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07 December 2009 Military News

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Current Operations

  • OIF/OEF Casualty Update 07 Dec 2009 [PDF]
  • Dec. 6 airpower summary AFNS 07 Dec 2009 -- Coalition airpower integrated with ground forces in Iraq and International Security Assistance Force troops in Afghanistan during operations Dec. 6 according to Combined Air and Space Operations Center officials here.
  • Combined Forces Arrest Suspects in Iraq AFPS 07 Dec 2009 -- Iraqi forces, aided by U.S. advisors, arrested several terrorism suspects over the past three days, military officials reported.
  • Security forces Airmen end operations at Camp Bucca AFNS 07 Dec 2009 -- Members of the 887th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron officially ended operations during a deactivation ceremony Dec. 3 at Camp Bucca, Iraq.
  • DoD News: DOD Announces Afghanistan Force Deployment DoD 07 Dec 2009 -- The Department of Defense today announced the deployment of approximately 16,000 additional forces to Afghanistan, the initial elements of the 30,000 troops authorized by President Obama on Nov. 30.
  • Officials Announce First Afghanistan Surge Units AFPS 07 Dec 2009 -- About 16,000 Marines and soldiers have been notified they will deploy to Afghanistan as part of President Barack Obama’s new strategy.
  • US Commitment to Afghanistan Won't End With Military Mission VOA 07 Dec 2009 -- Top Pentagon officials say the U.S. commitment to Afghanistan will not end when the military campaign is over. They are also predicting U.S. President Barack Obama's decision to send 30,000 additional troops to Afghanistan will inevitably increase the violence and casualties in the country.
  • Obama Afghan Strategy Differs from Earlier Plan VOA 07 Dec 2009 -- President Obama's newly-unveiled Afghan strategy calls for a quick infusion of U.S. troops to fight the Taliban and to train Afghan security forces, followed by a withdrawal of American forces starting in as early as mid-2011. That is a less ambitious undertaking than the administration envisioned 10 months ago.
  • Mullen Visits Troops Readying for Afghanistan AFPS 07 Dec 2009 -- The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff visited the men and women who have to carry out the new strategy in Afghanistan today with stops at Fort Campbell, Ky., and Camp Lejeune, N.C.
  • Forces in Afghanistan Disrupt Taliban Operations AFPS 07 Dec 2009 -- Afghan and international forces detained several suspected militants, including a bomb cell leader and Taliban commander, in operations in Afghanistan over the past three days, military officials reported.
  • Strategy Sharpens Focus on Mission, Policy Chief Says AFPS 07 Dec 2009 -- President Barack Obama’s Afghanistan strategy gives the United States and its allies a clearer set of objectives and a more focused approach to eventually transitioning security responsibilities to the Afghan government, the Defense Department’s policy chief said here today.
  • Afghans Want New U.S. Troops To Deliver Security, Services To Hotspots RFE/RL 07 Dec 2009 -- Afghanistan's second-largest city and a traditional seat of power.
  • US Navy Divers Continue to Assist in Afghanistan Recovery Operation Navy NewsStand 07 Dec 2009 -- A team of U.S. Navy divers from Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit (MDSU) 2, Company 2-3, assisted in the recovery operations of the body of a U.S. Army sergeant from the Murghab River in northern Afghanistan Nov. 29.
  • Afghan police arrest Kabul mayor RIA Novosti 07 Dec 2009 -- Afghan police arrested on Monday Kabul's mayor, Abdul Ahad Sahebi, following a court ruling, Kabul's police chief told RIA Novosti.
  • Berlin ready to compensate victims of deadly Afghan air attack IRNA 07 Dec 2009 -- The Germany government voiced readiness to compensate the families and relatives of Afghan civilians killed in an air attack in early September, according to a German official.
  • NATO Goes 'Cap In Hand' For More Afghan Troops RFE/RL 07 Dec 2009 -- NATO's perennial search for extra troops for Afghanistan -- known in alliance parlance as "force generation" -- says perhaps more about the future of NATO than that of Afghanistan.
  • Kabul Mayor Convicted Of Corruption RFE/RL 07 Dec 2009 -- Afghan officials say the mayor of Kabul has been convicted of corruption and sentenced to four years in jail.
  • Six killed, 30 injured in Session Court blast IRNA 07 Dec 2009 -- As many as six persons were killed and more than 30 people injured when a suicide bomber blew himself up in front of Session Court Peshawar on Monday, police said.
  • Explosions in Pakistan Hit Peshawar Court, Lahore Market VOA 07 Dec 2009 -- Police in Pakistan's eastern city Lahore say two explosions in a busy outdoor market have wounded at least 20 people.

Defense Policy / Programs

  • Clock Ticking on Iran’s Nuclear Stance, Jones Says AFPS 07 Dec 2009 -- The United States and its allies are still open to negotiations with the Iranian government to resolve international concerns about its nuclear program, National Security Advisor James L. Jones said yesterday.
  • Carl Vinson Leaves Shipyard Ahead of Schedule Navy NewsStand 07 Dec 2009 -- USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) departed the Northrop Grumman Naval Shipyard in Newport News, Va., after completing an extensive four-year refueling complex overhaul (RCOH) and a 14-week Post Shakedown Availability/Supplemental Restricted Availability (PSA/SRA) period, Dec. 3.
  • Russian and Coalition Task Forces Discuss Counter-Piracy Operations Navy NewsStand 07 Dec 2009 -- The Combined Task Force 151 commander met with his Russian counterpart Dec. 2 aboard USS Chosin (CG 65) to discuss counterpiracy efforts in the region.
  • Nimitz Hosts Air Component General Navy NewsStand 07 Dec 2009 -- Deputy, Combined Force Air Component Commander, U.S. Central Command, arrived aboard the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz (CVN 68) Dec. 6 for a three-day visit to observe carrier operations and witness the array of capabilities provided by the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group (CSG).
  • Media Attention Dramatizes Somali Piracy Navy NewsStand 07 Dec 2009 -- Retired Rear Adm. Terence "Terry" McKnight, the past commander of the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) and Combined Task Force 151 (CTF-151) for counterpiracy operations, spoke last week at lunch time lecture at the National Naval Museum. The admiral surprised the audience by saying that the piracy problem in the Gulf Aden is "over publicized."
  • Solar Energy Powers Marines on Battlefield Navy NewsStand 07 Dec 2009 -- The Office of Naval Research (ONR) Advanced Power Generation Future Naval Capabilities program introduced technology that allows U.S. Marines to harness the power of the sun to help power their field equipment.
  • Air Force officials reinforce tattoo, body alteration policy AFNS 07 Dec 2009 -- Air Force senior leaders here have taken steps to ensure Air Force dress and personal appearance standards are applied consistently across the service.
  • Alert mission protects U.S. airspace, interests AFNS 07 Dec 2009 -- Shaw Air Force Base Airmen supporting the Operation Noble Eagle alert mission provide quick-reaction support to protect U.S. airspace and significant events like presidential movements and space shuttle launches.
  • U.S., Malaysian air forces participate in live-flying exercise AFNS 07 Dec 2009 -- U.S. and Malaysian airmen participated in a live-flying exercise involving air combat training in Malaysia from Nov. 9 through 20.
  • Task Force Finds Improvement in Sexual Assault Response AFPS 07 Dec 2009 -- The Defense Department has made progress in improving its response to the needs of sexual assault victims, but needs to do more, a special task force has determined.
  • 405th AFSB unfurls its colors in Kaiserslautern Army News 07 Dec 2009 -- Cold weather and overcast skies didn't keep the crowd away as the 405th Army Field Support Brigade unfurled its colors on Daenner Kaserne and officially began operations in the Kaiserslautern Military Community.
  • Team Celebrates 60 Years of Advancing Technology AFPS 07 Dec 2009 -- The technology that lets you listen to CDs, the GPS that got you around a traffic jam this morning, and even the mouse you just used to click on this story all are direct results of research conducted or sponsored by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research.
  • USACE builds radar stations on Black Sea Coast Army News 07 Dec 2009 -- In January, the last of three U.S.-funded radar stations on the Black Sea coast of Georgia will open, marking the completion of a significant international assistance program aimed at helping a key U.S. ally protect its maritime borders, said James Kelly, chief of party for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Georgia Border Security and Law Enforcement assistance program
  • Russia, India finalize deal on warship overhaul RIA Novosti 07 Dec 2009 -- Russia and India have reached an agreement to complete a refit of the Admiral Gorshkov aircraft carrier, a Kremlin source said on Monday.
  • India to resume military cooperation with Nepal IRNA 07 Dec 2009 -- India has agreed to resume military cooperation with Nepal, suspended following the 2005 takeover of power by former King Gyanendra.
  • U.S. Department of State Daily Press Briefing US Dept. of State 07 Dec 2009
  • Briefing by White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, 12/7/09 The White House 07 Dec 2009

Defense Industry

Other Conflicts

  • Daily Press Briefing by the Offices of the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General and the Spokesperson for the General Assembly President United Nations 07 Dec 2009
  • Seven Turkish soldiers killed in terrorist attack - Gen. Staff RIA Novosti 07 Dec 2009 -- Seven Turkish soldiers were killed and three wounded in a terrorist attack in the country's northern Tokat Province, the General Staff reported Monday.
  • Sudan: UN envoy calls on parties to abide by peace pact in wake of political violence UN News Centre 07 Dec 2009 -- The top United Nations envoy in Sudan has voiced his concern over the detention and alleged beating of some prominent Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) leaders, opposition supporters and civil society activists during demonstrations earlier today, noting that they could impact negatively on the 2005 peace pact that ended the country’s north-south civil war.
  • Ban urges Sudanese President to help secure release of abducted staff UN News Centre 07 Dec 2009 -- Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has urged Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir to become directly involved in securing the release of two staff members of the joint African Union-United Nations mission in Darfur who have been held hostage now for over 100 days, stressing that the situation is critical given that one of them is gravely ill.
  • Global minerals, arms smuggling networks fuel DR Congo conflict – UN report UN News Centre 07 Dec 2009 -- Minerals and arms smuggling worth millions of dollars persists in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) despite international sanctions, fuelling rebel strength despite national army operations, and army and rebel soldiers continue to kill civilians, according to a new United Nations report that calls on the Security Council to take action to plug the gaps.
  • Security Council calls for credible Ivorian polls at the earliest UN News Centre 07 Dec 2009 -- The Security Council today called for the holding of credible presidential elections in Côte d’Ivoire at the earliest date possible, after the much-delayed polls were recently postponed again.
  • Nepal: UN rights office urges Government and Maoists to refrain from violence UN News Centre 07 Dec 2009 -- In the wake of clashes following a recent eviction drive in eastern Nepal, the United Nations human rights office in the Asian nation today called on the Government and Maoists to take a step back from further violence.
  • Arrest of Southern Officials Upsets Political Balance in Sudan VOA 07 Dec 2009 -- A banned rally organized by Sudanese opposition parties has resulted in the detention of a number of senior officials in the South's ruling party. The event's organizers allege key democratic reforms are being blocked by the Khartoum regime.
  • Congress Grills US Administration on Sudan Election Guidelines VOA 07 Dec 2009 -- Voter registration in Sudan is due to end on Tuesday. U.S. legislators are taking a harder look at how the Obama administration is helping Sudan to end violence and curb human rights abuse so voters can take part presidential elections that are scheduled for April 5-12 of next year.
  • SOMALIA: Team to investigate Mogadishu attack IRIN 07 Dec 2009 -- Somalia's Transitional Federal Government has set up a team to investigate the bombing of a graduation ceremony on 3 December, which killed scores of people, including three cabinet ministers.
  • CHAD: Re-assessing the aid footprint IRIN 07 Dec 2009 -- When an aid vehicle is stolen in the eastern Chad town of Abéché, some people cheer and say the aid organization got what it deserved, according to the French think-tank Emergency Rehabilitation Development (URD), which is preparing a report on the impact of international aid groups on Abéché residents.
  • YEMEN: Somali refugees struggle in parched Aden slum IRIN 07 Dec 2009 -- Public access to water in Basateen, a slum on the outskirts of Yemen’s southern port city of Aden and home to some 16,000 Somali refugees, has become extremely limited, according to the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR).
  • Philippine Police Clash with Clan Supporters VOA 07 Dec 2009 -- Philippine troops clashed with militia forces and arrested more than 60 people in the southern province of Maguindanao. The government has imposed martial law in the region and is pursuing thousands of militia men aligned with the family it says is responsible for the country's worst political massacre.

News Reports

  • Iranian opposition holds rallies in Tehran RIA Novosti 07 Dec 2009 -- Supporters of the defeated presidential candidate Mir-Hossein Mousavi staged protests in the Iranian capital on Monday during celebrations of national Student Day, Iranian and western media reported.
  • Iranian Police Clash With Protesters RFE/RL 07 Dec 2009 -- Iran's largest university and the scene of student-led, pro-democracy protests in 1999 -- in an apparent effort to prevent opposition plans to disrupt a state-organized rally. Hundreds of security officers and antiriot motorcycle units had been deployed outside the campus.
  • Iranian Students Stage Protests on 'Student Day' VOA 07 Dec 2009 -- Thousands of Iranian students have turned out for protests against the government. Iranian security forces tried to block access to the rallies, but clashes with noisy protesters erupted at several sites.
  • Russia to Help India Build 4 Nuclear Reactors VOA 07 Dec 2009 -- Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh says Russia will help his country build four new nuclear power plants. Mr. Singh made the announcement after meetings in Moscow with Russian President Dmitri Medvedev.
  • Russia close to finishing reactor at Indian nuclear power plant RIA Novosti 07 Dec 2009 -- The first reactor of the Kudankulam nuclear power plant in India will be launched in 2010 as scheduled, Russia's nuclear chief Sergei Kiriyenko said.
  • US Diplomat Arrives in Seoul Ahead of Talks in Pyongyang VOA 07 Dec 2009 -- Washington's special representative to North Korea has arrived in the South Korean capital ahead of talks in Pyongyang. The envoy will try to bring the Kim Jong Il government back to six-nation talks on giving up its nuclear weapons, which North Korea abandoned.
  • Agreement on Iraqi election law means polls can go ahead in February – UN official UN News Centre 07 Dec 2009 -- The head of the United Nations mission in Iraq today congratulated the Council of Representatives on finalizing the country’s election law, making it feasible to hold parliamentary polls next February.
  • U.S. envoy makes stopover in S. Korea prior to Pyongyang visit RIA Novosti 07 Dec 2009 -- Stephen Bosworth, U.S. special envoy to North Korea, has arrived in Seoul to engage in consultations with South Korean officials prior to his highly-anticipated visit to North Korea, the Yonhap news agency reported.
  • Romanian President Basescu Narrowly Reelected RFE/RL 07 Dec 2009 -- Romania’s President Traian Basescu has won reelection by a very narrow margin -- less than 1 percentage point -- in a fiercely contested second round against leftist opponent Mircea Geoana
  • Incumbent Wins Romanian Presidential Election, Opponent Challenges Results VOA 07 Dec 2009 -- Romanian President Traian Basescu has won the country's presidential runoff election, but the rival Social Democrat party is contesting the results.
  • Moldovan PM 'Satisfied' With Romanian Vote Result RFE/RL 07 Dec 2009 -- Moldovan Prime Minister Vlad Filat says that Romanian President Traian Basescu deserved to receive most of the votes of Moldovans who also have Romanian citizenship, RFE/RL's Moldovan Service reports.
  • Iran, Afghanistan Top Agenda As Turkey's Erdogan Meets Obama At White House RFE/RL 07 Dec 2009 -- U.S. President Barack Obama is set to meet with Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan today at the White House in a meeting that's expected to raise hard questions about Turkey's alliances.
  • Climate Change Talks Start in Copenhagen RFE/RL 07 Dec 2009 -- The UN conference on climate change in Copenhagen opened today with the sound of children singing.
  • US investigation agency team holds meeting with Indian counterparts IRNA 07 Dec 2009 -- The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) team, which is here to share information on terror suspects David Headley and Tahawwur Rana, Monday held discussions with their Indian counterparts about the activities of the duo in the country.
  • Lebanon: senior UN official assures new unity Government of full assistance UN News Centre 07 Dec 2009 -- United Nations Special Coordinator for Lebanon Michael Williams met with Prime Minister Saad Hariri today, reassuring him once again of the world Organization’s readiness to lend assistance to the new unity Government in all fields through all its various agencies whenever requested.
  • Guinea's Military Leader Recovering in Morocco From Gunshot Wounds VOA 07 Dec 2009 -- Guinea's military leader is in a military hospital in Morocco where he is recovering from gunshot wounds sustained Thursday in an apparent assassination attempt. Guinea is offering a reward for the capture of the former head of the presidential guard whose men are accused of the attack.

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