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Syrian Army Says Liberated 70% of Eastern Ghouta From Terrorists

Sputnik News

19:44 16.03.2018(updated 19:59 16.03.2018)

DAMASCUS (Sputnik) - The Syrian government troops have liberated from terrorists 70 percent of the territory of Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta so far, the Syrian army command said.

"Paying the price of the blood of our heroes who perished, and in coordinated efforts with our allied forces, we have managed to liberate dozens of settlements and villages in Eastern Ghouta… a total of 70 percent of the territory seized by terrorist groups," the Syrian army command said in a statement.

Government forces are continuing to advance in the area, and recently liberated the town of Jisreen, in addition to the city of Hamouriyah.

"After sweeping out the surrounding farmlands and defusing the landmines, IEDs and all terrorists' defenses, the storming units succeeded in establishing full control over the town [Jisreen]," a military source reported to Syrian media.

In a bid to retake Hamouriyah, Islamist militants launched a counter-attack, but were successfully repelled by the Syrian Army.

According to the latest reports, the Syrian troops have already liberated more than half of the area, which jihadists have controlled control since 2012. It is known that 10,000 to 12,000 militants are to be somewhere in the area.

Eastern Ghouta was occupied by anti-government Islamist extremists in 2012. After the recent UN resolution, the fighting in the area didn't abate, even when the humanitarian pause was in place, the Russian Defense Ministry said. As militants constantly target all exits from the enclave, civilians cannot leave the area safely.


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