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28 January 2003 Military News

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Current Operations

  • AFGHANISTAN / U-S / FIGHTING UPDATE VOA 28 Jan 2003 -- The Pentagon says combat operations have halted in southern Afghanistan following one of the biggest battles in months between rebel forces and U-S and Afghan troops.
  • Afghanistan firefight kills 18 enemy Army News 28 Jan 2003 -- In a joint effort, soldiers, airmen and coalition forces killed 18 enemy personnel after a small group of U.S. Special Forces came under fire last night.
  • AFGHANISTAN / U-S / FIGHTING VOA 28 Jan 2003 -- U-S and Afghan forces are engaged in a heavy battle with armed rebels in southern Afghanistan. The U-S military says at least 18 rebels have been killed in more than 24 hours of fighting
  • MOBILE, ALA.-BASED CUTTER ENFORCING TEXAS WATERWAY SECURITY ZONES, SUPPORTS OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM USCG 28 Jan 2003 -- Coast Guard crews from the CGC Cobia and a Marine Safety Office Port Arthur, Texas, small boat are performing escort duties today for the USNS Britton, a military cargo vessel, at the port of Beaumont, Texas, as it relocates military resources in support of Operation Enduring Freedom
  • Military cargo ships load in Corpus Christi Military Sealift Command 28 Jan 2003 -- Three civilian-crewed, non-combatant Ready Reserve Force cargo ships, MV Cape Taylor, MV Cape Texas and MV Cape Trinity, remain in Corpus Christi, all with U.S. Army cargo on board as part of the repositioning of U.S. forces in support of the global war on terrorism and to prepare for future contingencies as may be directed. MV Cape Taylor completed loading cargo and is awaiting sail orders, pending an improvement of the weather. The other two Ready Reserve Force ships continue to load Army cargo
  • AFGHANISTAN: Interview with Afghan President Hamid Karzai IRIN 28 Jan 2003 -- Afghan President Hamid Karzai is a man with a mission. He was nominated to head the Interim Administration in Bonn, Germany, in November 2001, and elected President by an overwhelming majority at the Emergency Loya Jirga in Kabul last June. The 45-year-old has worked arduously for years to bring peace and stability to his fractured nation, devastated by over two decades of war.

Defense Policy / Programs

  • President Bush Delivers State of the Union Address Washington File 28 Jan 2003 -- "Mr. Speaker, Vice President Cheney, members of Congress, distinguished citizens and fellow citizens: Every year, by law and by custom, we meet here to consider the state of the union. This year, we gather in this chamber deeply aware of decisive days that lie ahead"

  • Kitty Hawk Sailors maintain high readiness levels Seventh Fleet 28 Jan 2003 -- As the nation remains engaged in the global war on terrorism, the crew of USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63) conducts training to remain prepared for any possible tasking in support of America's efforts
  • F-14 Tomcat Crashes in Caribbean NNS 28 Jan 2003 -- A U.S. Navy F-14 Tomcat aircraft operating from the USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) crashed in the Caribbean approximately 60 miles east of Puerto Rico just after 4:30 p.m. Jan. 26. Both the pilot and radar intercept officer were recovered safely.
  • Fletcher Crew Set to Return after First 'Sea Swap' NNS 28 Jan 2003 -- The crew of USS Fletcher (DD 992), a Pearl Harbor-based destroyer, will return from an Arabian Gulf deployment near the end of January after being away for six months
  • Text: Maritime Unit Activates 13 Cargo Ships for Afghanistan Duty Washington File 28 Jan 2003 -- The U.S. Maritime Administration (MARAD) has activated 13 reserve cargo ships to support U.S. military operations in Afghanistan as part of Operation Enduring Freedom, the agency says
  • 4th MEB(AT) Marines conduct NBC Warfare training USMC News 28 Jan 2003 -- Marines of headquarters platoon, Task Force Kabul, 4th Marine Expeditionary Brigade (Anti-Terrorism), participated in nuclear, biological and chemical warfare training, at the United States Embassy, here, recently
  • Flight of the simulator USMC News 28 Jan 2003 -- Performing duty to perfection is what service members strive to achieve. The thought of something going wrong and that other people's lives and safety are at risk is always in the back of people's minds. Training is a very important part of achieving this goal of perfection.
  • 23rd FG exercise prepares troops for deployment AMCNS 28 Jan 2003 -- In preparation for possible upcoming deployments, the 23rd Fighter Group conducted a Phase II exercise Jan. 14 to 17.

Defense Industry

Other Conflicts

  • Security Council backs global certification scheme for rough diamonds UN News Centre 28 Jan 2003 -- Concerned by the link between the illicit trade in rough diamonds and the fuelling of armed conflicts around the world, the United Nations Security Council today gave its backing to a global certification scheme for the precious stones

  • U-N / IVORY COAST VOA 28 Jan 2003 -- U-N Secretary General Kofi Annan says he may recommend the Security Council dispatch military observers to the West African nation of Ivory Coast to help the country implement a French-brokered peace agreement reached with rebels earlier this month
  • IVORY COAST UNREST VOA 28 Jan 2003 -- Hundreds of demonstrators marched throught the streets of Ivory Coast's commercial capital, Abidjan, Tuesday for a fourth day to protest the peace accord reached last week with rebel groups. The French-brokered agreement seeks to end a four-month rebellion by creating a power-sharing arrangement between the rebels and the government. But pressure is growing on President Laurent Gbagbo not to abide by the accord
  • FRANCE / IVORY COAST VOA28 Jan 2003 -- French President Jacques Chirac has called for Ivorian President Laurent Gbagbo to respect a peace plan he and others agreed to last week in Paris
  • IVORY COAST / UNREST VOA 28 Jan 2003 -- New protests broke out in Ivory Coast's commercial capital, Abidjan, Tuesday following the recent signing of a French-brokered peace agreement to end a four-month rebel war
  • COTE D'IVOIRE: UNHCR temporarily suspends operations IRIN 28 Jan 2003 -- The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) announced on Tuesday it had temporarily suspended operations in Côte d'Ivoire, including repatriation of Liberians home, due to recent violent protests in the Ivorian city of Abidjan and the general climate of insecurity, UNHCR reported.
  • COTE D'IVOIRE: Protest in front of French and US embassies IRIN 28 Jan 2003 -- Pro-government youths, who had since the beginning of the Ivorian crisis demonstrated several times, on Tuesday held another protest in front of the embassies of France and United States in Abidjan. The protest, they said, was to denounce France for "putting the country on its knees" and ask the US to intervene in the four month-old crisis.
  • Grossman Says Cyprus Settlement Can Be Reached by February 28 Washington File 28 Jan 2003 -- Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Marc Grossman has reiterated U.S. support for a plan to resolve the Cyprus dispute offered by United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan, which calls for agreement by both sides no later than February 28
  • Cyprus: UN envoy in Ankara for talks with Turkish officials UN News Centre 28 Jan 2003 -- United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan's Special Adviser for Cyprus, Alvaro de Soto, is scheduled to meet today in Ankara with senior officials of the Turkish Government

  • DRC: Pygmies demand a tribunal for crimes against them in Ituri IRIN 28 Jan 2003 -- Indigenous people from the Ituri District of Province Orientale in northeastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) have demanded that the Kinshasa government create a criminal tribunal to hold accountable those who have committed crimes against them, including murder and cannibalism.
  • DRC: Masire waits for end of Niasse's consultations IRIN 28 Jan 2003 -- The facilitator of the inter-Congolese dialogue, Ketumile Masire, told reporters on Tuesday that the date for the conclusion of the talks would depend on the solution of "three sticking points": the consultations around the constitution, military issues, and security for the leaders of the transition process in the capital, Kinshasa, and elsewhere in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).
  • BURUNDI: Another rebel leader signs memorandum on ceasefire implementation IRIN 28 Jan 2003 -- Burundian President Pierre Buyoya and the leader of a wing of the Conseil national pour la defense de la democratie-Force pour la defense de la democratie (CNDD-FDD, Pierre Nkurunziza, signed a memorandum of understanding on Monday, paving the way for the implementation of a ceasefire accord they reached in Arusha, Tanzania, on 2 December 2002.
  • BURUNDI: Aid to 7,500 to proceed today IRIN 28 Jan 2003 -- Humanitarian aid to 7,500 people in Gitega will now proceed Tuesday after being temporarily cancelled earlier by the UN World Food Programme, amid continued insecurity in the troubled province.
  • Liberia: Security Council re-establishes panel to monitor compliance with sanctions UN News Centre 28 Jan 2003 -- The United Nations Security Council today decided to re-establish an expert panel to monitor compliance with international sanctions levied against Liberia
  • LIBERIA: US offers $3.6 million for refugees and returnees IRIN 28 Jan 2003 -- The United States government is to provide US $3.6 million to the UN refugee agency, UNHCR, to assist in refugee emergencies in Liberia, the US embassy in the Liberian capital, Monrovia reported on Monday.
  • PHILIPPINES/ COMMUNISTS VOA 28 Jan 2003 -- Philippine prosecutors have filed murder charges against the exiled leader of the Communist Party. The move comes day after Communist rebels rejected a government-drafted peace proposal to end 34 years of bloody conflict
  • KENYA-UGANDA: Former Ugandan rebels register for amnesty IRIN 28 Jan 2003 -- A total of 358 Ugandans based in Kenya have registered with the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) to take advantage of an amnesty offered by the Ugandan government to former rebels.
  • KENYA-RWANDA: Genocide suspect Felicien Kabuga on the run IRIN 28 Jan 2003 -- Kenyan police are still hunting for Rwandan genocide suspect Felicien Kabuga, spokesman Kingori Mwangi told IRIN on Tuesday.
  • SOMALIA: Fighting breaks out at peace conference IRIN 28 Jan 2003 -- A fist fight erupted at the Somali peace conference in Eldoret, Kenya, when civil society delegates were barred from a meeting of the leaders' committee, a source close to the talks told IRIN on Tuesday.
  • SUDAN: Peace talks resume after brief interlude IRIN 28 Jan 2003 -- The Sudan People's Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A) resumed peace talks on Tuesday with the government of Sudan following a protest walk-out the day before.
  • CONGO: Government ready to meet with “Ninja” leader Ntoumi IRIN 28 Jan 2003 -- The ruling party of the Republic of Congo (ROC) has expressed its willingness to meet with rebel “Ninja” leader Rev Frederic Bitsangou, alias Pasteur Ntoumi.

News Reports

  • SHAPE News Morning Update SHAPE 28 Jan 2003
  • SHAPE News Summary Analysis SHAPE 28 Jan 2003
  • CONGRESS / DEMOCRATS RESPONSE VOA 28 Jan 2003 -- (Opposition) Democrats have responded to President Bush's State of the Union address
  • ISRAEL / ELECTIONS VOA 28 Jan 2003 -- According to initial, unofficial results, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his right wing Likud party won a sweeping victory in legislative elections on Tuesday. But, Likud did not win an outright parliamentary majority and so Mr. Sharon now begins the task for negotiating with other parties to try to form a coalition government
  • U-S / Kazakhstan Trial VOA 28 Jan 2003 -- The United States is expressing concern about the conduct of the trial of a prominent Kazakhstan journalist sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison on rape charges. The journalist, Sergei Duvanov, had been a critic of the government of President Nursultan Nazarbayev
  • U-N / HORN OF AFRICA VOA 28 Jan 2003 -- U-N aid agencies are warning that instability in the Horn of Africa could become more serious if donors do not respond quickly to aid appeals. Lisa Schlein has more from Geneva
  • ISRAEL ELECTIONS VOA 28 Jan 2003 -- Israeli television networks say incumbent Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his right-wing Likud Party have scored a substantial victory, and will lead the country's next coalition government. The network projections, based on voter surveys, were released as soon as the polls closed Tuesday evening
  • ZIMBABWE TORTURE VOA 28 Jan 2003 -- Zimbabwe's pro-government Herald newspaper is calling for an end to the torture of prisoners, the first time a government publication has admitted that some detainees are tortured by police
  • ZIMBABWE ARRESTS VOA 28 Jan 2003 -- Two American journalists, from the Associated Press and National Public Radio, as well as a Zimbabwean freelance photographer, were arrested Tuesday in Zimbabwe's second city Bulawayo
  • ISRAEL ELECTIONS VOA 28 Jan 2003 -- Israeli voters are going to the polls to elect a new parliament, which will decide the make-up of the new government. Predictions are that incumbent Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his rightwing Likud Party are headed for victory, but will face the task of forming a coalition government
  • E-U / ZIMBABWE VOA 28 Jan 2003 -- European diplomats are working to find a compromise on sanctions against Zimbabwe, after European Union foreign ministers came to an impasse on the issue Monday
  • HAITI / U-S / DEPORTATIONS VOA 28 Jan 2003 -- The United States has deported two former high-ranking Haitian military officers who were convicted in their native land of taking part in a massacre of civilians nine-years ago
  • EDITORIAL: CUBA'S FARCICAL ELECTIONS VOA 28 Jan 2003 -- Cuba's electoral system would be a joke if the consequences for the Cuban people were not so serious
  • ISRAEL ELECTIONS VOA 28 Jan 2003 -- Polls have opened in Israel, as four-point-three-million eligible voters go to the polls to select a new parliament that will -- in turn -- choose a new government
  • ISRAEL / ELECTIONS VOA 28 Jan 2003 -- For the third time in four-years, Israelis are voting to elect a new parliament. The Likud Party of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon remains the clear favorite, in an election that appears to be attracting a low voter turnout.
  • ZIMBABWE TORTURE VOA 28 Jan 2003 -- Zimbabwe's pro-government Herald newspaper is calling for an end to the torture of government prisoners. This is the first time a government mouthpiece has admitted that some detainees are tortured by the police.
  • SAO TOME AND PRINCIPE: President revokes decree dissolving parliament IRIN 28 Jan 2003 -- Sao Tome and Principe's President Fradique de Menezes, on Friday overruled his earlier decision to dissolve parliament and call for early elections, the Portuguese news agency, Lusa reported.
  • Venus Express Contract for Astrium EADS 28 Jan 2003 -- Venus Express is scheduled for launch from the Baïkonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan in November 2005. It will be launched by a Soyuz-Fregat rocket and put immediately into its transfer orbit to Venus. After a journey of about 5 months, the actual mission around Venus will last nearly two Venusian years (about 500 Earth days).

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