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01 June 2012 Military News

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  • 1 June 2012 - Daily Press Briefing by the Office of the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General United Nations 01 Jun 2012
  • UN Human Rights Council calls for special investigation into Houla massacre in Syria UN News Centre 01 Jun 2012 -- The United Nations Human Rights Council today called for 'a special inquiry' into the massacre in the Syrian village of Houla last weekend, which resulted in the killings of 108 people, including 49 children.
  • Fears Grow That Syrian Situation Can Only Get Worse VOA 01 Jun 2012 -- Outrage over reports of mass killings and continued shelling in Syria has led to plenty of tough talk about the worsening situation there. But hopes for any peaceful resolution seems increasingly distant.
  • UN Rights Forum Votes For Houla Probe RFE/RL 01 Jun 2012 -- The United Nations Human Rights Council has condemned Syria for last week's massacre in Houla and called for a UN inquiry to identify and prosecute the perpetrators.
  • Germany, Russia Back Political Solution For Syria RFE/RL 01 Jun 2012 -- Chancellor Angela Merkel says Germany and Russia are united in seeking a political solution to the escalating conflict in Syria.
  • Russian Arms For Syria Not For Use Against Civilians – Putin RIA Novosti 01 Jun 2012 -- Russia is not supplying arms to Syria which can be used against protesters, Russian President Vladmir Putin said on Friday.
  • UN rights chief urges international community to make efforts to end impunity in Syria UN News Centre 01 Jun 2012 -- The United Nations human rights chief today called on the international community to make all efforts to end impunity in Syria for all perpetrators of atrocities that have occurred there, and warned that without immediate investigations the situation would descend into a full-fledged conflict putting the whole region in grave danger.
  • UN Demands Independent Probe of Syrian Massacre VOA 01 Jun 2012 -- The U.N. human rights chief is calling for an independent investigation into last week's slaughter of dozens of civilians in the Syrian town of Houla, as activists on Friday reported the killing of at least 12 more civilians.
  • Clinton Says Russian Arms Sales to Syria Raise Concerns VOA 01 Jun 2012 -- Russian President Vladimir Putin says his country is not supplying arms to the Syrian government to use against opponents. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says Russian arms sales to Syria are of 'serious concern' and could lead to civil war.
  • UN Secretary General Worried About Power Vacuum in Somalia VOA 01 Jun 2012 -- The United Nations Secretary-General warned against the dangers of a power vacuum in Somalia with the mandate of the 'Somalia transition government' due to end this August. The warning was made at the end of a two day international conference on Somalia in Istanbul, Turkey that included representatives from 54 countries.
  • End of transition period represents 'historic starting point' for Somalia - Ban UN News Centre 01 Jun 2012 -- The end of the transition period in Somalia and the adoption of a new provisional constitution represent an 'historic starting point' for the East African country, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said today, calling on the international community to provide support to the State in its next political phase.
  • UN agency working to relocate 20,000 refugees at South Sudan border UN News Centre 01 Jun 2012 -- An estimated 20,000 refugees have amassed on the South Sudan border after fleeing conflict and lack of food, the United Nations refugee agency said today, adding that it is working to relocate them and provide them with emergency aid.
  • UN mission appeals for calm and restraint after incident in northern Kosovo UN News Centre 01 Jun 2012 -- The United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) is calling for calm and restraint after an incident today near the northern city of Mitrovica that resulted in several injuries.
  • UGANDA: No more amnesty certificates for rebels IRIN 01 Jun 2012 -- Contrary to widespread expectations and public pronouncements, the Ugandan government has pulled the plug on controversial legislation which since 2000 has granted blanket amnesty to more than 26,000 members of armed groups, most notably the notorious Lord's Resistance Army (LRA).
  • Deal Between Mali Tuaregs, Islamists Breaks Apart VOA 01 Jun 2012 -- Only days after Tuareg rebels and Islamist fighters announced an alliance for a new Islamic state in northern Mali, the Tuareg rebels have backed away from the deal. An analyst says this latest move points to a dilemma the Tuaregs have faced since the start of this latest rebellion - how to handle their relationship with Islamists that fought alongside them.
  • Nepal Backslides Into Political Crisis VOA 01 Jun 2012 -- Four years ago, Nepal's citizens were optimistic about the newly-elected parliament that was writing a new, democratic constitution for the country after a Maoist rebellion ended. But today, the tiny Himalayan country is sliding back into crisis with squabbling political parties failing to agree on the shape of the constitution or the way ahead for the country.

News Reports

  • Finnish Professor Sentenced to 5 Months for Spying for Russia RIA Novosti 01 Jun 2012 -- A Finnish professor at the University of Copenhagen has been given a five month jail sentence in Denmark for cooperation with Russian secret services, the Copenhagen Post said.
  • Report: Obama Knew of Cyber Attacks on Iran VOA 01 Jun 2012 -- A prominent U.S. newspaper says U.S. President Barack Obama has been orchestrating secret, sophisticated cyber attacks on Iran's main nuclear facility.
  • Salehi: Iran's nuclear stance is firm IRNA 01 Jun 2012 -- IR Iran's Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi said that Iran's approach in Group 5+1 talks is firm and serious and Iran ushered in talks in Istanbul and Baghdad with good intention.
  • Pakistan inks accord to import 1,000MW from Iran IRNA 01 Jun 2012 -- Government of Pakistan signed an agreement with Iranian authorities on to import 1,000 megawatts (MW) electricity from Iran, local media reported on Friday.
  • Russian Rocket Puts U.S. Satellite in Orbit RIA Novosti 01 Jun 2012 -- A Russian rocket on Friday successfully put the U.S. Intelsat 19 telecoms satellite into orbit, following a seaborne launch, the Russian space corporation Energia said.
  • UAE's Crackdown on Dissidents Intensifies VOA 01 Jun 2012 -- The future of seven Islamist activists stripped of their nationalities and imprisoned in the United Arab Emirates remains in doubt after a court this week rejected a request to return the men's Emirati passports. It is the latest incident in what appears to be an intensifying crackdown on dissent by authorities in the Gulf nation worried that regional unrest could spread to their shores.
  • Cross-strait ties to remain stable after China's leadership change: Ma CNA 01 Jun 2012 -- President Ma Ying-jeou said Friday that whoever becomes the next leader of China will not want to see current cross-strait ties, which he described as the most stable in six decades, undergo significant changes.
  • 'One ROC, two areas' allows peaceful cross-strait dialogue: MAC CNA 01 Jun 2012 -- The notion of 'one Republic of China, two areas' reflects the political reality and has served as the basis of peaceful cross-Taiwan Strait relations, Chang Hsien-yao, deputy head ofthe Mainland Affairs Council said Friday.
  • Islamist Egyptian Candidate 'Accepts' Liberal Compromise RIA Novosti 01 Jun 2012 -- The Muslim Brotherhood's candidate for the Egyptian presidential runoff, Mohammed Morsi, has accepted the Charter of National Convent, a declaration drafted by representatives of Egypt's liberal political forces to ensure broad national representation in any future government, local media reported on Friday, quoting Morsi'e election campaign staff.
  • Aung San Suu Kyi Cautions Leaders on Burma Reforms VOA 01 Jun 2012 -- Burma's democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi is urging business and political leaders to invest responsibly in her country. Addressing the World Economic Forum on East Asia, Aung San Suu Kyi said there is too much 'reckless optimism' surrounding Burma's reform efforts.
  • DRC Lawmakers Protest 'Secret Deal' With Rwanda VOA 01 Jun 2012 -- Opposition lawmakers in the Democratic Republic of Congo have called for what they describe as a secret deal with Rwanda to be debated in public. Lawmakers from several parties walked out of parliament this week to protest a ruling that talks with Rwanda about cross-border relations could only be debated in a closed session.

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