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23 March 2016 Military News

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  • Obama: Defeating Islamic State is 'Top Priority' VOA 23 Mar 2016 -- President Barack Obama says destroying Islamic State is his "top priority," a day after the extremist group claimed responsibility for a terrorist attack that killed 31 people in Belgium.
  • Islamic State Losing Ground, But Not the War VOA 23 Mar 2016 -- While Brussels was reeling from the bloodshed after Islamic State (IS) bombed civilians in the airport and a metro station, Iraqi forces were piling up body bags from multiple suicide bombings across central, western and northern Iraq.
  • US Presidential Candidates Trade Barbs Over Terrorism VOA 23 Mar 2016 -- The leading U.S. presidential candidates are trading new ideas and sharp barbs over how best to cope with the threat of terrorism in the immediate aftermath of the deadly Brussels terrorist attacks.
  • Belgian Police Slammed Over Lack of Coordination, Chaos, Confusion Sputnik 23 Mar 2016 -- In the aftermath of the Brussels bombings, the Belgian police and intelligence services have been heavily criticized, with the police accused of being uncoordinated and out-of-touch with the communities they serve.
  • Turkey Detained, Deported Suspected Brussels Attacker in 2015 VOA 23 Mar 2016 -- One of the men identified as a suicide bomber in the deadly terror attacks in Brussels had been detained by Turkey and deported to Europe, where he was released about eight months ago, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Wednesday.
  • IS Bombmaker for Paris Attacks Is Confirmed Killed in Brussels VOA 23 Mar 2016 -- Intelligence officials said Wednesday that a 25-year-old Islamic State bombmaker who was involved in the Paris attacks in November was one of two suicide bombers who targeted the Brussels airport this week.
  • Brussels Reels, Bombers Named A Day After Attacks RFE/RL 23 Mar 2016 -- Brussels residents are struggling to regain a semblance of normal life, while authorities say two suicide-bomber brothers struck the city's main airport and a subway car in attacks Belgium's prime minister said displayed "absolutely abominable brutality."
  • Leaders of Lorenzana Drug Trafficking Organization Convicted on International Narcotics Trafficking Charges US Dept. of Justice 23 Mar 2016 -- Eliu Elixander Lorenzana-Cordon and Waldemar Lorenzana-Cordon, leaders of a Guatemala-based international drug trafficking organization responsible for importing multi-ton quantities of cocaine into the United States, were convicted on international narcotics trafficking charges in the District of Columbia following a four-week trial.
  • UK Security Services Prevent Seven Terror Attacks Over Last 18 Months Sputnik 23 Mar 2016 -- UK Home Secretary Theresa May said that in the last 18 months, the police and the security services have disrupted seven terrorist plots to attack the UK.
  • China mulling designated name for Taiwan to join AIIB: official CNA 23 Mar 2016 -- China's top negotiator with Taiwan said Wednesday that the issue of what name should be used by Taiwan to participate in the Beijing-initiated Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is now "under discussion."
  • China Relations with The Gambia Raises Concerns in Taiwan VOA 23 Mar 2016 -- A small West African country's establishment of relations with China this month is raising concern in Taiwan of a new fight to retain its few diplomatic allies around the world and exert international influence.
  • S. Korea warns retaliation against DPRK's threat to strike People's Daily 23 Mar 2016 -- South Korea on Wednesday warned of stern and merciless retaliations in response to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK)'s threat to strike South Korea's presidential office.
  • North Korea warns of 'miserable end' for South Korea, US Press TV 23 Mar 2016 -- North Korea has denounced the largest ever military drills by the US and South Korea a "thrice-cursed provocation," which Pyongyang sees as rehearsal for an invasion.
  • DPRK Responds to Enemies' War Drills with Construction KCNA 23 Mar 2016 -- Kim Jong Un, supreme leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, recently declared the start of building Ryomyong Street in the capital city of Pyongyang, a manifestation of the DPRK's will to answer the nuclear war drills of the U.S. imperialists and their followers with vigorous economic construction.
  • Chinese National Pleads Guilty to Conspiring to Hack into U.S. Defense Contractors' Systems to Steal Sensitive Military Information US Dept. of Justice 23 Mar 2016 -- A Chinese national pleaded guilty today to participating in a years-long conspiracy to hack into the computer networks of major U.S. defense contractors, steal sensitive military and export-controlled data and send the stolen data to China.
  • China Approves Comprehensive Law on Charities, Nonprofits VOA 23 Mar 2016 -- In the midst of its crackdown on civil society groups, China recently approved its first comprehensive law on charities and nonprofit organizations aimed at helping alleviate poverty in the country. The landmark legislation loosens regulatory hurdles for charities to register and provides safeguards for people who donate. But it also tightens government oversight.
  • Turkey Demands EU Meet Commitment to Visa-free Travel VOA 23 Mar 2016 -- Just days after the announcement of a European Union-Turkey refugee deal, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan criticized the bloc, saying it could not be trusted. His main concern is the commitment for visa-free travel for Turks through the EU.
  • Shia movement withdraws from Zaria massacre probe Press TV 23 Mar 2016 -- An umbrella organization representing Shia Muslims in Nigeria has decided not to appear before a tribunal looking into the army's December massacre in Zaria, PressTV reports.
  • Former Malaysian PM Suing Incumbent Over Missing Money VOA 23 Mar 2016 -- Malaysia's former prime minister filed a lawsuit against Prime Minister Najib Razak Wednesday, alleging government funds were transferred into the current leader's personal bank account.
  • Nepal Moves to Open Up China Route VOA 23 Mar 2016 -- Nepal's Prime Minister K. P. Sharma Oli appears to be creating history on his visit to China, which began March 20 and ends this Sunday.

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