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11 May 2015 Military News

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  • NSA Chief Speaks Out on Surveillance VOA 11 May 2015 -- The United States must create a framework for mass data collection that can quickly yield insights while still protecting citizens' privacy, the nation's cyber chief said Monday.
  • White House: Gulf Leaders Opting Out of Summit Not a Snub VOA 11 May 2015 -- The White House is dismissing reports the absence of Gulf country leaders at Thursday's summit at Camp David in Maryland is a snub and will put a damper on talks aimed at strengthening the security relationship between the United States and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).
  • Saudi King to Skip US-Gulf Summit VOA 11 May 2015 -- The White House said Monday Saudi Arabia did not raise concerns about issues to be discussed during a regional summit hosted by President Barack Obama this week, before or after the Saudi king changed plans and decided not to attend.
  • Zarif: Final nuclear agreement must be based on Lausanne text IRNA 11 May 2015 -- Iran will yield to no type of totalitarianism; the agreed concepts are those confirmed by the two sides in Lausanne must be included in Iran-Sextet final agreement, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Monday.
  • US Officials Brief Key Lawmakers on China Nuclear Deal VOA 11 May 2015 -- U.S. security and nuclear energy officials briefed key lawmakers Monday about the proposed 30-year extension of a U.S. nuclear power cooperation deal with China.
  • Beijing Lends Billions To Minsk RFE/RL 11 May 2015 -- China has agreed to lend about $7 billion to Belarus through credit lines set to open this month.
  • German Politicians Argue About Intelligence Control After Spying Scandal Sputnik 11 May 2015 -- The two leading German parties - CDU and SPD – have different views on how to make the work of intelligence services more transparent and better control data sharing, according to the German newspaper Die Zeit.
  • Spy on the Roof: UK Embassy Runs 'Listening Post' in Vienna Sputnik 11 May 2015 -- Britain has a secret embassy-based eavesdropping site in Vienna, the Austrian national public service broadcaster, ORF, reported on Monday.
  • N. Korea Slows Down Work at Kaesong VOA 11 May 2015 -- North Korea is slowing down work at the inter-Korean industrial complex of Kaesong, South Korea's Unification Ministry said Monday.
  • Obama's Account of Bin Laden's Death is One Fabricated Lie - Seymour Hersh Sputnik 11 May 2015 -- US forces killed Osama bin Laden with the full cooperation of Pakistani military and intelligence agencies, according to a controversial article published in the London Review of Books by veteran investigative journalist Seymour M. Hersh.
  • US Faces Questions About Policing, Counterterrorism in UN Rights Review VOA 11 May 2015 -- U.S. officials faced questions Monday in Geneva about the use of the death penalty, excessive force by police and national security measures as the United Nations' Human Rights Council conducted a review of the country's rights practices.
  • Czech President Breaks Ranks With Moscow Visit RFE/RL 11 May 2015 -- When Russia hosted leaders from Cuba's Raul Castro to Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe for May 9 Victory Day celebrations in Moscow, Czech President Milos Zeman was one of only two EU heads of state in town.
  • Macedonia Mourns Eight Police Killed In Battle Against Gunmen RFE/RL 11 May 2015 -- Macedonia is observing a second day of national mourning for eight police officers killed during a weekend battle against gunmen in the northern town of Kumanovo, in the largely ethnic-Albanian district of Diva Naselba.
  • After Ebola outbreak, expert panel urges 'unified entity' within UN health agency for emergency response UN News 11 May 2015 -- Independent experts tasked to assess the World Health Organization's (WHO) response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa today said "at present, WHO does not have the operational capacity or culture to deliver a full emergency public health response" and urged investments by its member States to make it fit for purpose.

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