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18 July 2015 Military News

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  • Analyst Urges US to Back Philippines in Maritime Dispute VOA 18 Jul 2015 -- A prominent American security expert has suggested to Congress that the U.S. declare the security of shoals and islands controlled by the Philippines in the disputed area of the South China Sea falls within the scope of their bilateral treaty.
  • Yemeni army targets military base in southern Saudi Arabia IRNA 18 Jul 2015 -- The Yemeni army launched missile attacks on a strategic military base in Southern Saudi Arabia on Saturday in retaliation for Riyadh's continued airstrikes on their nation.
  • Yemen Government Forces Claim to Have Captured Aden Sputnik 18 Jul 2015 -- Members of Yemen's exiled government say Saudi-backed fighters have recaptured the strategic port city of Aden from Houthi rebels on Friday, marking a significant shift in an intense conflict that has torn the country apart. But Houthi leaders are contesting the claim, saying the fight is still on.
  • White House Condemns 'Abhorrent' Car Bombing At Iraqi Market RFE/RL 18 Jul 2015 -- The White House has condemned a devastating July 17 car bombing in the busy market of an Iraqi town that has killed at least 120 people, one of the deadliest attacks carried out by Islamic State (IS) militants in Iraq.
  • 96 ISIL Takfiri militants slain in Iraqi army airstrikes Press TV 18 Jul 2015 -- Nearly 100 Takfiri ISIL terrorists, including several militant commanders, have been killed in separate operations by the Iraqi air force in the country's crisis-hit western province of Anbar.
  • More Than 100 Killed in Iraq Car Bomb VOA 18 Jul 2015 -- Iraqi officials said that up to 115 people, including women and children, were killed in a suicide car bombing in the country's eastern Diyala province, in one of the deadliest attacks carried out by Islamic State militants since they overran large parts of Iraq.
  • Government troops, allied forces kill scores of militants across Syria Press TV 18 Jul 2015 -- Army units in Syria have carried out widespread operations across the country, killing scores of militants.
  • ISIL uses chemical arms against Syrian Kurdish people Press TV 18 Jul 2015 -- ISIL Takfiri terrorist group has used chemical weapons against Syrian Kurdish forces during a late June attack.
  • Islamic State Used Poison Gas Against Kurds In Iraq, Syria RFE/RL 18 Jul 2015 -- The Islamic State group used poison gas in attacks against Kurdish-controlled areas of Syria and Iraq in late June, Kurdish militia and monitoring groups said July 18.
  • Report: IS May Have Used Chemical Agents on Kurds VOA 18 Jul 2015 -- Kurdish fighters and weapons experts say the Islamic State militant group has fired chemical weapons on Kurdish forces in Syria and Iraq.
  • Pro-Russians in Ukraine 'to withdraw certain armored vehicles' Press TV 18 Jul 2015 -- Self-proclaimed republics in eastern Ukraine have expressed their readiness to withdraw armored vehicles with weapons that have calibers of less than 100 millimeters from the front line in the conflict-stricken region under the terms of the Minsk II peace agreement.
  • DPR Asks OSCE to Monitor Withdrawal of Less Than 100mm Weapons in E Ukraine Sputnik 18 Jul 2015 -- The self-proclaimed Lugansk and Donetsk People's Republics (LPR and DPR) are currently awaiting Kiev's response to proceed with the agreement to observe the withdrawal of weapons with a caliber of less than 100mm from the line of contact in eastern Ukraine, according to a DPR envoy to the Ukraine reconciliation talks Denis Pushilin.

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