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06 January 2018 Military News

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Defense Policy / Programs

  • USS Wasp joins 7th Fleet NNS 06 Jan 2018 -- Wasp departed Norfolk Aug. 30 to replace USS Bonhomme Richard (LHD 6) in Sasebo, Japan as the forward-deployed amphibious assault ship in region.
  • Downed C-2A Greyhound located in Philippine Sea NNS 06 Jan 2018 -- U.S. Navy's Supervisor of Salvage and Diving (SUPSALV) deployed the team to Japan in December to embark a contracted salvage vessel and proceed to the crash site at sea. Once on station, highly skilled operators searched for the aircraft's emergency relocation pinger with a U.S. Navy-owned towed pinger locator (TPL-25) system. The TPL uses passive sensors to "listen" for the pinger's frequency.
  • Russian Airborne Forces' Capabilities Increase Due to Use of Advanced Vehicles Sputnik 06 Jan 2018 -- The capabilities of the Russian Airborne Forces have significantly increased because of the replacement of old military vehicles by the new ones designed on the base of unified platforms, Col. Nikolai Anokhin, the head of the Airborne Forces' logistics department, said Saturday.
  • Taiwan will not deploy IDF jets to Penghu year-round: Air Force CNA 06 Jan 2018 -- The idea of deploying a fleet of Indigenous Defense Fighter (IDF) jets in the offshore county of Penghu throughout the year is purely speculative and unrealistic, Taiwan's Air Force said Saturday.
  • Taiwan may station IDF jets year-round in Penghu: source CNA 06 Jan 2018 -- Taiwan's military is open to the option of stationing a squadron of Indigenous Defense Fighter (IDF) jets year-round in Penghu County, especially in light of China's recent unilateral action to open new commercial flight routes in the Taiwan Strait, an official from the Air Force said Saturday.
  • Chinese President Addresses Military: Fear Neither Hardship Nor Death Sputnik 06 Jan 2018 -- Chinese President Xi Jinping encouraged thousands of People's Liberation Army troops this week to display "the fighting spirit, fearing neither hardship nor death."
  • Germany Liquidates All Chemical Weapons Delivered From Libya Sputnik 06 Jan 2018 -- Germany has completed work on the destruction of chemical weapons and toxic materials delivered from Libya, the German Foreign Ministry and Defense Ministry said in a joint statement on Friday.
  • Cash-strapped Saudi Arabia raises wages of forces fighting reluctantly in Yemen Press TV 06 Jan 2018 -- Saudi Arabia, already economically challenged, has decided to pay out an extra 5,000 Saudi riyals (1,333 US dollars) monthly to the troops fighting on the front lines in the Saudi-led war on Yemen, where reports have drawn a dark picture of Saudi-led military personnel's morale.
  • Pentagon Watchdog Sharply Critical Of Afghan Air Force Reform Efforts RFE/RL 06 Jan 2018 -- The Pentagon's inspector-general has released a report sharply criticizing NATO-led, U.S. supported attempts to reform Afghanistan's air force, citing gaps in training, support, and a lack of a coherent overarching strategy that has left coalition advisers insufficiently prepared.

Defense Industry

Other Conflicts

News Reports

  • Senators Call for Criminal Probe Into Author of Salacious Trump Dossier VOA 06 Jan 2018 -- Two U.S. senators have called for a criminal investigation of a former British spy who authored a salacious report about Donald Trump when he was a businessman, a report known as the Steele Dossier.
  • Trump admin. asks $18bn to fund Mexico border wall: Report Press TV 06 Jan 2018 -- The administration of US President Donald Trump has proposed spending $18 billion over the next 10 years to construct his controversial wall on the border with Mexico, a new report says, providing what could be a blueprint of how the president hopes to deliver on his signature campaign pledge.
  • Russia's Supreme Court rejects Navalny's appeal against election ban Press TV 06 Jan 2018 -- Russia's Supreme Court on Saturday dismissed an appeal by opposition politician Alexei Navalny to overturn a ruling that bars him from running in the March presidential election.
  • Russian Supreme Court Rejects Navalny Appeal On Presidential Election Ban RFE/RL 06 Jan 2018 -- The Russian Supreme Court has upheld its decision to reject an appeal by opposition leader Aleksei Navalny against a decision to bar him from running in Russia's 2018 presidential election.
  • UNSC meeting on Iran heavy blow to US: Tehran IRNA 06 Jan 2018 -- The UN Security Council special session on Iran's recent developments was yet another heavy defeat for Donald Trump's administration, said Mahmoud Vaezi, Chief of Staff of Iran's President Office.
  • UNSC members highlight Iran stability IRNA 06 Jan 2018 -- All 15 members of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) stressed on the importance of peace and stability in Iran and also relieving tensions in the Middle East, Kazakh envoy said.
  • EU defies US attacks on Iran Deal IRNA 06 Jan 2018 -- The Friday night meeting of the UN Security Council that was held due to US' insistence turned into an arena for the Europeans to defend the Iran Nuclear Deal and the US got more isolated.
  • Zarif: UNSC rules out US 'blunder' meddling attempts IRNA 06 Jan 2018 -- The United Nations Security Council has dismissed US blatant attempts to intervene in internal affairs of other countries, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Saturday.
  • Russia, France, China slam UNSC emergency meeting on Iran ISNA 06 Jan 2018 -- Russia has slammed an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council on Iran as "harmful and destructive".
  • Iran, Russia blast US manipulation of UNSC, urge focus on key issues Press TV 06 Jan 2018 -- The United Nations Security Council's emergency meeting on the recent protests in Iran at the request of the United States "discredits" the council and demonstrates how Washington "abuses" its powers as a permanent member to forward its own agenda, says Iran's envoy to the UN.
  • US-sought UNSC meeting on Iran backfires on Washington Press TV 06 Jan 2018 -- The UN Security Council (UNSC) finally gives into a US push for a meeting on the latest events inside Iran, but the session does not go as planned as the council's veto wielders and Washington's own allies use the debate to criticize the White House for involving the council in Iran's domestic affairs and seeking to link those issues to the 2015 multinational nuclear deal.
  • White House in talks with Congress on a 'fix' to stay in Iran deal: Tillerson Press TV 06 Jan 2018 -- US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says the White House is actively working with congressional leaders to find a legislative "fix" to the Iran nuclear agreement so that the United States would remain in the multi-nation accord.
  • Protests For, Against Government Continue Throughout Iran RFE/RL 06 Jan 2018 -- Thousands of pro-government Iranians have rallied in cities across the country for a fourth day in a show of support for the clerical leadership, while antigovernment protests reportedly continued in at least nine cities across the country, including the capital, Tehran.
  • Iran Government Supporters Stage Rallies for 4th Straight Day VOA 06 Jan 2018 -- Thousands of pro-government supporters held rallies Saturday across Iran for the fourth consecutive day, one day after Iran's foreign minister said a United Nations meeting was a "blunder" by the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump.
  • Mattis Says Not Concerned About Pakistan Retaliating Over U.S. Aid Cutoff RFE/RL 06 Jan 2018 -- U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis says he's not worried about Islamabad retaliating against Washington over its suspension of as much as $2 billion in military aid this week.
  • Saudi Arabia arrests 11 more princes amid Crown Prince's mass purge Press TV 06 Jan 2018 -- Saudi officials have arrested nearly a dozen princes amid the oil-rich kingdom's purported anti-graft campaign, which is considered the biggest purge of political dissidents and the elite in the country's modern history.
  • Eleven Saudi Princes Reportedly Stage Protest in Royal Palace, End Up in Prison Sputnik 06 Jan 2018 -- Eleven princes have staged a protest in one of the king's palaces in the Saudi capital Riyadh, demanding that an order to suspend payment of their water and electricity bills be overturned, according to Saudi online newspaper Sabq.
  • Maduro says his patience with US has run out Press TV 06 Jan 2018 -- Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro has censured United States sanctions on four former and current Venezuelan government officials, warning that the incumbent US president and his administration in Washington has "exhausted his patience."
  • Georgia Ex-president Vows to Fight Tbilisi if Extradited From Ukraine VOA 06 Jan 2018 -- Ex-Georgian president Mikhail Saakashvili is vowing to fight the Georgian government if Ukrainian officials move to extradite him to Georgia in light of his conviction by a Tbilisi court Friday.
  • Zimbabwe Charges Mugabe Loyalists With Corruption VOA 06 Jan 2018 -- Two former Zimbabwean cabinet ministers who were loyal to ousted president Robert Mugabe appeared in court Saturday on corruption charges. Their lawyers say the charges are pure victimization targeting those who were against President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who replaced Mugabe.

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