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09 October 2004 Military News

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  • IRAQ / SADR CITY VOA 09 Oct 2004 -- Members of a militia group in Baghdad's impoverished area of Sadr City have agreed to give up their fight against Iraqi and coalition forces and lay down their weapons. The militants will start handing their weapons over to Iraqi police within 48 hours.
  • Mediator Says Iraqi Cleric's Fighters Agree To Disarm RFE/RL 09 Oct 2004 -- A mediator involved in brokering a deal between Shi'a rebels in Baghdad and the U.S. military said today that the insurgents have agreed to trade some of their arms for cash.
  • MUJAHIDEEN LINKED TO RED CRESCENT BUILDING BOMBING MNF-I/MNC-I 09 Oct 2004 -- A First Marine Division dismounted patrol observed a single man signaling a van traveling along a main thoroughfare in the city of Ramadi on Friday, Oct 8.
  • Iraqi Security Forces and Multi-National Forces Foil Car Bomb Attack, Detain 14 MNF-I/MNC-I 09 Oct 2004 -- Iraqi Security forces and Multi-National Forces from 3rd Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division (Stryker Brigade Combat Team) foiled a car bomb attack and detained 14 people wanted for Anti-Fraqi activities Friday in northern Iraq.
  • Three Suspects Detained During Search For Suicide Bomber MNF-I/MNC-I 09 Oct 2004 -- 1st Infantry Division Soldiers detained three individuals on Oct. 8 at about 10:17 p.m., 20 kilometers north of Samarra who are suspected of planning a suicide bombing.
  • Iraqi, U.S. Forces Launch Operation In Northern Babil MNF-I/MNC-I 09 Oct 2004 -- Iraqi and U.S. forces today kicked off their most sweeping operation to date in Northern Babil, moving against multiple targets across the central Iraqi province in a continuing campaign to restore security and stability here.
  • Iraqi and U.S. Forces Continue Push MNF-I/MNC-I 09 Oct 2004 -- Iraqi security forces, backed by elements of the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit, captured 13 suspected militants in the central Iraqi town of Haswah today as the joint force continued to aggressively target anti-Iraqi forces throughout Northern Babil province.
  • Iraqis and Marines Net 11 More Suspected Insurgents MNF-I/MNC-I 09 Oct 2004 -- Iraqi security forces and elements of the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit captured 11 suspected insurgents today as the joint force continued its pursuit of anti-Iraqi forces in Northern Babil province.
  • Winds of change coming to Iraq USMC News 09 Oct 2004 -- Cooler days are approaching the sandy horizon of the Iraqi desert.

  • Harry S. Truman Carrier Strike Group To Deploy Navy NewsStand 09 Oct 2004 -- Nearly 7,600 Sailors will leave their homeports when the USS Harry S. Truman Carrier Strike Group (HSTCSG) deploys Oct. 13 in support of the global war on terrorism.

  • Afghans turn out for historic elections, with 'uncoordinated' attacks reported UN News Centre 09 Oct 2004 -- Refugees from Afghanistan living in camps and residents of the war-torn nation cast their ballots today in an historic presidential poll amid sporadic violence that officials said was unsystematic.
  • United States Congratulates Afghan People on Successful Election Washington File 09 Oct 2004 -- Special Presidential Envoy and U.S. Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad congratulated the people of Afghanistan on successfully holding their national election for president October 9.
  • Voting Over In Landmark Afghan Election RFE/RL 09 Oct 2004 -- Polling stations in Afghanistan have closed following voting in the country's first-ever direct presidential election, with all but one of the 16 candidates vowing to challenge the election due to irregularities.
  • AFGHANISTAN ELECTION VOA 09 Oct 2004 -- Afghanistan has completed its first-ever election for president, without the violence that some feared would disrupt the event. But the vote is not without controversy, as some candidates are questioning the validity of the election.
  • AFGHAN/REFUGEE VOTING VOA 09 Oct 2004 -- A 19-year-old Afghan woman, living as a refugee in neighboring Pakistan, was the first citizen to vote in her home country's landmark presidential election.
  • BUSH / AFGHANISTAN VOA 09 Oct 2004 -- Voting has officially concluded in Afghanistan where 15 opposition candidates challenged President Hamid Karzai. President Bush says the vote is an important step forward for Afghan democracy.
  • AFGHANISTAN/ELECTION DISPUTE VOA 09 Oct 2004 -- History is being made in Afghanistan, as the country takes part in its first-ever presidential election. But while most Afghans are enthusiastic, the candidates challenging interim President Hamid Karzai claim that a procedural mix-up has invalidated the vote.
  • Most Candidates Urge Boycott Of Afghan Election RFE/RL 09 Oct 2004 -- At least 14 of Afghan Transitional Administration head Hamid Karzai's opponents in today's presidential election have called for a boycott of the election because of alleged voting irregularities and said they will not recognize the results.
  • Afghan Elections Continue Amid Complaints RFE/RL 09 Oct 2004 -- Afghan voters appear to be turning out in force for the country's historic direct presidential election today, although reports of some irregularities continue.

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  • Bush, Kerry Debate Iraq, Economy In Second Meeting Washington File 09 Oct 2004 -- President George Bush and Senator John Kerry fielded questions from undecided voters and vigorously defended their stances on health care, the economy and the war in Iraq as they faced off in the second of three scheduled presidential election debates.

  • DoD officials experience Osprey capabilities USMC News 09 Oct 2004 -- An official party consisting of high-ranking members of the Department of Defense, visited Marine Tiltrotor Test and Evaluation Squadron-22 here October 8 to fly in an Osprey and personally evaluate the aircraft.
  • Rumsfeld Salutes Sailors, Allies Aboard Aircraft Carrier AFPS 09 Oct 2004 -- Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld was flown out today from Bahrain to this aircraft carrier patrolling the Persian Gulf to meet with sailors and to get a briefing on the situations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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  • AUSTRALIA/VOTING ENDS VOA 09 Oct 2004 -- Australian Prime Minister John Howard has led his Liberal Party to a fourth consecutive win in parliamentary elections.

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