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Army Announces Unit Designations in the Modular Army

The U.S. Army announced today new unit designations in ongoing efforts to build the modular force. These naming conventions support the Army’s continued modular force restructuring, while preserving most of its famous and historic lineages.

A blue-ribbon panel composed of distinguished military leaders reviewed various proposals for naming these units before making its recommendations. The resulting plan enables the U.S. Army to retain the names of many of its activated regiments and divisions, allowing these units to continue their proud traditions among today’s Soldiers.

Until now, the Army was using working terms to describe various units and their levels of responsibility. Now that the redesign is complete, the new unit designations provide familiar terms that Soldiers will identify with and use easily:

-- ARMIES. The units of employment (UEy) will become the Army component of a Joint Major Command and will be referred to geographically. This headquarters will be capable of assuming the duties of a Joint Task Force (JTF) or a Joint Force Land Component Command (JFLCC) – with augmentation from other services – and controlling operations. Soldiers assigned to one of these commands will wear the patch of a traditional numbered army and perpetuate its lineage and honors.

-- CORPS and DIVISIONS. The unit of employment (UEx) will feature three-star and two-star versions, consisting of a headquarters of about 800 and 1,000 Soldiers respectively and are capable of functioning as a Joint Task Force and a Joint Force Land Component Command. The three-star UEx will be a corps, and will perpetuate the lineages and honors of an historical corps. The two-star UEx will be a division, and will perpetuate the lineages and honors of an historical division.

-- BRIGADE COMBAT TEAMS. The unit of action (UA) will become a Brigade Combat Team (BCT), and will perpetuate the lineages and honors of a divisional brigade or separate brigade. These Brigade Combat Teams will be of three types: Heavy, Infantry, and Stryker.

-- BATTALIONS. The constituent battalions for brigade combat teams will continue the lineages and honors of U.S. Army Regimental System’s battalions -- as they have for nearly 50 years. The special-troops battalion of each Brigade Combat Team will perpetuate the lineages and honors of the headquarters company of the brigade being perpetuated by the Brigade Combat Team.

The unit designs formerly known as SUAs will now be organized into five types: Combat Aviation Brigades, Fires Brigades, Battlefield Surveillance Brigades, Combat Support Brigades (Maneuver Enhancement) and Sustainment Brigades. Battalions subordinate to the support brigades will also continue the lineages and honors of US Army Regimental System battalions.

These unit designations enable the Army to perpetuate virtually all of our regiments and divisions active now, and thus to pass their proud traditions along to our Soldiers.

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