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26 April 2004 Military News

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Current Operations

Defense Policy / Programs

  • Making a difference in the safety and security of Iraq TF Danger / 1st Infantry Division Release 28 Apr 2004-- The 1st Infantry Division and Task Force Danger continue to conduct operations to eliminate anti-coalition forces and conduct stability and support operations to set the conditions for Iraqi civil and military self-reliance. The following items are a summary of recent progress towards that goal.
  • Pope C-130s Supply Beans and Bullets to Terror War AFPS 26 Apr 2004 -- They like to think of themselves as the "18- wheeler trucks" that supply the front lines in the war on terror.
  • Tactical drivers follow rules Marine Corps News 26 Apr 2004-- A hungry squad of grunts without ammunition sit in the field waiting for a delivery that is already 30 minutes late. Approximately 200 miles away, a driver and an assistant driver, both clad in flak and Kevlar, climb into a Humvee loaded down with beans and bullets. The driver lets off the emergency break and puts his shellback in gear; the "A-driver" adjusts the passenger-side-mirror and the two hit the hardtop bound for delivery.
  • Ammo Supply Point shells out rounds Marine Corps News 26 Apr 2004-- Nestled within the gates here is a small unit in charge of all the ammunition support for the 17,000 Marines and Sailors of the III Marine Expeditionary Force aboard Okinawa.
  • 4th Marines - epic accomplishments and myths Marine Corps News 26 Apr 2004-- "Oldest and Proudest" is a title held by only one unit in the Marine Corps, a regiment that claims both adjectives by surviving the tests of time and combat.
  • Flying tigers 'MOPP' flightline Marine Corps News 26 Apr 2004-- Working under simulated nuclear, biological and chemical threat conditions, more than 140 Flying Tigers from Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron-262, Marine Aircraft Group-36, conducted NBC mission oriented training here April 16.
  • Deployments bug computer operators Marine Corps News 26 Apr 2004-- When Okinawa Marines and Sailors were shut off from the internet late last month, many rumored why connectivity was denied. A division Marine may have placed blame on the wing, while the wing could have pointed at the FSSG. Why were computers down? The base? The MEF? The one-armed man?
  • Regiment blows out 90 candles Marine Corps News 26 Apr 2004-- Marines from the 4th Marine Regiment as well as government officials from Henoko gathered at the 4th Marines Mess Hall April 16 to recognize the regiment's 90th birthday.
  • Coronado, U.S. 7th Fleet Conclude Subic Bay Visit Navy Newsstand 26 Apr 2004-- USS Coronado (AGF 11) left Subic Bay, Republic of the Philippines, April 26 following a three-day port visit.
  • New communication system leads the way in Palan Marine Corps News 26 Apr 2004-- Communication abilities have been taken to a new level for Marines participating in the Reception, Staging, Onward Movement and Integration exercise 2004 here at Camp Palan, Republic of Korea.

  • U.S. Military Firing Range in Maehyang-ri to Close Off KCNA 26 Apr 2004 -- The south Korean "Ministry of National Defence" recently clarified that it agreed with the U.S. military side to close off the firing range in Maehyang-ri, Hwasong County, Kyonggi Province and concluded a "plan for implementation" of it.

  • NATO Attaches Strings To Iraq Role RFE/RL 26 Apr 2004 -- NATO has said it will consider a greater role in Iraq only if a string of conditions are met.

  • U-S POL / SECURITY VOA 26 Apr 2004 -- In U-S presidential politics, the Bush and Kerry campaigns exchanged attacks Monday over the issue of national security. Vice President Dick Cheney questioned presumptive Democratic nominee John Kerry's record on defense, while the head of the Democratic Party fired back at the vice president.
  • White House Daily Press Briefing, April 26, 2004 Washington File 26 Apr 2004 -- President's schedule, Bush phone calls/Putin/King Abdullah, Iraq/UN resolution, Iraq/Brahimi's remarks on Fallujah/Najaf, Iraq/security/transferring sovereignty, war on terrorism, China/elections
  • State Department Noon Briefing, April 26 Washington File 26 Apr 2004 -- North Korea, Cyprus, Secretary Powell's Weekend Telephone Calls,Israel/Palestinians, Sudan, Jordan, Iraq, China/Taiwan, China/Hong KongHaiti, Germany

Defense Industry

Other Conflicts

  • UN mission continues disarmament of ex-rebels in Liberia UN News Centre 26 Apr 2004 -- The United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) continues to disarm and demobilize ex-fighters from the Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD) rebel group, collecting weapons over the weekend from about 270 former combatants.
  • Expert panel named to monitor UN arms embargo in eastern DR of Congo UN News Centre 26 Apr 2004 -- Four experts have been named to monitor the United Nations embargo prohibiting weapons flowing to militias in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and, if necessary, to nearby areas of other countries.
  • NIGERIA: Obasanjo orders crackdown as delta violence escalates IRIN 26 Apr 2004 -- President Olusegun Obasanjo has ordered the military to crack down on armed militants in Nigeria's oil-rich Niger Delta after a weekend ambush on an oil company boat killed seven people, including two Americans.
  • U-S-CYPRUS VOTE VOA 26 Apr 2004 -- The United States says it will follow the lead of the European Union and offer aid to Turkish Cypriots after the U-N plan for reunifying the divided island was voted down by the Greek-Cypriot side. The State Department is accusing Greek-Cypriot authorities of manipulating the vote.
  • POWELL / DARFUR VOA 26 Apr 2004 -- The Bush administration is calling on Sudanese authorities to fulfill promises to open the war-ravaged western Darfur region to humanitarian aid workers, and to bring peace talks on the country's north-south-civil war to a successful end.
  • SUDAN/REBEL GROUPS VOA 26 Apr 2004 -- In a development that could complicate ongoing peace talks to end two separate conflicts in Sudan, the government in Khartoum says it believes the Sudan People's Liberation Army - the S-P-L-A -- is actively giving military assistance to the main rebel group in western Darfur in their year-long fight against Khartoum.
  • E-U/ CYPRUS VOA 26 Apr 2004 -- The European Union has offered more than 300 million dollars in aid for Turkish Cypriots after their opportunity for E-U membership was blocked when Greek Cypriots rejected reunification of the divided island in a referendum Saturday.
  • LIBERIA: Bring out hidden weapons, says UN force commander IRIN 26 Apr 2004 -- The commander of the United Nations Peacekeeping force in Liberia, General Daniel Opande, has warned fighters of Liberian warring parties not to hide weapons during the war-torn country's disarmament programme.
  • SOMALIA: Peace talks set to resume on 6 May IRIN 26 Apr 2004 -- The Somali reconciliation conference sponsored by the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) has now been scheduled to reconvene early next month, according to an IGAD source close to the talks.
  • BURUNDI-DRC-RWANDA: Rwanda deploys troops along border with Burundi, DRC IRIN 26 Apr 2004 -- Rwanda has deployed troops heavily along its border with Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo in anticipation of possible attacks from Hutu rebels, Rwandan military spokesman Col Patrick Karegeya told IRIN on Monday.
  • INDONESIA VIOLENCE VOA 26 Apr 2004 -- At least 10 people have been killed in Indonesia after violence flared between Muslims and Christians in the province of Maluku. Maluku is known for religious tension, but had been significantly more peaceful in recent months.
  • LIBERIA/DISARMAMENT VOA 26 Apr 2004 -- A third city in Liberia is now part of the U-N disarmament campaign as concern grows over the numbers of combatants who are not handing in weapons. A U-N agency says less than half the rebels are handing in guns.
  • SRI LANKA REBELS VOA 26 Apr 2004 -- In Sri Lanka, seven Tamil Tiger rebels have been killed by unidentified gunmen. As Anjana Pasricha reports, the violence erupted as a Norwegian delegation prepares to visit the country to help revive the stalled peace process.
  • ISRAEL/PALESTINIANS VOA 26 Apr 2004 -- Palestinian gunmen shot and killed one Israeli border policeman and wounded three others in violence at the start of the Israeli holiday honoring its war dead.
  • IVORY COAST / REBELS VOA 26 Apr 2004 -- Rebels in Ivory Coast have held a rally in the north, saying they no longer want contact with the government of President Laurent Gbagbo. The rebel rally followed protests in Abidjan by the opposition and pro-government militants over the weekend.

News Reports

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