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24 February 2014 Military News

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  • Ukrainian Envoy: Country Supports EU Membership, Good Relations with Russia VOA 24 Feb 2014 -- Ukraine's U.N. ambassador says his countrymen "broadly" support EU membership, but they also want good neighborly relations with Russia.
  • Russia Accuses Kyiv Of Using 'Dictatorial,' 'Terrorist' Means RFE/RL 24 Feb 2014 -- Russia's Foreign Ministry has alleged that 'dictatorial and sometimes terrorist methods' are being used in Ukraine to pressure dissenters against the country's new authorities.
  • EU's Ashton Meeting Ukraine's New Acting President RFE/RL 24 Feb 2014 -- EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton begins a two-day visit to Kyiv on February 24, meeting with Ukraine's new interim leadership about the country's political crisis and measures that could be taken to stabilize the economy.
  • Who Might Lead Ukraine? RFE/RL 24 Feb 2014 -- The ouster of President Viktor Yanukovych marks a resounding victory for Ukraine's pro-European protesters after their deadly, three-month standoff with the government..
  • Explainer: Why Ukraine Needs Western Economic Help RFE/RL 24 Feb 2014 -- Ukraine's crisis is not just political. The country also desperately needs economic support and hopes to get it from the West. Here are five things to know about what Ukraine needs, and where the money might come from.
  • Russia questions Ukraine new gov't legitimacy Iran Press TV 24 Feb 2014 -- Russia has questioned the legitimacy of Ukraine's new government, saying the current authorities have come to power as a result of an 'armed mutiny.'
  • Bankruptcy looming large for Ukraine: Economists Iran Press TV 24 Feb 2014 -- Bankruptcy is looming large for Ukraine amid the current political uncertainty grappling the Eastern European country, a number of economists have warned.
  • Ukraine's Yanukovych 'wanted for mass murder' Iran Press TV 24 Feb 2014 -- Ukraine's acting Interior Minister says police has issued an arrest warrant for ousted President Viktor Yanukovych, accusing him of the "mass murder" of peaceful protesters.
  • Ukraine Hopes for $35Bln in Western Aid RIA Novosti 24 Feb 2014 -- Ukraine said Monday that it has asked Western powers to provide at least $35 billion in urgent financial aid as it struggles to cope with a severe political and economic crisis.
  • Medvedev Raises Doubts on Legitimacy of New Powers in Ukraine RIA Novosti 24 Feb 2014 -- Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said Monday that "substantial doubts" existed over the legitimacy of the new acting government in Ukraine.
  • Moscow Monitoring Ukrainian Bill on Curtailing Russian RIA Novosti 24 Feb 2014 -- A Russian Foreign Ministry official said Monday that Moscow will be closely scrutinizing a draft law in Ukraine that would see Russian dropped as an official language.
  • Ukraine Ex-Ruling Party Moves to Opposition RIA Novosti 24 Feb 2014 -- Ukraine's former ruling Party of Regions, which had until recently held an overwhelming majority of seats in parliament, announced Monday that it will take up the role of the opposition.
  • Ukraine Hopes Russian Gas Price Won't Change – Report RIA Novosti 24 Feb 2014 -- Ukraine hopes that the price it pays for Russian natural gas will remain unchanged despite the ouster of pro-Russia President Viktor Yanukovych, Ukraine's acting energy minister told Reuters on Monday.
  • Moscow Accuses Ukraine's New Leaders of 'Dictatorial Methods' RIA Novosti 24 Feb 2014 -- The Russian Foreign Ministry said Monday that Ukraine's new authorities aim to employ "dictatorial and sometimes terrorist methods" to suppress opposition in disloyal regions.
  • Western Leaders Move to Secure Financial Aid for Ukraine RIA Novosti 24 Feb 2014 -- European and US finance heads moved quickly Monday to secure a financial aid package for Ukraine following the ouster of its president Saturday and a potential withdrawal of Russian economic support.
  • UN chief calls on Ukrainians to find peaceful way forward amid current turmoil UN News Centre 24 Feb 2014 -- Amid the rapidly unfolding events in Ukraine, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today called for an inclusive political process to enable the country to emerge from its current crisis, one which reflects the aspirations of its people and preserves its unity and territorial integrity.
  • Arrest Warrant Issued for Ukraine's Yanukovych VOA 24 Feb 2014 -- The interim government in Ukraine has issued an arrest warrant for ousted president Viktor Yanukovych, accusing him and other officials of mass murder of protesters.
  • EU disgraced itself after signing Ukraine deal which lasted less than ten minutes - expert VoR 24 Feb 2014 -- So, President Yanukovych has lost and the situation in Ukraine is developing according to the old rule, known even to the ancient Romans 'Woe to the Vanquished'.
  • Some Western countries pursue geopolitical goals regarding Ukraine - Russian FM VoR 24 Feb 2014 -- Russian Foreign Ministry thinks that some Western countries are more concerned about unilateral geopolitical calculations, than about the fate of the Ukraine. 'We are forced to note that some of our Western partners seem to be more concerned about unilateral geopolitical calculations, than about the fate of the Ukraine,' the ministry stated on its website this Monday.
  • Extremists who hunger for power in Ukraine must be stopped – Russian FM VoR 24 Feb 2014 -- Moscow calls on all parties involved in the Ukrainian riots to take full responsibility and to prevent further deterioration of the crisis, the Russian Foreign Ministry stated.
  • Moscow surprised European politicians support Ukraine presidential election plans VoR 24 Feb 2014 -- The Russian Foreign Ministry has expressed surprise that some of the European politicians have hastened to support the announcement of the plans to hold early presidential elections in Ukraine in May 2014, although the agreement reached by the opposition and the authorities on February 21 says that voting can be held only after the end of the constitutional reform.
  • Klitschko, Tyahnibok favor lustration in Ukraine VoR 24 Feb 2014 -- Leader of the Udar party Vitaly Klitschko and leader of the Svoboda rightwing party Oleh Tyahnibok favor lustration in Ukraine
  • Yanukovych wanted for mass murder, last known whereabouts in Crimea VoR 24 Feb 2014 -- Fugitive Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, ousted after bloody street protests, is wanted by for mass murder, authorities announced on Monday.
  • Obama Official Warns Russia on Military Action in Ukraine RIA Novosti 24 Feb 2014 -- A senior US official on Sunday warned Moscow not to send troops into Ukraine amid the political crisis gripping Russia's ex-Soviet neighbor, saying such a move would constitute a "grave mistake."
  • New Ukrainian leader declares determination to cooperate with Russia VoR 24 Feb 2014 -- Speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament Alexander Turchinov, who received temporary presidential powers on Sunday, declared determination to cooperate with Russia in a TV message to the Ukrainian people.
  • 'Central problem and challenge of Ukrainian life now is nationalism' - expert VoR 24 Feb 2014 -- 'The actual central problem and challenge of the Ukrainian life now is not democracy or civic activities, it is nationalism. It is absolutely clear that the last two months brought extremely huge and dangerous mounting of the pure traditional and very aggressive ethnic nationalism which brought a lot of disasters in Europe and in the world in general 100 years ago and 150 years ago,' Mikhail Dmitriyev, Russian historian, Director of the Centre of Ukrainian and Belorussian Studies at Moscow State University, told The Voice of Russia.
  • A Specter Is Haunting Russia RFE/RL 24 Feb 2014 -- A specter is haunting Russia - the specter of Ukraine's Euromaidan. The stunning and dizzying fall of Viktor Yanukovych's regime - which the hapless Ukrainian ruler tried to model on Vladimir Putin's kleptocratic and authoritarian power vertical - is inspiring Russia's opposition.
  • Maidan won't happen in Belarus - Lukashenko VoR 24 Feb 2014 -- Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has ruled out the possibility of a Ukrainian scenario in Belarus. 'It's not enough to say that the Maidan is not acceptable in Belarus. There will be no Maidan in Belarus.
  • Lukashenko Rules out Ukraine-Style Uprising in Belarus RIA Novosti 24 Feb 2014 -- Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko on Sunday ruled out the possibility of a popular uprising in his country similar to the recent events in Ukraine.
  • Iran to focus only on nuclear issues in talks with 5+1, official IRNA 24 Feb 2014 -- Advisor to the Supreme Leader for international affairs Ali Akbar Velayati said Irans negotiating team is to focus just on the nuclear issue during talks with the 5+1.
  • Iran unveils new long term oil contracts IRNA 24 Feb 2014 -- Iranian Oil Ministry introduced its new type of long term oil contracts in to attract back foreign investors on Sunday.
  • Egypt military-backed government resigns Iran Press TV 24 Feb 2014 -- Egypt's military-backed government has resigned amid the country's growing economic problems and a presidential poll that will likely bring army chief Abdel Fattah el-Sisi to power.
  • Egypt Government Resigns VOA 24 Feb 2014 -- Egypt's interim Prime Minister Hazem el-Beblawi handed in his government's resignation Monday, amid increasing economic pressures, including a series of labor strikes. Beblawi had been expected to reorganize his Cabinet in the lead-up to presidential elections this spring, but the resignation took many observers by surprise.
  • Putin Signs Legislation Overhauling Election System RIA Novosti 24 Feb 2014 -- Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed off on a law drastically overhauling the country's election law in a reform that will create a mixed system by reintroducing single-mandate elections in the next parliamentary vote.
  • Russia to Boost Manpower on New Space Center Construction RIA Novosti 24 Feb 2014 -- Work on Russia's new Far Eastern Vostochny space center will be prioritized now that the Winter Olympics in Sochi has come to an end, a senior official said Monday while touring the facility.
  • Cambodian Parties Agree to Form Electoral Reform Commission VOA 24 Feb 2014 -- Cambodia's main political parties say they have agreed to form a commission for electoral reforms, which would be a step toward ending a political deadlock that has been in place since July.

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