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08 September 2003 Military News

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Current Operations

  • U.S. Forces Capture Saddam Loyalist, Destroy Weapons Caches AFPS 08 Sept 2003-- U.S. forces have captured a Saddam Hussein loyalist believed to have attacked coalition forces at a children's hospital and, with the help of Iraqi citizens in some cases, continue to find and destroy weapons caches, according to U.S. Central Command officials.
  • Army Catamaran Hauls Equipment Double-time AFPS 08 Sept 2003-- Sliding out of port on the Army's experimental heavy-lift catamaran, the U.S. Army Vessel Spearhead, peering out the window is almost the only way to get a sense of motion.
  • CSSG-11 Makes Iraqi City Strong Again Marine Corps News 08 Sept 2003-- Combat Service Support Group-11 embarked on civil affairs and humanitarian support as Operation Iraqi Freedom shifted from major combat to stabilization operations for I Marine Expeditionary Force after May.
  • Marines Help Iraqis Unload Fuel Marine Corps News 08 Sept 2003-- Marines of Bulk Fuel Company, Combat Service Support Group-11 recently began taking their skills to the local railway station and fuel depot. There they unload up to 200,000 gallons of diesel fuel per day for the citizens of Ad Diwaniya.
  • Marines provide radios, support for multinational forces Marine Corps News 08 Sept 2003-- Before the 1st Battalion, 7th Marines relinquishes responsibility for the city of An Najaf to the Multinational Division, they are guaranteeing that their counterparts are prepared for every contingency.
  • U.S.: Bush Seeks Funds For Iraq, Afghanistan, Urges UN Role RFE/RL 08 Sept 2003-- U.S. President George W. Bush has announced that he will ask the U.S. Congress for $87 billion to cover military operations and reconstruction in Iraq and Afghanistan over the next year.
  • Afghanistan: Rumsfeld's Afghan Tour Focuses On U.S.-Led Provincial Reconstruction Teams RFE/RL 08 Sep 2003 -- U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld told Afghan Transitional Administration Chairman Hamid Karzai in Kabul yesterday that Washington wants to increase its spending in order to improve conditions in Afghanistan. The plan seems to rely on the work of the Provincial Reconstruction Teams that are operated by U.S.-led coalition forces.
  • Rumsfeld Sees Progress and Hope in Afghanistan Washington File 08 Sept 2003-- Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said he saw progress in Afghanistan's reconstruction, economic activity and security during his most recent visit to the country.
  • AFGHANISTAN: Funding needed in order to clear landmines by 2010 IRIN 08 Sep 2003 -- Afghanistan could be free of landmines and unexploded ordnance (UXO’S) by 2010 if aid donor support is sustained and clearance operations continue at their current rate, according to a report released by the United Nations Mine Action Programme for Afghanistan (UNMACA).
  • DJIBOUTI / EXPLUSIONS VOA 08 Sept 2003-- The United States says it has not played a role in recent moves by its anti-terror partner in East Africa, Djibouti, to expel as many as 100-thousand illegal immigrants.

Defense Policy / Programs

  • Transcript: Secretary Rumsfeld Press Availability En Route Washington, D.C. 08 Sep 2003 -- "It is a serious, serious set of threats that exists in a lot of places in the world. It is a new type of warfare, it is not conventional, it is not Armies or Navies or Air Forces it is as they say, asymmetrical in its nature and it is requiring not just our country but other countries in the world to adapt how we do things, where we do them and the fundamental principle is the principle that President Bush put forth."
  • Red Flag improves combat capability Air Combat Command 08 Sept 2003-- Airmen here wrapped up another Red Flag exercise Aug. 29 and added the latest chapter to the base's 28-year history of training air combat crews.
  • Bush Keel Officially Laid Navy Newsstand 08 Sept 2003-- The ceremonial keel-laying of the Navy's newest Nimitz-class carrier, Pre-Commissioning Unit George H. W. Bush (PCU 77), was held Sept. 6 at Northrup Grumman Newport News shipyard. On-hand to authenticate the keel was former president and namesake George H. W. Bush.
  • USS Enterprise Deploys From Norfolk Navy Newsstand 08 Sept 2003-- USS Enterprise (CVN 65) set sail Aug. 29 from Naval Station Norfolk for its maiden deployment for the Navy's first Carrier Strike Group (CSG).
  • 22d MEU completes first MEU-wide exercise Marine Corps News 08 Sept 2003-- The 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit recently wrapped up its first major field exercise after nearly a month of training at Fort A.P. Hill, Va.
  • Army continues to review pneumonia cases Army News Service 08 Sept 2003-- Army medical teams are investigating why some service members who became infected with pneumonia in Southwest Asia had signs of Eosinophilla and others didn't.
  • Rumsfeld visits troops in Iraq Army News Service 08 Sept 2003-- Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld visited the Screaming Eagle soldiers of the 101st Airborne Division Sept. 5, addressing issues related to the progress of U.S. forces in Iraq and soldiers' morale.
  • Naval Coastal Warfare Reservists Return From Middle East Navy Newsstand 08 Sept 2003-- Naval Coastal Warfare (NCW) Reserve forces recalled to active duty and deployed to Kuwait and Iraq in support of Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom, returned home when their eight-month deployment ended Aug. 23.
  • USS Port Royal Deploys with ESG 1 Navy Newsstand 08 Sept 2003-- After Mother Nature, in the form of Hurricane Jimena, intervened and granted two extra days at home, the crew of USS Port Royal (CG 73) deployed Sept. 3 with Expeditionary Strike Group (ESG) 1.

  • War on Terror Requires Commitment and Money, Rumsfeld Says AFPS 08 Sept 2003-- At the heart of President Bush's speech to the country Sunday night is the idea that the war on terrorism is a war, and the United States must remain on the offensive, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said Sept. 8.
  • BUSH / IRAQ VOA 08 Sept 2003-- The Bush administration is urging the U-S Congress to act quickly on the president's request for 87 billion dollars for military operations and reconstruction efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan
  • CONGRESS / IRAQ VOA 08 Sept 2003-- U-S lawmakers generally agree that President Bush will get the 87 billion dollars he is requesting from Congress for military and reconstruction efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan
  • BRITAIN / IRAQ VOA 08 Sept 2003-- Britain says it is sending 12-hundred more troops to Iraq in response to a surge in terrorist violence there
  • Rumsfeld in Iraq Applauds Polish-led Multinational Force Washington File 08 Sept 2003-- U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, during his recent visit to Iraq, said the multinational force under Polish command (Multinational Division Central South) has a difficult, but important task in helping restore Iraq to the Iraqi people.
  • U.S. Budget Request For Additional FY04 Funding For War on Terror Washington File 08 Sept 2003-- The White House issued a fact sheet September 8 on President Bush's request to Congress for $87 billion to help pay for military and intelligence operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, and elsewhere in the war on terror, and for the reconstruction of both nations.

  • NATO air exercise over Poland IRNA 08 Sep 2003 -- Air forces from 15 countries are taking part in NATO live-air exercise code-named ``NATO AIR MEET 2003,`` over Poland on 5-19 September.
  • Exercise NATO Air Meet 2003 NATO 08 Sep 2003 -- NATO live-air exercise, NATO AIR MEET 2003 (NAM 03), will take place during the period 5 - 19 September 2003, with live flying taking place between 8 - 12 and 15 - 18 September.

Defense Industry

Other Conflicts

  • UN: Post-Conflict Model -- Coalitions Handle Security, UN Steers Political Course RFE/RL 08 Sep 2003 -- As UN Security Council members begin debates over the scope of the UN role in Iraq, forces deployed under UN mandate keep the peace in a number of world hot spots. The way these forces operate, from Afghanistan to the Balkans, show the range of options Security Council members have used. The most successful align potent military force alongside the skilled civil servants of the United Nations.

  • Sharon seeks Indian-Israeli strategic alliance IRNA 08 Sep 2003 -- Ariel Sharon flew to New Delhi Monday for a state visit to India, the first by a Zionist Prime Minister since both countries normalized relations eleven years ago.
  • EU: Foreign Ministers Say Situation In Middle East Critical, Cite Consensus On Hamas RFE/RL 08 Sep 2003 -- The European Union dispatched its security policy chief to the Middle East on 5 September to help defuse tensions which have culminated in the resignation earlier that day of Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas.
  • Middle East: Prospects For Road Map's Success Dims With Abbas Resignation RFE/RL 08 Sep 2003 -- Prospects for the international peace plan for the Middle East known as the road map appeared to dim on 6 September with the resignation of Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas.
  • EU: Iraq, Hamas Top Agenda Of Informal EU Foreign Ministers' Meeting RFE/RL 08 Sep 2003 -- EU foreign ministers began a two-day informal meeting on 5 September in the Italian spa town of Riva del Garda. The meeting is also being attended by ministers from the 10 candidate countries expecting to join the bloc next year. The future EU constitution had been expected to dominate the discussions. But the meeting was overshadowed by the mounting controversy over Iraq. Iran, the Mideast peace process, and the possible outlawing of Hamas complete the agenda.
  • PALESTINIAN / POLITICS VOA 08 Sept 2003-- Palestinian President Yasser Arafat has nominated parliament Speaker Ahmed Korei as his new prime minister. The decision follows crisis talks, after the resignation of the previous prime minister, Mahmoud Abbas
  • U.S. Prepared to Work with Palestinian PM to Advance Road Map Washington File 08 Sept 2003-- State Department Spokesman Richard Boucher said the United States is hoping a new Palestinian prime minister will have adequate commitment, authority and resources to move forward on the Middle East road map for peace.
  • EU / PALESTINIANS VOA 08 Sept 2003-- The European Union says it will support Ahmed Korei, Palestinian President Yasser Arafat's nominee for prime minister, who has demanded such support as a condition for taking the job
  • PALESTINIANS / AMNESTY VOA 08 Sept 2003-- Amnesty International, says the Palestinian economy has been severely harmed by Israel's building of a security barrier and the imposition of travel restrictions. The human-rights group says two out of three Palestinians are living in poverty
  • U-S / PALESTINIANS VOA 08 Sept 2003-- The United States said Monday it expects the Palestinians' new prime minister to be given full control of Palestinian security services and to crack down on anti-Israeli attacks. A senior U-S diplomat met with the prime minister designate, Ahmed Korei, in Ramallah Monday

  • LIBERIA: Fighting again delays deployment of peacekeepers IRIN 08 Sep 2003 -- The deployment of West African Peacekeepers (ECOMIL) into the volatile central Liberia was delayed again on Monday due to renewed fighting between Liberian government troops and rebels of the Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD).
  • LIBERIA: Displaced fear to leave school buildings without security assurances IRIN 08 Sep 2003 -- Thousands of people displaced by recent fighting in Liberia, who are sheltering in school buildings around the capital, Monrovia, are reluctant to leave the buildings and return to their original camps, saying they fear that it is not yet safe enough for them outside the city centre.
  • UGANDA: UNHCR says no evidence of killing in refugee camp IRIN 08 Sep 2003 -- There is no evidence to support claims that a number of Sudanese refugees were killed during a police raid last week on Kiryandongo refugee camp, western Uganda, the UN Refugee Agency, UNHCR, said on Monday.
  • UGANDA: Army supports using militia to fight rebel group IRIN 08 Sep 2003 -- The Ugandan government has said that its technique of arming militia groups in the eastern Teso region is succeeding in weakening the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) rebel group.
  • NEPAL BOMBING VOA 08 Sept 2003-- In Nepal, a series of bomb explosions has rocked the capital, killing a schoolboy, and injuring several people. More than 15 rebels and soldiers have also been killed in clashes between Maoist rebels and government forces
  • PAKISTAN / ISLAM / WOMEN VOA 08 Sept 2003-- In Pakistan, religious groups are lambasting a government-appointed commission after it recommended abolishing Islamic laws. The commission found that Islamic laws under the so-call Hadood Ordinance discriminate against women
  • BURUNDI: Thousands flee fighting in Mubimbi, Bujumbura Rural IRIN 08 Sep 2003 -- Thousands of residents of Mubimbi Commune in Bujumbura Rural Province have fled fighting that erupted on Saturday between rebels of the Forces Nationales de Liberation (FNL) and Force pour la Defense de la Democratie (FDD), Home Affairs and Public Security Minister Salvator Ntihabose said at a news conference.
  • SUDAN: Darfur rebels accuse government of breaking ceasefire IRIN 08 Sep 2003 -- A rebel group in western Sudan’s Darfur region, the Sudan Liberation Movement/Army (SLM/A), has accused the Sudanese government of breaking a ceasefire agreement signed last Wednesday by both sides.
  • RWANDA: Parliamentary campaigns begin IRIN 08 Sep 2003 -- Campaigning for Rwanda's first multiparty parliamentary elections - the last phase of the nine-year transition following the 1994 genocide – began on Saturday, 11 days after incumbent President Paul Kagame won a landslide vote.

News Reports

  • SHAPE News Morning Update SHAPE 08 Sep 2003 -- Poland hosts major NATO air exercise, tests integration in alliance / U.S. sees 15,000 more foreign troops in Iraq / Kosovo president calls for independence / Large stocks of weapons found in western Bosnia / Macedonia (sic) says gunmen killed in clash near Kosovo / Defense Secretary Rumsfeld hopes for expansion of Afghan peacekeeping / Taliban pouring into Afghanistan from Pakistan, U.S. general says / Greek premier says Turkey willing to change for EU entry
  • SHAPE News Summary & Analysis SHAPE 08 Sep 2003 -- Adm. Giambastiani discusses NATO's transformation efforts / EU discussing peacekeeping mission for Moldova / Extra British troops being sent to Iraq

  • INDONESIA TERROR VOA 08 Sept 2003-- The J-W Marriott Hotel in the Indonesian capital Jakarta has re-opened, a little more than one month after a terrorist killed 12 people when he detonated a car bomb outside the hotel's restaurant
  • U.S. DEA Breaks Up Key Colombian Drug, Money-Laundering Syndicate Washington File 08 Sept 2003-- The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has announced it has broken up a key Colombian drug and money-laundering organization through large-scale arrests, the capture of significant amounts of illegal drugs, and the seizure of 36 bank accounts from 11 Colombian banks.
  • State Department Briefing, September 8, 2003 Washington File 08 Sept 2003-- Israel/Palestinians, Department, Iraq, North Korea, Afghanistan, China, Burma, Saudi Arabia, Iran
  • INDIA/ISRAEL VOA 08 Sept 2003-- Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon arrives Monday / has arrived in the Indian capital, New Delhi, on a landmark three-day visit
  • ILS to Launch SES Americom Satellite for Broadband Services Next Year Lockheed Martin 08 Sep 2003 -- International Launch Services (ILS) and SES AMERICOM have set the launch of the AMC-15 satellite for the second half of 2004 on a Proton launch vehicle. The companies made the announcement today during the Euroconsult World Satellite Business Week conference.
  • U.S. Official Outlines White House Vision for the Americas Washington File 08 Sept 2003-- President Bush believes that no region is more important to the future of the United States than the Americas, and his administration will continue to work with hemispheric partners to nurture democracy and promote prosperity in the region, says Assistant Secretary of State Roger Noriega.

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