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29 December 2004 Military News

Defense Policy / Programs
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Current Operations

Defense Policy / Programs

  • Year in Review: Armored protection improves Army News 29 Dec 2004 -- Protection of Soldiers, including up-armored vehicles, Interceptor Body Armor, and questions of whether the Army has sufficient numbers of them in support of troops in the field, were ongoing issues throughout 2004.
  • Officials release F-15 accident report AFPN 30 Dec 2004 -- A loss of fuel to both engines resulted in a dual-engine flameout causing an F-15 Eagle to crash June 18 about 60 miles north of Nellis Air Force Base, Nev., according to an Air Force report released Dec. 29.
  • 3rd Radio Bn. year in review USMC News 29 Dec 2004 -- Third Radio Battalion has made it through another year with flying colors. This year, the Marines of 3rd Radio Bn. continued to maintain a very high operational tempo, and continued to meet the demanding missions that the Marine Corps set for them.
  • Ops support center Airmen coordinate AF relief efforts AFPN 30 Dec 2004 -- Pacific Air Forces officials here activated the 24-hour PACAF Operations Support Center to coordinate Air Force-related relief efforts for the devastation caused by tsunamis that struck 12 countries following an earthquake Dec. 26.
  • Huge U.S. Military Relief Effort Moves to Tsunami-Struck Region Washington File 29 Dec 2004 -- U.S. military forces from throughout the Pacific region are rushing humanitarian supplies and assistance to countries devastated by a catastrophic earthquake that generated a tsunami in the Indian Ocean.
  • Pacific Command Rallies Tsunami Relief Resources AFPS 29 Dec 2004 -- Three Marine Corps disaster relief assessment teams are on the ground or about to arrive in Thailand, Sri Lanka and Indonesia, and at least two P-3 aircraft are conducting initial reconnaissance of damaged areas as a wide range of other Defense Department assets works its way to tsunami-stricken regions of the Indian Ocean.

  • State Department Noon Briefing, December 29 Washington File 29 Dec 2004 -- Department/Asia/tsunami update, Middle East, China, Iraq

Defense Industry

Other Conflicts

  • UN mission provides security as 1992 Côte d'Ivoire currency is exchanged for new UN News Centre 29 Dec 2004 -- The exchange of 12-year-old Côte d'Ivoire currency for new began today in the rebel-held north of the West African country under the watchful eye of the United Nations peacekeeping mission, which was asked to help provide security for the three-day operation.
  • UN mission team finds evidence of killings in eastern DR of Congo UN News Centre 29 Dec 2004 -- The United Nations peacekeeping mission in the troubled eastern region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has found evidence that former Mayi-Mayi militiamen have killed seven civilians, a soldier and perhaps another six former officers from a rival militia, the UN spokesman said today.
  • CHAD: No big new influx of Darfur refugees yet, despite fresh fighting IRIN 29 Dec 2004 -- Despite fears of a major new influx of refugees fleeing civil war in Sudan's Darfur region, only a trickle of people have entered the string of refugee camps located in the arid wastes of eastern Chad in recent weeks, aid officials told IRIN on Wednesday.
  • Nepal`s rebels end blockade of capital IRNA 29 Dec 2004 -- Warring Maoist rebels on Wednesday lifted their week-long ban on vehicles traveling a major highway leading to Kathmandu, effectively ending their blockade of the capital, local media reports said.
  • UGANDA: LRA representatives meet northern regional leaders, promise peace IRIN 29 Dec 2004 -- Representatives of the rebel Lords Resistance Army (LRA) met religious and civic leaders from the northern region of Acholi on Tuesday, ahead of proposed talks with Ugandan government officials and said they would like to end the conflict peacefully, sources told IRIN.
  • SUDAN: Clashes force WFP to suspend food convoys to Darfur IRIN 29 Dec 2004 -- Some 260,000 people in Sudan's strife-torn Darfur region will miss their December food rations because clashes between government troops and rebels have forced the UN World Food Programme (WFP) to suspend relief convoys to some of the areas affected by the conflict, a WFP spokesperson said on Wednesday.
  • PROLIFERATION: SMALL ARMS/AFRICA/SOLUTIONS VOA 29 Dec 2004 -- Despite many problems, efforts are under way to attempt to curb the threat posed to stability in Africa by small arms, including sanctions, weapons collection programs and other steps. In Mozambique, a brutal civil war left behind a bitter legacy, and lots of weapons. When the war ended 12 years ago, more than a million light weapons were believed to be buried in rebel arms caches, or left in the hands of villagers who had been armed by the government and told to defend their homes. (In this report in our series on weapons proliferation)
  • UGANDA/PEACE TALKS VOA 29 Dec 2004 -- The commanders of a rebel group operating in northern Uganda late Tuesday met with government officials and others in what is seen to be the first stage in negotiations to end almost two decades of insurgency.
  • YEMEN: Italy gives 150,000 euro boost to mine action programme IRIN 29 Dec 2004 -- Yemen's mine action programme received a boost this week from the Italian government when it contributed a further 150,000 euros to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) supported Mine Action Programme, in addition to its previous grant of 200,000 euros in 2003.

News Reports

  • US-TSUNAMI AID VOA 29 Dec 2004 -- The Bush administration said Wednesday it will be taking its response to the Asian tsunami disaster to "a new level" amid fears the death toll in countries around the Indian Ocean could exceed 100 thousand. President Bush said India, Australia and Japan are joining the United States in a coalition to respond to the daunting relief needs.
  • TSUNAMI HEALTH VOA 29 Dec 2004 -- Public health officials warn survivors of Sunday's tsunami face a grave danger, death and disease caused by filthy drinking water. Officials say rescue teams are focusing their attention on getting potable water to survivors of the massive undersea earthquake to keep the population of the affected areas from falling victim to its aftermath.
  • UN/ TSUNAMI/ RELIEF VOA 29 Dec 2004 -- United Nations global relief coordinator Jan Egeland says the devastation caused by the earthquake and tsunami that swept across southern Asia will require the biggest relief effort in history.
  • EARTHQUAKE WRAP VOA 29 Dec 2004 -- The Red Cross is warning the death toll from Sunday's earthquake-triggered tsunami across the Indian Ocean could surpass 100 thousand. The bodies of those pulled out to sea by the initial wall of water are now washing up on Asia's shorelines as rescue crews from around the world try to care for those who survived and contain the threat of disease.
  • Bush Pledges U.S. Assistance to Tsunami Survivors AFPS 29 Dec 2004 -- The United States is working closely with Indian Ocean nations to rush aid to the region following the tsunamis that claimed at least 80,000 lives, President Bush said today.
  • Indonesia, Malaysia, Maldives, Sri Lanka, and Somalia Earthquake and Tsunami: OCHA Situation Report No. 6 UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs 29 Dec 2004
  • Web Site Answers Questions about Earthquakes, Tsunamis Washington File 29 Dec 2004 -- Aftershocks, the possibility of more earthquakes and tsunami warning systems are a few of the issues addressed in a new frequently-asked-questions (FAQ) Web page from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Earthquake Hazards Program.
  • United Nations Plans Post-Tsunami Aid For Agriculture, Fisheries Washington File 29 Dec 2004 -- The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is assessing the damage to agriculture and fisheries from the South Asia earthquake and tsunami to help communities restart productive activities as soon as their emergency needs have been met, the agency announced.
  • United States Makes Long-Term Pledge to Tsunami Disaster Relief Washington File 29 Dec 2004 -- President Bush said December 29 that the world will help tsunami-devastated South Asian and Southeast Asian nations "prevail over this destruction," as he expressed the condolences and sadness of the nation at "loss and grief to the world that is beyond our comprehension."
  • United States Gears Up for Disaster Relief Worldwide Washington File 29 Dec 2004 -- Disaster response teams throughout the U.S. government moved into high gear December 26 in response to the earthquake and tsunamis in Southeast Asia.
  • Tsunami Disaster Requires "Worldwide Response," Powell Says Washington File 29 Dec 2004 -- The disastrous tsunami that struck nations bordering the Indian Ocean on December 26 will require a worldwide response, with demands for humanitarian and reconstruction assistance eventually reaching billions of dollars, Secretary of State Colin Powell said in a December 29 interview with Hew Edwards of the BBC.
  • U.S. Tsunami Disaster Relief Mobilizes on Land and Sea Washington File 29 Dec 2004 -- The United States will join Australia, India and Japan in forming a core group of nations to advance the humanitarian relief campaign in support of the nations devastated by a tsunami December 26.
  • STATEMENT BY THE PRESIDENT ON THE RECENT EARTHQUAKE AND TSUNAMIS Washington File 29 Dec 2004 -- President Bush has provided details of U.S. efforts to bring relief to the millions of people stricken by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in the Indian Ocean on December 26.
  • BUSH / TSUNAMI VOA 29 Dec 2004 -- President Bush says the United States will stand by the victims of the Indian Ocean earthquake and resulting tsunami, calling the tragedy one of the major natural disasters in world history. Mr. Bush says America will work with other countries to coordinate help.
  • SOMALIA-SUDAN/WFP VOA 29 Dec 2004 -- The United Nations World Food Program Wednesday began distributing food aid to an area of Somalia hit particularly hard by the recent Asian tidal wave. The agency has also suspended its transportation of food by the main road in the war-torn Darfur region of western Sudan because of rebel attacks.
  • Asia: Tsunamis -- Anatomy Of A Killer Wave RFE/RL 29 Dec 2004 -- Few natural disasters are as terrifying as the tsunami. The massive waves can race through ocean waters with the speed of a jet airplane, but remain virtually invisible until they hit land. When they strike, they can be as high as 35 meters and crash down with a deadly force that can destroy bridges, overturn trains and turn cars and buses into dangerous projectiles. The South Asian tsunami, which has so far claimed nearly 70,000 lives, was all the more deadly for its unexpectedness. Even a few minutes of warning could potentially have saved thousands of lives.
  • Asia: Aid Agencies Overwhelmed As Tsunami Death Toll Nears 70,000 RFE/RL 29 Dec 2004 -- The death toll from history's worst tsunami now stands at nearly 70,000. But aid officials warn it could double if disease takes hold. Rotting corpses, smashed sewers, and contaminated water are the most immediate dangers. Meanwhile, massive aid efforts continue with countries around the world pledging millions of dollars, but the scale of the devastation is proving to be overwhelming. Survivors in remote areas of Indonesia, the hardest hit country, are near starvation. And still missing are hundreds of foreign tourists -- particularly Swedes -- apparently washed out to sea from Thai resorts.
  • TSUNAMI AID VOA 29 Dec 2004 -- Australia's more than tripled its emergency aid to Asian countries hit by Sunday's tsunami disaster. Canberra is working with the United States, Japan and other countries to coordinate the massive relief effort in the Indian Ocean.
  • QUAKE AFTERMATH VOA 29 Dec 2004 -- The massive global aid operation to help the victims of Sunday's earthquake and tsunamis in the Indian Ocean is beginning to deliver results. The United Nations is warning that if emergency supplies do not reach those most in need soon, disease could double the disaster's death toll. Some 70-thousand people are confirmed dead in 11 countries, and thousands more are still missing.
  • DISASTER / PRIVATE AID VOA 29 Dec 2004 -- Asian celebrities, businessmen and companies are showing solidarity with the victims of Sunday's catastrophic tsunamis by pledging millions of dollars in aid. Private donors - not just governments - are weighing in with big money.
  • SOUTH ASIA RESCUE VOA 29 Dec 2004 -- Rescue teams in India and Sri Lanka are heading out to the last of the areas devastated by tsunami waves. The story unfolding is of more devastation. Sri Lanka says more than 22-thousand people have died, India's death toll is expected to rise to over 12-thousand.

  • Ukraine: Government Meets Elsewhere After Protesters Block Headquarters RFE/RL 29 Dec 2004 -- Ukraine's government was forced to call off a planned session at its headquarters today after hundreds of demonstrators massed outside to prevent Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych from entering the building. But in a surprise development, the cabinet -- minus Yanukovych -- apparently outwitted protesters by convening at another location.
  • Defeated Ukrainian Presidential Candidate Challenges Result RFE/RL 29 Dec 2004 -- Ukraineian Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych, defeated in the 26 December presidential election, today made an attempt to challenge the victory of his opponent, Viktor Yushchenko.
  • UKRAINE ELECT APPEAL VOA 29 Dec 2004 -- Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych, who had his earlier election win annulled, is contesting the latest results of the weekend presidential re-run in Ukraine. The appeal means final certification of the official results will be delayed, prolonging the nations bitter electoral stand-off.
  • Ukrainian Cabinet Meeting Thwarted As Vote Result Is Challenged RFE/RL 29 Dec 2004 -- Ukraine's government abandoned a meeting at its headquarters today after hundreds of opposition demonstrators massed outside to prevent Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych from entering the building.

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