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08 March 2005 Military News

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  • Reports Say Chechen Leader Maskhadov Killed RFE/RL 08 Mar 2005 -- Russia says Chechen separatist leader Aslan Maskhadov was killed today in a gun battle with federal forces in the Chechen village of Tolstoi-Yurt. If confirmed, the action removes a man Moscow considered a terrorist but who was seen by mainstream Chechens as a moderate independence leader.
  • Analysis: What Comes After Maskhadov? RFE/RL 08 Mar 2005 -- Chechen President and resistance commander Aslan Maskhadov was killed on 8 March in a special operation in Tolstoi-Yurt, north of Grozny, Russian agencies reported, quoting Colonel Ilya Shabalkin, spokesman for the Russian federal forces in the North Caucasus.
  • Russian Army Says Chechen Leader Maskhadov Killed RFE/RL 08 Mar 2005 -- The Russian army says federal troops have killed Chechen separatist leader Aslan Maskhadov.
  • Russia Says Chechen Separatist Leader Maskhadov Killed VOA News 08 Mar 2005 -- Russian security officials say Chechen separatist leader Aslan Maskhadov has been killed in the Russian breakaway republic.

  • UN administrator urges calm in Kosovo after premier is indicted for war crimes UN News Centre 08 Mar 2005 -- The United Nations administrator for Kosovo today appealed for calm following the resignation of the ethnic Albanian Prime Minister after he was indicted by the UN war crimes tribunal for his role as a guerrilla commander in the 1998-99 fighting that led to the world body running the Serbian province.
  • KOSOVO/PRIME MINISTER VOA 08 Mar 2005 -- NATO has sent extra troops into Kosovo in case of ethnic unrest, following the war crimes indictment of Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj. The Kosovo leader has stepped down saying he plans to surrender to the U.N. war crimes tribunal in The Hague.

  • UN joins African Union to assess peacekeeping needs in Darfur, Sudan UN News Centre 08 Mar 2005 -- The United Nations will join an African Union assessment team going to the troubled Darfur region in western Sudan to find out what is needed to strengthen security for the people caught up in civil strife there.
  • CONGRESS/SUDAN VOA 08 Mar 2005 -- Some lawmakers in Congress are pushing for more money to help people in the Darfur region of western Sudan as well as refugees from Darfur who fled to neighboring countries. The lawmakers say humanitarian assistance included in legislation the House of Representatives will consider next week must be increased.

  • SIERRA LEONE/ TRIAL VOA 08 Mar 2005 -- Three members of Sierra Leone's former military government have gone on trial for crimes which include murder, rape, sexual slavery, and use of child soldiers.
  • THAILAND/ MILITARY VOA 08 Mar 2005 -- Thailand's military commander says three generals held responsible for the deaths of 85 Muslims in Southern Thailand last year will be removed from their commands. But Muslim leaders are criticizing their punishment too light.

News Reports

  • UN envoy seeking Syrian withdrawal from Lebanon holds talks with Europeans UN News Centre 08 Mar 2005 -- The United Nations envoy seeking the withdrawal of some 14,000 Syrian troops from Lebanon held talks with European Union (EU) officials today in Brussels on his way to his second visit to the region in a month.
  • BUSH SYRIA VOA 08 Mar 2005 -- President Bush says freedom will prevail in Lebanon as he repeated calls for Syria to withdraw its troops from the country. The appeal came as hundreds of thousands of demonstrators in Lebanon gathered to show their support for Syria.
  • LEBANON / SYRIA VOA 08 Mar 2005 -- Hundreds of thousands of protesters jammed a main square in Beirut to express support for Syrian troops in Lebanon, and to denounce the United States and Israel.
  • Middle East: Lebanon's Opposition Puts Aside Differences to Confront Syria RFE/RL 08 Mar 2005 -- In Lebanon, opposition parties calling for Syria to pull its troops from the country include both Christian and Moslem factions. Some say the newly united front that these parties present to the pro-Syrian Lebanese government would not have been possible just a few years ago. That is because reconciliation efforts to bring the country's diverse religious groups together -- whether in the government or the opposition -- remain a tentative process, though there are growing signs of success.
  • Middle East: Hizballah Holds Pro-Syrian Rally in Beirut RFE/RL 08 Mar 2005 -- Supporters of the Lebanese Shi'a Hizballah party took to the streets of Beirut on Tuesday to oppose what the party calls foreign interference aimed at pressing Damascus to withdraw its troops. The Hizballah, which has close ties with Damascus, is responding to weeks of protests by opposition parties demanding Syrian troops completely pull out of Lebanon.

  • BUSH/CLINTON/TSUNAMI VOA 08 Mar 2005 -- President Bush got an update on tsunami relief efforts Tuesday from his two predecessors, former Presidents Bush and Clinton. All three stressed the importance of helping the victims of the disaster.

  • HUMAN RIGHTS REPORT: A 'MASTERPIECE OF AMERICAN HYPOCRISY' US Dept. of State IIP, Foreign Media Reaction 08 Mar 2005

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