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21 October 2016 Military News

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  • Xi, Duterte hail 'springtime' of ties People's Daily 21 Oct 2016 -- China and the Philippines agreed on Thursday to properly handle their maritime disputes and restore the bilateral ties soured by the South China Sea dispute.
  • Full Text: Joint Statement of China and the Philippines People's Daily 21 Oct 2016 -- The following is a joint statement released by China and the Philippines on Friday
  • Duterte's Remark on S China Sea 'Changes Balance of Power' in Favor of Beijing Sputnik 21 Oct 2016 -- Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said that the South China Sea arbitration case will "take a back seat" during his talks with China, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said in Beijing on Wednesday.
  • Filipinos Favor US Aid, Leery of China VOA 21 Oct 2016 -- Filipinos largely continue to support U.S. military aid despite a string of anti-America comments from their new president, polls and interviews show, and some worry about his proposal for an alliance with China in light of a territorial dispute.
  • Yevgeniy Nikulin Indicted for Hacking LinkedIn, Dropbox and Formspring US Dept. of Justice 21 Oct 2016 -- A federal grand jury in Oakland, California, indicted Yevgeniy Aleksandrovich Nikulin 29, of Moscow, Russia, yesterday for obtaining information from computers, causing damage to computers, trafficking in access devices, aggravated identity theft and conspiracy, announced U.S. Attorney Brian J. Stretch for the Northern District of California and Special Agent in Charge John F. Bennett of the FBI.
  • Islamic State, Syria, And Western Responsibility RFE/RL 21 Oct 2016 -- An Iraqi-led coalition that includes Kurdish and U.S. Special Forces has now begun its campaign to drive the extremist group Islamic State (IS) from its stronghold of Mosul, the group's second-largest city. Dabiq, the site of what IS suggested would be an apocalyptic battle signaling the end times, and a town central to IS's ideology, fell just a week earlier -- without even a fight. IS is losing territory everywhere; the "dawla," or "state," that IS has brutally carved out over the past two years, is being torn apart.
  • Cyberattack Slows US Access to Popular Sites VOA 21 Oct 2016 -- The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is investigating "all possible causes" of an internet outage that affected several popular websites Friday, a spokeswoman for the department said.
  • Four Nations Call for Access to Encrypted Data VOA 21 Oct 2016 -- Anti-terror prosecutors from four nations say they need greater access to encrypted data on smartphones and computers in the fight against terrorism.
  • German parliament approves espionage law, prompts protest Press TV 21 Oct 2016 -- Germany's parliament has approved a controversial law that Berlin says will tighten oversight of the BND spy agency amid criticism that the legislation violates the right to privacy.
  • New German Intel Law 'Legalizes Spying on Population' Sputnik 21 Oct 2016 -- The German Bundestag passed new legislation providing for the biggest reform of the Federal Intelligence Service (BND) in history. According to the new law, German Intelligence is supposed to be under a greater control but at the same time receive more powers that might enable it to spy on European governments and NGOs.
  • German Parliament Passes Law Limiting Intel Agency's Spy Powers Sputnik 21 Oct 2016 -- Germany's parliament Friday (October 21) passed new legislation giving it greater scrutiny over the work of the Federal Intelligence Service (BND) following the revelations that it had secretly colluded with the US National Security Agency (NSA) in snooping on European politicians and companies.
  • China determined to push forward fight against corruption: Xi People's Daily 21 Oct 2016 -- Chinese President Xi Jinping pledged unswerving efforts to promote clean governance and fight corruption, as the nation commemorated the 80th anniversary of the victory of the Long March with a gathering on Friday.
  • NSA Contractor Stole 500Mln Pages of US Secrets Over 20 Years Sputnik 21 Oct 2016 -- The US Department of Justice stated in a court filing that Harold Martin III, a former National Security Agency contractor stole half-a-billion pages of US government records over 20 years, including details of secret military activities.
  • NSA contractor accused of largest data theft in history Press TV 21 Oct 2016 -- US government prosecutors say they would prosecute a former contractor for the National Security Agency (NSA) who is accused of stealing a "breathtaking" amount of classified information, the largest data theft the United States has ever seen.
  • New company set up to develop space economy People's Daily 21 Oct 2016 -- The commercialization of rocket launches will boost the industry by bringing space tourism income and attracting private investment, experts said.
  • Mars Probe Crash Site Photographed VOA 21 Oct 2016 -- The European Space Agency says it has found the crash site of its ill-fated Schiaparelli probe on the surface of Mars.
  • KMT caucus urges sticking to '1992 consensus' at Beijing forum CNA 21 Oct 2016 -- The legislative caucus of the opposition Kuomintang (KMT) has urged party members to abide by the principle of the "1992 consensus" when attending a cross-Taiwan Strait forum early next month.
  • DR Congo security forces used 'excessive force' against protesters, UN probe finds UN News 21 Oct 2016 -- State agents, such as police and armed forces, used excessive – including lethal – force during demonstrations in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), last month, when at least 53 people were killed over two days, 143 injured and more than 299 unlawfully arrested, a United Nations preliminary investigation revealed today.
  • Security Council welcomes initiative to end political crisis in Guinea-Bissau UN News 21 Oct 2016 -- The United Nations Security Council has welcomed a recent inclusive dialogue, convened in Conakry, by Alpha Condé, the President of Guinea, that involved political leaders, civil society and religious communities of Guinea-Bissau as part of a regional efforts to end the political crisis in the country.
  • Venezuela suspends opposition's recall drive against Maduro Press TV 21 Oct 2016 -- Venezuela's electoral officials have suspended a recall referendum campaign against President Nicolas Maduro, in a setback for the opposition which has been pushing to prevent the embattled leader from finishing out his term.
  • Venezuelan Authorities Say 'No' to Referendum Against President VOA 21 Oct 2016 -- Venezuela's electoral officials have suspended a referendum effort that could have led to the ouster of President Nicolas Maduro. The Thursday action followed nearly a year of opposition campaigning for the referendum.

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