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19 December 2002 Military News

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Current Operations

  • Humanitarian Work Progressing in Afghanistan AFPS 19 Dec 2002-- When coalition forces ousted the Taliban from Afghanistan last year, U.S. officials estimated up to 8 million Afghans were in danger of starving or freezing to death.
  • Deputy Assistant Secretary Collins Media Roundtable on Afghanistan 19 Dec 2002-- Collins: So the bottom line here is -- and this is the construction that we're reconstructing -- at the end of the war in December of 2001, the U.S. and its partners faced an exhausted nation on the brink of a great humanitarian disaster. When the fighting stopped in Afghanistan, we still held an account of somewhere between 5 and 8 million Afghans were at risk of either starvation or freezing to death last winter. Thank goodness, very little of that happened.
  • AFGHANISTAN / SECURITY VOA 19 Dec 2002 -- The head of United Nations refugee operations in Afghanistan has warned that unless the international community follows through on promises of aid, the country is in danger of falling back into chaos
  • YEARENDER: AFGHAN POL VOA 19 Dec 2002 -- At the end of 2001, competing Afghan factions came together in Bonn, Germany to sign an agreement to set the country on the path to democracy. In June, an elective council chose Hamid Karzai as interim president
  • AFGHANISTAN / JUDICIAL SYSTEM VOA 19 Dec 2002 -- Afghan President Hamid Karzai has called for a strong judicial system in his country that will guarantee equal access for all citizens. He spoke at the opening of a conference on judicial reform in Afghanistan
  • 2003 Will Bring Shift from Combat to Reconstruction in Afghanistan Washington File 19 Dec 2002-- The top U.S. defense official in charge of relief and reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan says the new year will bring a transition away from combat to stability operations.

Other Conflicts

  • NETANYAHU / ITALY VOA 19 Dec 2002 -- Israeli Foreign Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said talks on Palestinian reform were pointless while Yasser Arafat continues to be the leader of the Palestinian Authority. Mr. Netanyahu was speaking in Rome, the first stop of a four-capital European tour that will also take him to London, Paris and Moscow
  • BUSH EGYPT VOA 19 Dec 2002 -- President Bush told Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak Thursday that an international peace plan for the Middle East is not yet ready. The president told the Egyptian leader that he remains committed to an independent Palestinian state
  • IVORY COAST VOA 19 Dec 2002 -- Rebels have re-captured a key town in western Ivory Coast after several days of heavy fighting. The town of Man has fallen just as West African leaders have agreed to deploy their own peacekeeping troops to the troubled country
  • YEARENDER: EAST TIMOR VOA 19 Dec 2002-- East Timor became the world's newest nation in 2002, but as it embarks on its journey of independence, the tiny country faces the challenge of building its economy
  • ISRAEL SETTLEMENT VOA 19 Dec 2002-- Israeli troops have dismantled an outpost built by settlers in Hebron, on the site of a November ambush in which 12 Israeli soldiers and security officers were killed
  • CYPRUS: IS ANNAN PLAN 'THE LAST CHANCE FOR PEACE'? Foreign Media Reactions 19 Dec 2002-- Kofi Annan's peace plan drew mixed reviews in Cyprus but most agree it can't be ignored. / Many analysts say EU's admission of Cyprus, coupled with Turkey's EU membership aspirations, will prod settlement.

Defense Policy / Programs

  • White House Daily Briefing White House 19 Dec 2002
  • TANKER LEASE PROPOSAL STILL UNDER REVIEW 19 Dec 2002-- "The Department of Defense has not reached a final decision in its review of the disposition of the Air Force's proposed KC-767A tanker lease. The Department continues its review of the terms, conditions, business case analysis, and operational implications of this proposal. A decision is expected early next year."
  • Transcript: Background Briefing on Status of POM 19 Dec 2002 -- Senior Defense Official
  • NATO's MAJOR ANNUAL LIVE-FLYING EXERCISE IN SOUTHERN EUROPE NATO 02 Sep 2004 -- NATO's live-flying exercise NATO AIR MEET 2004 (NAM 04) will take place during the period 04 - 16 September 2004, with live flying between 06 - 10 and 13 - 16 September.
  • Secretary Rumsfeld Interview with Larry King, CNN 19 Dec 2002-- Rumsfeld: I think that there's a dilemma there, and it is this: That you have a variety of sources who gather intelligence. Some are from human beings, some are from other technical means. And to the extent you reveal something that you know through intelligence gathering, you run the risk of compromising the human beings who gave you that information, and people can get killed if it's traceable back to them.
  • Third Fleet Orchestrates Largest Navy Force Protection Exercise Navy Newsstand 19 Dec 2002-- The bridge of USS Oldendorf (DD 972) was filled with commotion as orders and information were passed during a recent Force Protection Exercise (FPEX).

Defense Industry

News Reports

  • TURKEY-POLITICS VOA 19 Dec 2002 -- Turkey's president on Thursday vetoed legislation that would have enabled the leader of the ruling Justice and Development Party to become the country's prime minister
  • U.S. Seeks to Balance Security, Rights in War on Terrorism Washington File 19 Dec 2002-- While Americans were shocked by the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, they have also set about with resolve to triumph in the war against terrorism, according to the United States Consul General in Hong Kong James Keith.

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