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04 September 2003 Military News

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Current Operations

  • Transcript: Secretary Rumsfeld En Route to Iraq 04 Sep 2003 -- "We're going to make multiple, a number of stops in the region and the purpose is . there's several. One is to visit the troops and make sure they understand how important what they're doing is to the people of Iraq, to the region, and to the world. Second is to meet with the senior military leadership and get their assessment, and to meet with the senior civilian leadership and get their assessment."
  • Desert Storm veterans return to the desert National Guard Bureau News 04 Sept 2003-- When the members of the 740th Transportation Company returned home from Operation Desert Storm on July 3 1991, many thought that the eight-month deployment was a once in a lifetime event. But 12 years later, 23 veterans find themselves back on familiar ground in support of "Operation Iraqi Freedom."
  • BRITAIN / FORCES VOA 04 Sept 2003-- British cabinet members indicate more troops could be heading to Iraq to cope with the growing number of attacks on coalition forces

  • LIBERIA / HEALTH VOA 04 Sept 2003-- West African peacekeepers are heading north of Liberia's capital to investigate reports of fighting that is driving thousands of civilians from their homes. In the meantime, World Health Organization delegates in Monrovia are warning of a major health crisis there, including an outbreak of cholera.

  • KENYA / U-S MILITARY VOA 04 Sept 2003-- In recent weeks, U-S troops of the Djibouti-based anti-terror Task Force in East Africa have been in Kenya, providing humanitarian assistance in several local communities

  • AFGHANISTAN: Defence reforms may reduce faction fighting IRIN 04 Sep 2003 -- Analysts in Central Asia hope that the newly-reformed Afghan defence ministry will pave the way to genuine disarmament and bring an end to factional fighting that has plagued the north of the country. Plans to reform the Defence Ministry in Afghanistan were finally approved by the country's cabinet this week.
  • AFGHANISTAN: Interview with UNODC head on opium production IRIN 04 Sep 2003 -- Afghanistan has been regaining notoriety as the world's leading poppy producer, now accounting for about three quarters of global opium production following the collapse of the hardline Taliban regime who had virtually eradicated production in 2001. The director of the United Nations Office for Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Antonio Maria Costa was in Afghanistan last week, to see for himself the extent of the opium industry and help develop strategies to reduce production.

Defense Policy / Programs

  • DoD Selects Hispanic Serving Institutions for Grants 04 Sep 2003 -- The Department of Defense announced today plans to award instrumentation and research grants totaling $4.67 million to 17 Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs). These grants will be made under the fiscal 2003 DoD Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Minority Institutions Infrastructure Support Program. The grants will enhance programs and capabilities at these HSIs in scientific disciplines critical to national security and the DoD.
  • Navy Fire Scout UAV Controlled from USS Denver Navy Newsstand 04 Sept 2003-- While underway in late August in the sea test range of the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR), Point Mugu, Calif., USS Denver (LPD 9) successfully commanded the U.S. Navy's Fire Scout unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to launch, maneuver and land for the first time.
  • Holiday Heats Up Boilers Aboard USS John F. Kennedy Navy Newsstand 04 Sept 2003-- Florida temperatures can peak in August, but aboard the only Mayport-based aircraft carrier, the mercury sizzled in September when Sailors aboard USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67), or "Big John," lit one of the ship's boilers on Labor Day.
  • FAR EAST ASIA FORUM REMARKS BY GENERAL LEON J. LAPORTE WESTIN CHOSUN HOTEL USFK Release 04 Sept 2003-- This deterrence has resulted in unprecedented stability on the peninsula and security throughout the entire region. Deterrence, and the resulting peace, have been and remain the cornerstone of this growing democracy and the incredible economic development that has made the Republic of Korea the international power it is today. It is not just our military might that makes us one of the greatest alliances in history, but it is all that we do to come together as one community.
  • PENTAGON/SAO TOME VOA 04 Sept 2003-- A top U-S commander says he views the African island nation of Sao Tome as a potentially ideal site for one of the military's so-called Forward Operating Locations, facilities available for temporary use by American forces in an emergency
  • Rumsfeld Travels to Central Command, Talks Troop Levels AFPS 04 Sept 2003-- The totals of troops providing security in Iraq will go up, but that doesn't necessarily mean they have to be American troops, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said here en route to the Central Command area Sept. 3.
  • Myers, Rumsfeld Eye to Eye on Internationalizing Iraq Mission AFPS 04 Sept 2003-- U.S. military leaders have no reason to try to "go around" civilian defense leaders to make policy, because Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld and other leaders take their generals' advice, the top American general said here today.
  • Pipeline Sustains Operations AFPS 04 Sept 2003-- Without access to millions of gallons of fuel, Operation Iraqi Freedom missions would grind to a halt. It's the job of the Army's 49th Quartermaster Group to make sure that doesn't happen.
  • Congressmen Support U.N. Participation in Iraq AFPS 04 Sept 2003-- Rebuilding Iraq is an international responsibility that demands international cooperation, two congressmen reported today after recently returning from there.
  • Securing Peace in Iraq Vital to War on Terrorism AFPS 04 Sept 2003-- The battle to secure peace in Iraq is now the central battle in the war on terrorism, according to Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz.
  • Coalition Will Increase Training for Iraqi Security Units AFPS 04 Sept 2003-- The United States and other coalition forces will increase efforts to train and stand up Iraqi security units, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said here today during a tour of the U.S. Central Command area of responsibility.
  • Secretary Rumsfeld En Route to Iraq 04 Sept 2003-- Rumsfeld: It is no change in my position at all, and I certainly approve of the process. From the very beginning, the president, Secretary Powell, and the United States have been aggressively working to see that a great many countries from around the world are involved. We now have something like 29 nations, I believe, and another 10, 15, or so, under discussions. But 29, I believe, are already part of the coalition, and the United Nations has been involved up to this point, we know Mr. De Mello was their representative. How it will evolve from here forward with another resolution is an open question, but certainly everyone I know in the administration has been and remains supportive.
  • Lava Dogs unleashed at Jungle Warfare Training Center Marine Corps News 04 Sept 2003-- They suffered tremendous heat conditions, the absence of two companies, and a typhoon; still, nothing was going to stop the Marines from 1st Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment, 3rd Marine Division from completing their scheduled training.
  • MCMAP prepares Mongolians for future Marine Corps News 04 Sept 2003-- Instructors from the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP) Far East have been training with servicemembers of the Mongolia Armed Forces (MAF) in support of Khaan Quest '03 since August 18.
  • Stavanger: The small base with a big heart USAFE News 04 Sept 2003-- Not many people know they exist or what they do, but in the southwest corner of Norway (located right on the coast) can be found a small community of U.S. military members stationed at Stavanger. For them it's certainly the place to be - and they just don't want to give it up.
  • USAFE joins NATO, partner nations in Exercise Cooperative Key USAFE News 04 Sept 2003-- More than 70 airmen from U. S. Air Forces in Europe bases arrived here Sept. 1 to join military personnel from eight NATO nations, six invitee partner nations and six partner nations in Exercise Cooperative Key 2003.
  • Air controllers return from Kirkuk after near four-month deployment USAFE News 04 Sept 2003-- Like a lot of other members of here, those at the 606th Air Control Squadron found out in February they were deploying. Then they weren't. Then they were. Then they weren't again. Finally, in May, they did. And now, they're back -- with memories they never could've imagined.
  • Spangdahlem AB reopens runway USAFE News 04 Sept 2003-- As major runway construction begins on Ramstein Air Base, Germany, in support of the Rhein-Main Transition Project, Spangdahlem Air Base celebrated the opening of its remodeled runway Sept 2.

  • NIGERIA: Security pact negotiated with Niger and Chad IRIN 04 Sep 2003 -- Nigeria has announced that it is negotiating security pacts with its northern neighbours Niger and Chad to clamp down on smuggling, human-trafficking and cross border banditry.

Defense Industry

  • Boeing Receives Contract For AESA Low-Rate Initial Production Boeing 04 Sep 2003 -- The U.S. Navy has awarded Boeing [NYSE: BA] a contract worth $49.5 million for low-rate initial production of the Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar for the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet and E/A-18G aircraft. The LRIP1 contract calls for production of eight of the AESA APG-79 radar systems.
  • General Dynamics Completes Acquisition of Datron, Inc.'s IMCO unit General Dynamics 04 Sep 2003 -- General Dynamics (NYSE: GD) today completed its acquisition of Datron, Inc.’s Intercontinental Manufacturing Company (IMCO). The acquisition was announced on July 25; terms of the agreement were not disclosed.
  • Northrop Grumman Opens Facility For Production of Phased Array Antennas Northrop Grumman 04 Sep 2003 -- Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE:NOC), which is developing the satellite communications payloads for the Department of Defense's Advanced Extremely High Frequency (EHF) program, has opened a multimillion-dollar facility to produce phased array antennas for the satellites.
  • ORBITAL SELECTED FOR MILITARY LAUNCH VEHICLE CONTRACT Orbital Sciences Corp. 04 Sep 2003 -- Orbital Sciences Corporation (NYSE: ORB) announced today that it has been awarded a task order issued under the Sounding Rockets Program Follow-on (SRP-2) contract by U.S. Air Force's Space and Missile Systems Center Detachment 12, located in Albuquerque, NM for a suborbital rocket that will test an advanced penetrator.

Other Conflicts

News Reports

  • SHAPE News Morning Update SHAPE 04 Sep 2003 -- Defense Secretary Rumsfeld calls for more Iraqi security involvement / Foreign Secretary Straw calls for more UK troops in Iraq / Belgrade hits back at Albania for Kosovo criticism / Poll: After Iraq War Europe sours on U.S. / U.S. seeks extension on chemical arms destruction / Russia ready to consider changes in UN Security Council
  • SHAPE News Summary & Analysis SHAPE 04 Sep 2003 -- Turkish daily on Gen. Jones' visit to Ankara / In interview, Gen. Jones explains his vision of future NATO operations / Danish military to restructure for role in NRF / Daily: "Al Qaeda chief seized in secret Kabul raid" / Bosnian Serb police in failed bid to find Karadzic / Transatlantic survey assessed

  • Uzbekistan: Karimov Says Improved Relations With Russia Not At Expense Of U.S. Ties RFE/RL 05 Sept 2003-- Uzbek President Islam Karimov says Tashkent is interested in improving economic cooperation with Moscow. But he emphasizes that this does not mean Uzbekistan is retreating from its pro-U.S. foreign policy.
  • State Department Briefing, September 4, 2003 Washington File 04 Sept 2003-- Boucher: We have been in active discussions over yesterday and today with other members of the Council about our draft resolution. In addition to the Secretary's contacts, Ambassador Negroponte has been sharing the text and briefing other delegations in New York, and by the end of the day today we will have had individual meetings in New York with each of the other members of the Security Council to go over the text with them.
  • Powell Says Draft Resolution Gives U.N. More Involvement in Iraq Washington File 04 Sept 2003-- The draft United Nations Security Council resolution being proposed by the United States contains "invitations, direction, and other ways of inserting the U.N. in the development of a new Iraqi government, democratically elected, that will assume sovereignty once again for Iraq and for its people," Secretary of State Colin Powell said September 4.
  • PENTAGON/MYERS VOA 04 Sept 2003-- America's top military officer denies the Bush administration is seeking a greater international military role in Iraq because security conditions there are deteriorating, requiring more troops.
  • AN EXPANDING U-S ROLE IN IRAQ VOA 04 Sept 2003-- The American press is responding favorably to a major change in U-S policy, requesting an expanded peacekeeping role for the United Nations in Iraq
  • IRAQ / RUMSFELD VOA 04 Sept 2003-- Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld says more Iraqi and international troops - instead of more U-S soldiers - are needed to bolster security in Iraq
  • Islam Under Siege? VOA 04 Sept 2003-- In his new book: "Islam Under Siege," professor Akbar Ahmed writes that the fast pace of social change caused by globalization has left many in traditional societies feeling uncertain and vulnerable. Does that sense of vulnerability affect how Muslims practice Islam? And does the uncertainty of a changing world help or hurt the efforts of Muslims calling for democracy?
  • Islam Under Siege? VOA 04 Sept 2003-- In his new book: "Islam Under Siege," professor Akbar Ahmed writes that the fast pace of social change caused by globalization has left many in traditional societies feeling uncertain and vulnerable. Does that sense of vulnerability affect how Muslims practice Islam? And does the uncertainty of a changing world help or hurt the efforts of Muslims calling for democracy?
  • RWANDA: Kigali says it needs US $2.6 million for legislative polls IRIN 04 Sep 2003 -- Rwanda's National Electoral Commission has called on international donors to provide 1.4 billion Rwandan francs (about US $2.6 million) in support of legislative elections due to be held in late September and early October, the Rwanda News Agency reported on Thursday.

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