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21 March 2004 Military News

Defense Policy / Programs
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Current Operations

  • IRAQ/ATTACKS VOA 21 Mar 2004 -- American soldiers and Iraqi civilians were barraged by rockets that killed at least two Iraqis and wounded a U-S soldier.
  • Makhmur District mayors select election dates CENTCOM Release 21 Mar 2004-- As an example of the Mosul region moving forward with the democratic process, residents of the Makhmur District in Ninevah Province will soon be allowed to nominate their own city officials. The Makhmur District is located 90 kilometers southeast of the city of Mosul.
  • Update on Operation Iron Promise, Day 3 CENTCOM Release 21 Mar 2004-- In day three of Operation Iron Promise, Task Force 1st Armored Division continues to target known enemy locations and aggressively carry out cordon and search operations looking for Former Regime Elements and other extremists who pose a threat to the Iraqi people and stand in the way of a new Iraq.

  • AFGHANISTAN/ASSASSINATION VOA 21 Mar 2004 -- In Afghanistan, the assassination of a cabinet minister has triggered factional fighting in the western portion of the country, killing as many as 100-people.
  • Afghan Aviation Minister Assassinated RFE/RL 21 Mar 2004 -- Unidentified attackers assassinated Afghan Aviation Minister Mirwais Sadeq today in the western city of Herat.
  • Marines communicate for Afghan ops Marine Corps News 21 Mar 2004-- Communications Platoon, Headquarters Company, 6th Marine Regiment, held a two-day communications exercise at Camp Bulldog here March 15 and 16.

  • Pakistan Probes Suspects Arrested In Al-Qaeda Battle RFE/RL 21 Mar 2004 -- Pakistan intelligence officials are today interrogating over 100 fighters arrested in the battle with Al-Qaeda suspects and their local tribal supporters near the frontier with Afghanistan.

  • French Legionnaire mortally wounded in weapons maintenance accident SOUTHCOM Release 21 Mar 2004-- Last night a French soldier with the Multi-national Interim Force was mortally wounded by another soldier conducting weapons maintenance.
  • MIF platoon fires at vehicle for failing to stop at checkpoint SOUTHCOM Release 21 Mar 2004-- A platoon from the Multi-national Interim Force reported engaging a vehicle that ran through a vehicle checkpoint near the intersection of La Martiniere and Martin Luther King Avenues in Port-au-Prince last night at 10:36 p.m. U.S. Marines fired to disable and stop the vehicle.

Defense Policy / Programs

  • ISRAEL/CHINA VOA 21 Mar 2004 -- A high-level Israeli delegation has flown to China for talks on rebuilding military ties between the two countries. The discussions are the first in more than three years, after Israel canceled the planned sale of spy planes to Beijing in the face pressure from the United States.
  • 'Angels' soar back to Iwakuni Marine Corps News 21 Mar 2004-- Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 362 returned back to Iwakuni from Clark Air Base, Republic of Philippines, Saturday to wrap up the Hawaiian squadron's last exercise of their unit deployment program.
  • T-Bolts return to Iwakuni, leave for Korea Marine Corps News 21 Mar 2004-- The Thunderbolts of Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 251 returned to Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, March 7, after the conclusion of Exercise Cope Tiger in Korat, Thailand.
  • Vomit comet makes berth in Iwakuni Marine Corps News 21 Mar 2004-- A sleek, gray, high-speed experimental vessel, the IX-532 Joint Venture (HSV-X1), pulled into Iwakuni Port for the first time Feb. 28.

Defense Industry

Other Conflicts

  • LIBERIA / RIOTS VOA 21 Mar 2004 -- Fighting between a rebel group and civilians caused riots to spread through Liberia's port city of Buchanan over the weekend resulting in the death of at least one civilian.
  • IVORY COAST/RED ALERT VOA 21 Mar 2004 -- The commercial capital of Ivory Coast, Abidjan, has been put on maximum alert this weekend as tensions swell between members of the national unity government and opposition and rebel movements in the world's number one cocoa-producing nation.
  • ISRAEL/GAZA VOA 21 Mar 2004 -- Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon says he wants the United States to announce that it rejects claims by Palestinian refugees that they be allowed to return to areas that are now part of Israel. Mr. Sharon told a meeting of his ruling Likud Party on Sunday that he will ask for this guarantee in exchange for agreeing to withdraw from the Gaza Strip and parts of the West Bank.
  • ISRAEL/PALESTINIANS VOA 21 Mar 2004 -- Israeli troops on Sunday killed at least five Palestinians, including one the say was a wanted fugitive, during gun-battles with Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip.

News Reports

  • MALAYSIA ELECTIONS RESULTS VOA 21 Mar 2004 -- In Malaysia, Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi's secular government has won a strong vote of confidence in national elections and rolled back gains made previously by opposition parties. According to preliminary results, the prime minister's 14-party alliance has won the two-thirds majority needed in parliament to pass laws unchallenged. And his National Front alliance has won back two northern states that had been controlled by the opposition Islamic Party.
  • MALAYSIA ELECTIONS VOA 21 Mar 2004 -- Voters in Malaysia are going (went) to the polls to choose a new parliament and 12 state assemblies. Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi's ruling United Malays National Organization is hoping for a major victory before party elections later this year, while the opposition Islamic Party is predicting gains in the northern ethnic-Malay heartland.

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