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31 March 2004 Military News

Defense Policy / Programs
Defense Industry
Other Conflicts
News Reports

Current Operations

  • OIF/OEF Casualty Update 31 Mar 2004 [PDF]

  • Transcript: Coalition Provisional Authority Briefing 331 Mar 2004 -- Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmitt, Deputy Director for Coalition Operations and Dan Senor, Senior Adviser, CPA
  • Defense Department Report, March 31: Iraq Operational Update Washington File 31 Mar 2004 -- Five U.S. Marines were killed when a roadside bomb detonated beside their armored vehicle convoy 15 miles from Fallujah, Iraq, and four civilian contractors -- all of whom were U.S. citizens -- were killed in an unrelated attack in Fallujah March 31, coalition officials said.
  • Nine Deaths in Iraq Won't Deter Coalition, Officials Say AFPS 31 Mar 2004 -- Five U.S. soldiers and four civilians were killed in separate attacks today in Iraq, coalition officials reported during a Baghdad news briefing.
  • IRAQ WRAP-UPDATE VOA 31 Mar 2004 -- Iraq, five U-S soldiers and four American civilians working for the U-S led military coalition have been killed in a day of violent attacks (Wednesday). The bodies of the American civilians were burned and put on display by a crowd in the town of Fallujah, which has been a stronghold of anti-U-S sentiment. It was one of the deadliest days of violence against the U-S-led military coalition in weeks.
  • Two Suspected Insurgents Netted in Baghdad Raid AFPS 31 Mar 2004 -- Acting on a tip from an Iraqi informer, coalition forces raided a suspected insurgent safe house in Baghdad and captured two men March 30.
  • Troop Rotation to Iraq Continues, Units Assuming Control AFPS 31 Mar 2004 -- The largest rotation of U.S. forces since World War II continues in Iraq, Defense Department officials said today.
  • Logistics Chief Reports on Operation Iraqi Freedom Effort AFPS 31 Mar 2004 -- The Defense Department's logistics organization has procured myriad vital supplies for service members deployed during Operation Iraqi Freedom, a senior U.S. military officer noted here March 30.
  • IRAQ WRAP VOA 31 Mar 2004 -- Five U-S soldiers and four American civilians working for the U-S-led military coalition in Iraq, have been killed in two violent attacks. The bodies of at least three Americans were burned and put on display by a crowd in the town of Fallujah. It is one of the deadliest days of violence against the U-S-led military coalition in weeks.
  • Iraq: Violence Flaring In Normally Peaceful South RFE/RL 31 Mar 2004 -- Fresh violence in southern Iraq is shattering the relative calm the region had been enjoying.
  • IRAQ WRAP VOA 31 Mar 2004 -- In Iraq, at least nine people including five American soldiers, all of them working for the U-S led military coalition, have been killed in separate attacks. In one, the bodies of four foreign contractors were dragged from their vehicles after coming under attack in the restive town of Fallujah.
  • Cav troopers hit Baghdad's streets in 'Operation Iron Promise' Army News Service 31 Mar 2004-- In what has become almost a nightly ritual, Soldiers from A Troop, 1st Squadron, 5th Cavalry Regiment, lined up their vehicles on a quiet side street in the sleepy town of Abu Ghuraib just before initiating a cordon and search mission March 17.

  • Upcoming elections must be safe and free, Annan tells Afghanistan conference UN News Centre 31 Mar 2004 -- United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan declared to the opening of an international conference on Afghanistan today that this year's presidential and parliamentary elections will only advance national reconciliation if political parties and candidates can campaign openly and polling can take place safely.
  • Afghanistan Welcomes Pledges at Berlin Donors' Conference Washington File 31 Mar 2004 -- Afghan Finance Minister Ashraf Ghani said March 31 he is "delighted" at the international response to Afghanistan's appeals for assistance at a donors' conference in Berlin.
  • Powell Sees Strong International Support for Afghan Reconstruction Washington File 31 Mar 2004 -- Secretary of State Colin Powell expressed optimism about the prospects for the Afghan Donors' Conference as the two-day gathering of Afghan officials and international donors from 64 nations and organizations convened in Berlin March 31.
  • AFGHANISTAN / CONFERENCE VOA 31 Mar 2004 -- Some Afghan officials attending an international donor conference in Berlin had expressed concern that the war in Iraq would drain international resources from the reconstruction of their own country. But the reality has turned out to be somewhat different.

Defense Policy / Programs

  • Transformation Director Says Cold War Space Approach Must Change AFPS 31 Mar 2004 -- Transformation across the armed forces is happening much faster than expected when the concept was announced two years ago, the Defense Department's director of force transformation told lawmakers during recent testimony before the Senate Subcommittee on Strategic Forces.
  • SOUTHCOM Faces Threats to Peace in Latin America, Caribbean AFPS 31 Mar 2004 -- Despite the many pressing demands on the nation and its resources, the United States must pay more attention to traditional and emerging threats in the Latin American and Caribbean region of the world, Army Gen. James T. Hill said in March 24 testimony before the House Armed Services Committee.
  • U-S MILITARY/NORTH KOREA VOA 31 Mar 2004 -- Senior U-S military officials say they are concerned about possible North Korean transfers of nuclear or other weapons of mass destruction to terrorist groups. However, in testimony (Wednesday) to a congressional committee, they say U-S and South Korean forces are well-prepared to deal with any threats arising from the North.
  • E-2C Leaner, Eyesight Keener Navy Newsstand 31 Mar 2004-- The Navy's eyes and ears in the air can now see and hear better than ever, thanks to new flat-panel displays being installed in the E-2C Hawkeye.
  • Carl Vinson Crew Walks Tall Following Successful INSURV Navy Newsstand 31 Mar 2004-- After months of hard work and attention to detail from USS Carl Vinson's (CVN 70) crew, the Navy's Board of Inspection and Survey (INSURV) boarded the supercarrier March 7 to complete the congressionally mandated material inspection of the ship, and successful results confirmed the "Gold Eagle's" readiness.
  • V-22 Starts Air-to-Air Refueling Tests Navy Newsstand 31 Mar 2004-- On the afternoon of March 22, the V-22 Integrated Test Team (ITT) flew the first air-to-air refueling flights since the program's return to flight in May of 2002.
  • Special communications unit provides critical capability Marine Corps News 31 Mar 2004-- Marines pride themselves on being first to the fight, the first to deploy in a crisis. From the halls of Montezuma to Afghanistan and Iraq, Marines have demonstrated their expeditionary capabilities. Most images of these first-response warriors are of ground combat units with machineguns or tanks. However, the true "tip of the spear" is a little-known and unrecognized special communications unit.
  • Weapons testing enters new era AFPN 31 Mar 2004-- Engineers and technicians here ushered in a new weapons-testing era by dropping an inert, precision laser-guided bomb from an F-15E Strike Eagle that struck an offshore floating target 21 miles away.
  • Airmen recruit Iraqi military AFPN 31 Mar 2004-- Two Air Force recruiters are using their training and skills to recruit a distinct group of people into an organization far different from the U.S. Air Force.
  • AEF is the heart of AF organizational transformation AFPN 31 Mar 2004-- AEF. These three letters represent the heart of the organizational transformation of our Air Force, yet somehow this ever-growing and evolving Air and Space Expeditionary Force construct is misunderstood by many of our Air Force's air and space power warriors.

  • State Department Noon Briefing, March 31, 2004 Washington File 31 Mar 2004 -- Serbia/Montenegro, Libya, Mexico, Iraq, Israel/Saudi Arabia/Palestinians, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, France, China, Cyprus/Greece

Defense Industry

  • U.S. Army Chooses BAE SYSTEMS For Next-Generation Thermal Weapon Sights BAE Systems 31 Mar 2004 -- BAE Systems has been awarded a five-year multiyear contract by the U.S. Armys Communication and Electronics Command (CECOM) to supply a family of next-generation thermal weapon sights for its soldiers. The base contract is worth $111 million, and could be valued at more than $250 million if all options are exercised.
  • BAE SYSTEMS Receives U.S. Air Force Compass Call Aircraft Upgrade Contracts BAE Systems 31 Mar 2004 -- BAE Systems recently received nearly $60 million in follow-on contracts from the U.S. Air Force for weapon-system upgrades to the EC-130H Compass Call aircraft.
  • Eurocopter has Received DGA Military Certification and OCCAR Qualification For the Combat Support HAP Tiger Helicopter EADS 31 Mar 2004 -- The French Armament Agency DGA (Délégation Générale pour l’Armement), through its aircraft department SPAé (Service des Programmes Aéronautiques), has granted Eurocopter the military type certification for the HAP version of the TIGER combat helicopter on March 29th. In addition the European Organization for Joint Armament Cooperation OCCAR has granted the qualification for this helicopter version on March 30th. Both events are being considered as major program milestones for Eurocopter in the Tiger program.

Other Conflicts

  • Annan submits final settlement plan for Cyprus referenda UN News Centre 31 Mar 2004 -- United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan today submitted to Greek and Turkish Cypriot leaders his final plan to settle the Cyprus problem before its entry into the European Union on 1 May, urging them to "seize this chance for peace" in a reunified nation.
  • U-N/CYPRUS TALKS VOA 31 Mar 2004 -- Just hours before their deadline, Greek and Turkish Cypriot negotiators are still deadlocked over a reunification plan presented by U-N Secretary-General Kofi Annan.

  • ISRAEL / SETTLERS VOA 31 Mar 2004 -- A group of Jewish settlers has moved into homes in a largely Arab neighborhood of east Jerusalem, sparking riots by Palestinian residents. The fighting came just hours after Israeli troops had dismantled an illegal Jewish outpost in the West Bank.
  • PALESTINIANS / PEACE VOA 31 Mar 2004 -- Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia has cautiously welcomed a possible Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and parts of the West Bank, but only as part of a broader peace effort.

  • U-S / SERBIA AID VOA 31 Mar 2004 -- The United States is suspending aid to Serbia and Montenegro after determining that the Belgrade government is not fully cooperating with the U-N war crimes tribunal for the Balkans. About 25 million dollars worth of U-S aid money is being withheld.
  • BOSNIA / WAR CRIMES VOA 31 Mar 2004 -- War crimes judges have sentenced a Bosnian-Serb former policeman to 17 years in prison for the murder of approximately 200 non-Serb prisoners of war in 1992. His was the second sentence handed down in a week when U-S lawmakers are looking to see how well Serbia is cooperating with the court before releasing much needed aid to that county.

  • SUDAN: Opposition leader reportedly arrested IRIN 31 Mar 2004 -- Sudan's opposition leader, Hasan Abdullah al-Turabi, was arrested on Wednesday, three days after the government launched a crackdown on military officers whom it accused of plotting a coup, international news agencies reported.
  • SUDAN/ARREST VOA 31 Mar 2004 -- Sudan's security forces have arrested Islamic opposition leader Hassan al-Turabi and close to a dozen of his sympathizers and accused them of attempting to overthrow the government.

  • Uzbekistan: Who's Behind The Violence? RFE/RL 31 Mar 2004 -- At least 40 people have been killed in three days of violence in Uzbekistan between special forces and suspected militants. The violence has included alleged suicide bombings, a car bomb, and a fierce shoot-out at an apartment block. Authorities are pinning the blame on Islamic radicals. But with no claim of responsibility, and little information to go on, it's unclear who is behind the violence -- and why.
  • UZBEK/VIOLENCE VOA 31 Mar 2004 -- The death toll from three days of violence in Uzbekistan rose to more than 40, following bombings and fierce clashes between Uzbek forces and suspected Islamic militants. The authorities say they have detained 30 people on terrorism charges and are looking for others.

  • SIERRA LEONE: UN extends mandate of peacekeepers until June 2005 IRIN 31 Mar 2004 -- The UN Security Council has voted to extend the presence of the UN peacekeeping force in Sierra Leone by six months until June 2005 amid concerns that security in the country remains "fragile."
  • Advance party of UN peacekeepers arrive in Cte d'Ivoire UN News Centre 31 Mar 2004 -- An advance party of 30 military officers and five United Nations civilian police officers arrived today in Cte d'Ivoire from neighbouring Ghana, where they were in training for the full peacekeeping mission that is scheduled to be launched on 4 April.
  • Security sector reform in DR of Congo vitally important - UN peacekeeping chief UN News Centre 31 Mar 2004 -- Security sector reform is of high priority in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) as prisoners escape from the jail in Bunia and Ituri in the east, but the Transitional Government coordinated well in defeating an incursion into Kinshasa last weekend, the United Nations chief of peacekeeping said today.
  • U-S/RWANDA DOCUMENTS VOA 31 Mar 2004 -- Newly-released, declassified documents show senior U-S government officials were well-informed about the 1994 genocide in Rwanda --- even though they failed to use the word publicly to justify not intervening to halt the bloodshed.
  • SRI LANKA ELECTIONS VOA 31 Mar 2004 -- Voters in Sri Lanka are going to the polls Friday for a parliamentary election to resolve the country's long-running political deadlock between the president and prime minister. Meanwhile, tensions are increasing within the guerrilla Tamil Tiger group, which in recent weeks has divided into two factions that may go to war against each other.

News Reports

  • SHAPE News Morning Update SHAPE 31 Mar 2004 -- No U.S. decision on NATO role in Iraq China hopes newly expanded NATO will keep pace with times / Donor nations meet in Berlin to seek to help on stabilizing Afghanistan / Russia says it will demand punishment of those responsible for Kosovo violence
  • SHAPE News Summary & Analysis SHAPE 31 Mar 2004 -- Donor nations meet in Berlin to seek to help on stabilizing Afghanistan / Bulgarian CHOD on country's participation in NATO Air Defense System / Russian admiral: Baltic states' NATO accession "militarily insignificant" / Washington seeks NATO-Mideast cooperation / Defense Minister Struck outlines ambitious military procurement plans

  • A decisive step in the development of the European Space transporter ATV EADS 31 Mar 2004 -- Europe's first Automated Transfer Vehicle, ATV, has been integrated and is currently being electrically tested in Bremen. For the first time the three ATV elements are linked electrically in order to verify flight readiness: the propulsion module, the fully equipped avionics bay and the integrated cargo carrier. With the completion of these tests, the engineers from EADS SPACE Transportation have achieved another milestone on the way towards the first flight of the unmanned space transporter to the International Space Station, ISS.

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