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12 October 2016 Military News

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  • Russian Ambassador Blames U.S. For Spiraling Tensions With Moscow RFE/RL 12 Oct 2016 -- Russia's top diplomat in the United States has blamed Washington for the worsening ties between the two countries, even as he emphasized common threats the two faced and the potential for cooperation.
  • FBI Investigating Clinton Campaign Chief's Hacked Emails VOA 12 Oct 2016 -- Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman says the FBI is investigating Russia's possible role in hacking his emails, a role that is being denied by a top Russian government official.
  • Germany Bomb Plot Suspect Kills Himself in Jail VOA 12 Oct 2016 -- A Syrian man under arrest in Germany for allegedly planning a bomb attack killed himself Wednesday evening in a detention center in Leipzig, officials said.
  • Lawyers will no longer defend Paris terror attacks suspect Press TV 12 Oct 2016 -- Lawyers for Salah Abdeslam, a major suspect in the November 2015 attacks in the French capital, Paris, say they will no longer defend him as he refuses to answer any question regarding the acts of terror.
  • Lawyers Quit Defending Paris Attacks Suspect VOA 12 Oct 2016 -- Families and lawyers of Paris attacks victims say they are disappointed at the news that Salah Abdeslam's legal defense has quit, as the top surviving suspect of last November's strikes remains silent before his interrogators.
  • Beijing urged to honor Taiwan's rights to join international bodies CNA 12 Oct 2016 -- The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) urged mainland Chinese authorities on Wednesday to respect Taiwan's rights to participate in international organizations and to make greater efforts to promote benevolent interactions between the two sides of Taiwan Strait.
  • Cross-strait forum needs to respect Taiwan's law: MAC CNA 12 Oct 2016 -- Any interaction or dealings between a private group from Taiwan and its Chinese counterpart must be conducted in accordance with the law and relevant rules and regulations of the Republic of China, the Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) said on Wednesday.
  • U.S. reiterates importance of cross-strait dialogue CNA 12 Oct 2016 -- The United States places great value and importance on Taiwan and China using a combination of creativity and patience to resolve their differences peacefully, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia and the Pacific Daniel Russel said Tuesday.
  • Turkey to draft law on expanding presidential powers Press TV 12 Oct 2016 -- Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim says the government will soon resume efforts to change the country's constitution and expand presidential powers, in a controversial move that has drawn mounting criticism.
  • Turkish Gov't Fires Over 60,000 People Over Suspected Links to Gulen Sputnik 12 Oct 2016 -- Turkish Gov't Fires Over 60,000 People Over Suspected Links to Gulen
  • Erdogan Threatens With 'Very Serious Steps' if US Delays Extradition of Gulen Sputnik 12 Oct 2016 -- Turkey could resort to serious measures if Washington delays the extradition of Islamic cleric Fethullah Gulen, who is believed by Ankara to be the mastermind behind the failed coup attempt in the country, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Wednesday.
  • North Korea vice FM exiled to farming area after UK ambassador defects Press TV 12 Oct 2016 -- North Korea has exiled its vice foreign minister and his family to a rural farming region outside of Pyongyang following the recent defection of the country's deputy ambassador to the UK.
  • Pro-independence Hong Kong MPs turn parliament session into farce Press TV 12 Oct 2016 -- Hong Kong's pro-independence lawmakers have mangled their oath of office, which describes the city as part of China.
  • Thai King's Health Unstable VOA 12 Oct 2016 -- Thailand's royal palace says 88-year-old King Bhumibol Adulyadej remains in unstable health condition.
  • UN: Congo at 'extreme risk' of all-out violence Press TV 12 Oct 2016 -- The United Nations has warned about the "extreme risk" of large-scale violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo amid a deepening political rift over President Joseph Kabila's future.
  • OPEC to invite Russia to key oil meeting Press TV 12 Oct 2016 -- The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) says it is going to invite Russian and other key non-member states to a meeting later this month to discuss ways to help boost oil prices from the current lows.
  • Ethiopia PM vows reforms amid bloody unrest Press TV 12 Oct 2016 -- Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn says his government wants to reform the electoral system following months of bloody protests.
  • Nigerian troops open fire at Shia mourners Press TV 12 Oct 2016 -- Nigerian forces open fire at Shia mourners taking part in Ashura processions, killing at least nine people in the cities of Kaduna and Funtua, Press TV correspondent from the capital Abuja reports.
  • Water For Central Asia's Oil Lands RFE/RL 12 Oct 2016 -- Look at a map showing population density in Central Asia and it is immediately apparent that the majority of the region's approximately 68 million people live in the east.The reason is equally obvious; the western part of Central Asia is home to two large deserts, Kyzyl Kum and Kara Kum -- the red and black sand deserts, respectively.
  • UN mission in Haiti working with local authorities to ensure smooth, safe aid delivery after hurricane UN News 12 Oct 2016 -- While Haiti is still counting its dead and assessing the damage in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, the powerful Category 4 storm that battered the tiny island nation last week, a senior United Nations peacekeeping official today reported that significant headway is being made clearing the roads to facilitate the movement of humanitarian aid.
  • In wake of Hurricane Matthew, UN to deliver food for 180,000 people in hard-hit eastern Cuba UN News 12 Oct 2016 -- The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) is working with the Cuban Government to provide food for 180,000 people in hard-hit eastern areas of the island as they cope with the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.

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