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01 December 2003 Military News

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Current Operations

  • OIF/OEF Casualty Update 01 Dec 2003 [PDF]
  • IRAQ / SAMARRA VOA 01 Dec 2003 -- Iraq, the U-S military gave the first detailed account of Sunday's massive firefight between U-S troops and Iraqi insurgents in the central city of Samarra. There are conflicting reports about the number of people killed, with local police saying eight Iraqis have died and U-S officers putting the death toll at 54.
  • Coalition Forces Repel Ambushes in Samarra AFPS 01 Dec 2003 -- Several Coalition Provisional Authority soldiers and one civilian were wounded as coalition forces successfully repelled ambush attacks in Samarra, Iraq, Nov. 30, a military spokesman said today from Baghdad.
  • Transcript: Coalition Provisional Authority Briefing 01 Dec 2003 -- "Ambassador Bremer continues to work with the Governing Council on the implementation of the November 15th political agreement which lays the foundation for a free, democratic and sovereign Iraq. It does so with a framework and a set of principles and a schedule that includes the establishment -- the drafting of a transitional administrative law and the establishment of a provisional government over the next few months, culminating in the establishment of Iraqi sovereignty, political independence by July 2004; a deadline for elections, direct elections, for drafters of the new Iraqi constitution by March 2005; and then direct elections of a new Iraqi government, based under that constitution, by January 2006."
  • Iraq: Hussein's Fedayeen Re-Emerges In Uniform For Samarra Ambush RFE/RL 01 Dec 2003 -- U.S. troops who repelled ambushes on two convoys in the central Iraqi city of Samarra yesterday say many of the attackers were dressed in the uniform of deposed President Saddam Hussein's former elite force, the Fedayeen. It is still unclear why the guerrillas chose to fight in uniform rather than in their more usual civilian disguise. One reason may have been to send a message to the local population that the Fedayeen remains a fighting force able to carry out complex operations.
  • Iraq: Hospital Officials Say Civilians Among Those Killed In Samarra Clash RFE/RL 01 Dec 2003 -- Hospital officials say at least eight Iraqi civilians were killed during a clash between insurgents and the U.S. military in the central Iraqi town of Samarra yesterday.
  • Voter registration begins in eight cities across Afghanistan - UN UN News Centre 01 Dec 2003 -- Voter registration starts this week in eight cities across Afghanistan ahead of the country's national elections next year, according to the United Nations mission there.
  • Three NATO Countries Pledge More Troops for Afghanistan AFPS 01 Dec 2003 -- Three NATO countries agreed today to send more troops to Afghanistan in the first morning of meetings among the alliance's defense ministers here.
  • US wants NATO role expanded all over Afghanistan IRNA 01 Dec 2003 -- US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, told NATO defense ministers Monday that the US envisaged the possibility of an enlarged ISAF role all over Afghanistan, a NATO official said.
  • Afghanistan: U.S. Deploys Military Reconstruction Team In Herat RFE/RL 01 Dec 2003 -- The United States has established a military reconstruction team in the western Afghan province of Herat bordering Iran. U.S. military spokesman Bryan Hilferty said the 50-member group began operating in Herat today and will also oversee projects in three neighboring provinces.
  • AFGHANISTAN / U-S / PRISONERS VOA 01 Dec 2003 -- The human rights group, Amnesty International, is criticizing the U-S military for failing to account for the deaths of two Afghan detainees last year. A military spokesman, however, says disclosure on the cases is expected soon.

Defense Policy / Programs

  • BOEING / RESIGNATION VOA 01 Dec 2003 -- The chairman and chief executive of the world's largest aircraft manufacturer, Boeing, has resigned. His departure comes a week after Boeing's board ousted its chief financial officer for violating the company's ethics policy.
  • PENTAGON / GUANTANAMO VOA 01 Dec 2003 -- The Pentagon says a process is under way that could see more al-Qaida and Taleban detainees released from the special U-S detention center for terrorist suspects at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.
  • Transcript: Backgrounder from Brussels, Belgium 01 Dec 2003 -- "The first meeting I think, you may already know, was with the Secretary General and there was I think a pretty good discussion about where we are in Afghanistan, usability of forces, how we should move forward on that which is of course one of the goals not only in terms of this meeting but how we're preparing for the Istanbul Summit. We talked about some of the restructuring of the command structure. That was followed by the Nuclear Planning Group meeting where we're of course discussing kind of deterrence in the 21st Century. (...) The next meeting was the Defense Planning Committee meeting. "
  • Transcript: Secretary Rumsfeld Press Conference from Brussels, Belgium 01 Dec 2003 -- "In the 12 months since the Prague Summit NATO has experienced probably more positive change than in perhaps any ten-year period in its history. Seven new members have been invited to join the Alliance. NATO made the decision to stand up a NATO Response Force, an important decision given the challenges of the 21st Century. NATO has reformed its command structure which will lead to a reduction in the number of commands from 22 to 11. That's a tough enough thing to do in one country, but to have an alliance of 19 countries do it is indeed impressive. And establish a new command to help drive allied transformation which is so important. NATO's taken over the International Security Assistance Force in Kabul, the first NATO mission outside the North Atlantic Treaty area. This is the first time in the history of the Alliance that NATO has done that. It was an enormous decision and it's going well."
  • Final Communiqué: Ministerial Meeting of the Defence Planning Committee and the Nuclear Planning Group held in Brussels on Monday, 1 December 2003 NATO 01 Dec 2003
  • Final Communiqué: Meeting of the North Atlantic Council in Defence Ministers Session held in Brussels on Monday, 1 December 2003 NATO 01 Dec 2003
  • Statement on Capabilities issued at the Meeting of the North Atlantic Council in Defence Ministers Session NATO 01 Dec 2003
  • Statement:Meeting of the NATO-Russia Council at the level of Ministers of Defence NATO Headquarters, Brussels, 1 December 2003 NATO 01 Dec 2003
  • Rumsfeld Praises NATO's Transformation, Progress AFPS 01 Dec 2003 -- Praising the alliance's transformation to meet its 21st century challenges, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said here today that the United States supports an expanded role for NATO, especially in Afghanistan and Iraq.
  • NATO: Allies Discuss Refocusing Activities In Bosnia, Afghanistan RFE/RL 01 Dec 2003 -- The NATO allies are meeting in Brussels today for wide-ranging discussions on how the alliance can refocus its key activities in areas like Bosnia-Herzegovina and Afghanistan, and how the relationship should develop between NATO and the fledgling European Union military arm. The alliance is still finding its way to a new role in a post-Cold War world.
  • New NATO Chem/Bio Battalion Starts Operations AFPS 01 Dec 2003 -- A new multinational battalion designed to defend against and respond to attacks by weapons of mass destruction is now operational, NATO officials announced here today.
  • NATO / DEFENSE VOA 01 Dec 2003 -- NATO defense ministers are trying to plug gaps in troops and equipment among the alliance's peacekeeping force in Afghanistan, as part of a plan to expand the force's operational theater beyond the capital, Kabul. V-O-A correspondent Roger Wilkison reports the ministers also agreed to reduce the NATO contingent in Bosnia and sought to avoid tension over a European Union plan to mount its own military operations.
  • RUMSFELD / NATO VOA 01 Dec 2003 -- U-S Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld says he is confidant NATO countries will strengthen their forces in Afghanistan to help bring stability and assure peace in that country. Mr. Rumsfeld says he discussed with his fellow NATO defense ministers an expanded role for the alliance in Afghanistan.
  • Update on NATO VOA 01 Dec 2003 -- For more than five decades the North Atlantic Treaty Organization has been a key to the security of the Euro-Atlantic area. NATO remains a fundamental pillar of U-S foreign and defense policy, but Europe is sending signals it wants to take a different path. A recent Parliamentary Assembly showed the alliance at a crossroads. It faces new missions, a split with the United States and the challenge of dealing with a competing military program from the European Union.
  • Hoon, Rumsfeld seek to patch up US concerns over EU defence IRNA 01 Dec 2003 -- British Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon was expected to offer assurances over European Union plans for closer defence cooperation during a meeting with his American counterpart, Donald Rumsfeld in Brussels Monday.
  • NATO / DEFENSE VOA 01 Dec 2003 -- NATO defense ministers have opened two days of talks in Brussels under pressure from the organization's secretary-general to provide more troops and equipment for the alliance's peacekeeping mission in Afghanistan. Also on the agenda are plans to reduce NATO forces in Bosnia and a bid by the European Union to create its own military planning unit.
  • Financial and Economic Data Relating to NATO Defence - Defence Expenditures of NATO Countries (1980 - 2003) NATO 01 Dec 2003
  • OSCE Acts on Ammunition Stockpiles, Small Arms Proliferation Washington File 02 Dec 2003 -- Foreign ministers from the 55 OSCE participating states gathered in the Dutch city of Maastricht December 1 for their annual Ministerial Council and released documents on confronting risks created by surplus stockpiles of conventional ammunition and the easy availability of small arms.

Defense Industry

Other Conflicts

  • GENEVA ACCORD VOA 01 Dec 2003 -- Hundreds of Israeli, Palestinian and international supporters of an unofficial Mideast peace plan, known as the Geneva Accord, gathered to launch it Monday. The authors of the pact say they hope it will create momentum to persuade Israeli and Palestinian government officials to restart the stalled international road map to peace.
  • U-S / GENEVA / MIDEAST VOA 01 Dec 2003 -- The Bush administration says it welcomes Israeli-Palestinian peace-making exercises like the "Geneva Initiative" launched Monday. However, it says it continues to see the international "road map" as the way forward to an eventual settlement of the Middle East conflict.
  • U-N/PALESTINIANS VOA 01 Dec 2003 -- U-N Secretary General Kofi Annan has applauded independent peace-making efforts in the Middle East, while condemning both Israeli and Palestinian violence. From U-N headquarters, Peter Heinlein reports, Mr. Annan's comments came during an annual U-N event to mobilize international support for the Palestinians in their conflict with Israel.
  • EGYPT / TALKS VOA 01 Dec 2003 -- A high-level meeting of Palestinian groups is scheduled to take place in Cairo this week, where the issue of a possible cease-fire will be discussed. But at least one radical Palestinian group says it will oppose an end to hostilities against Israel.
  • ISRAEL/NEW SETTLEMENT VOA 01 Dec 2003 -- Israel has begun breaking ground for a new Jewish neighborhood in East Jerusalem, which Palestinian and U-S officials say is in clear violation of the internationally backed road map peace plan.
  • ISRAEL/PALESTINIANS VOA 01 Dec 2003 -- Israeli security forces launched a major overnight raid into the West Bank city of Ramallah, killing at least two Palestinian militants and arresting dozens of others. The raid comes as Israeli and Palestinian officials and negotiators gather in Geneva to sign an unofficial peace plan hammered out in more than two years of secret negotiations.

  • LIBERIA: UN launches disarmament , but rebels hold on to guns IRIN 01 Dec 2003 -- The United Nations formally launched a disarmament campaign in Liberia on Monday, with two of the three warring factions insisting that they would not hand in their guns until a row over government jobs was settled.
  • UN mission kicks off disarmament programme in Liberian capital UN News Centre 01 Dec 2003 -- The United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) today formally launched its programme of disarmament, demobilization, rehabilitation and reintegration (DDRR), which it hopes will bring security and hope to the war-ravaged West African country.
  • LIBERIA / DISARMAMENT VOA 01 Dec 2003 -- The United Nations has held a symbolic ceremony in Liberia to mark the start of disarmament by former warring parties. Former rebels are calling for the full implementation of a power-sharing peace deal as a precondition to complete disarmament.

  • IVORY COAST / PROTEST VOA 01 Dec 2003 -- Several hundred protesters in Ivory Coast have demanded the withdrawal of French peacekeepers from frontlines separating Ivorian troops and northern-based rebels. A similar plea was made Sunday on state television by a group of army officers.
  • COTE D'IVOIRE: Pro-Gbagbo youths demonstrate outside French base IRIN 01 Dec 2003 -- Several hundred hardline youth supporters of President Laurent Gbagbo staged a rowdy demonstration outside the French military base in Abidjan on Monday demanding that 4,000 French peacekeepers patrolling a buffer zone between government and rebel forces leave Cote d'Ivoire.
  • MAURITANIA / TRIAL VOA 01 Dec 2003 -- The trial of Mauritanian opposition leader Mohammed Khouna Ould Haidallah on charges of plotting to stage a coup has begun in Mauritania's capital, Nouakchott.
  • KENYA / SUDAN / SOMALIA TALKS VOA 01 Dec 2003 -- Progress at year-long peace talks to try to end civil wars in Somalia and Sudan is being examined at a three-day international conference that started Monday.
  • D-R-C/CRASH VOA 01 Dec 2003 -- An airplane crashed in the northwest of the Democratic Republic of Congo on Saturday, killing almost 30 people. The accident came on the same day as a truck accident claimed 18 lives in the east of the country and only days after a ferry disaster in the west of the country had claimed approximately 200 lives.
  • INDONESIA PAPUA VOA 01 Dec 2003 -- Separatists in Indonesia's Papua province marked what they consider independence day on Monday by defying a government ban on raising their flag. Recent administrative changes imposed by Jakarta have increased tensions in the province, and there seems to be no sign that discontent with Indonesian rule is easing.
  • BURUNDI: Former rebels arrive in Bujumbura to take up ministerial posts IRIN 01 Dec 2003 -- Two members of Burundi's largest former rebel movement, the Conseil national pour la defense de la democratie-Forces pour la defense de la democratie (CNDD-FDD), who were recently appointed ministers, arrived on Sunday in the capital, Bujumbura, after several years in exile.
  • SUDAN: Peace talks resume IRIN 01 Dec 2003 -- A crucial round of talks, between the Sudanese government and rebel Sudan People's Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A) resumed on Monday with both sides reiterating their earlier commitment to reach a final agreement before the end of the year.

News Reports

  • SHAPE News Morning Update SHAPE 01 Dec 2003 -- NATO seeks to expand Afghan role and wind down Bosnia mission / Defence Secretary Rumsfeld expresses concern over EU defence plan / EU close to defence deal, U.S. reaction uncertain / Terrorism and Georgia on agenda for U.S. and European envoys / "Specific threat" triggers Kosovo alert
  • SHAPE News Summary & Analysis SHAPE 01 Dec 2003 -- NATO launches CBRN defense battalion / Portugal to participate in NRF exercises / Defense Minister Struck: European defense deal in U.S. interest / NATO seeks to expand Afghan role; wind down SFOR
  • POWELL / NORTH AFRICA VOA 01 Dec 2003 -- Secretary of State Colin Powell today (Tuesday) begins a visit to three North African countries, Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria. U-S officials say he intends to encourage political reform in keeping with President Bush's speech last month advocating democracy and human rights in the region.
  • LITHUANIA/IMPEACH VOA 01 Dec 2003 -- A parliamentary committee in Lithuania is set to release a report that could lead to the impeachment of President Rolandas Paksas because of a corruption scandal. The report stems from allegations made about mafia links involving officials in the president's office.
  • GUINEA: More army officers arrested in the interior of Guinea IRIN 01 Dec 2003 -- An unknown number of army officers and rank-and-file soldiers were arrested at the end of last week in the interior of Guinea in a wave of arrests which began on Wednesday night in the capital Conakry, security sources said.
  • DRC-UGANDA: Museveni's brother resigns amid corruption and looting charges IRIN 01 Dec 2003 -- Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni's younger brother – Reserve Force commander and army representative in parliament, Lt-Gen Salim Saleh – has resigned amid persistent allegations that he spearheaded his country's plunder of natural resources in neighbouring Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) during nearly five years of Ugandan occupation.

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