Major War Games Involving 10,000 Troops Sputnik 16 Mar 2018 -- More than 10,000 troops have crossed the country in its largest military training drills, according to the China Central Television program Military Report.
  • Indian Opposition Alleges $5.5 Billion Misappropriation in Rafale Fighter Deal Sputnik 16 Mar 2018 -- The alleged corruption in the Rafale fighter jet procurement was raised by the opposition in Parliament earlier this year, but defense minister Nirmala Sitharaman had refused to disclose details of the contract, including the prices, citing the clause of confidentiality in the said contract.
  • Indian Air Force Lists Russian S-400 Air Defense System as Top Priority Sputnik 16 Mar 2018 -- The Indian Air Force desires to induct five firing units of the S-400 long-range surface-to-air missile system by the year 2022. If the proposed deal with Russia is finalized, it would be one of the biggest arms contracts India has ever had with Russia.
  • U.S. to keep supporting Taiwan's defense capabilities: official CNA 16 Mar 2018 -- U.S. Navy Admiral Harry Harris Jr., head of the U.S. Pacific Command (USPACOM), maintained on Thursday that his command will continue to support Taiwan's efforts to increase its self-defense capabilities through regular arms sales and military training.
  • Taiwan proposes measures to counter China's incentives CNA 16 Mar 2018 -- Taiwan's Cabinet on Friday announced "eight major strategies" to counter China's latest attempt to attract Taiwanese people to study, work and invest in the mainland through 31 incentives.
  • Kabul Interested in Russia's Mi-17, Mi-35 on Free of Charge Basis - Ambassador Sputnik 16 Mar 2018 -- Kabul is interested in Russia's Mi-17 and Mi-35 helicopters for counterterrorism operations and would like Moscow to supply them on a non-reimbursable basis, Afghan Ambassador to Russia Abdul Qayyum Kochai told Sputnik.
  • Press Briefing by Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and Legislative Affairs Director Marc Short The White House 16 Mar 2018

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