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09 December 2002 Military News

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Current Operations

  • AFGHANISTAN HIGHWAY VOA 09 Dec 2002-- A long-awaited and much needed project to rebuild a major highway system in Afghanistan is now underway
  • 24th MEU (SOC) conducts bilateral training with Kenyan Military Marine Corps News 09 Dec 2002-- In the early morning hours of November 27, Combat Rubber Reconnaissance Crafts were launched from USS Austin (LPD-4), carrying members of Company G, 2nd Battalion, 2nd Marines. These were the first forces ashore for Exercise Edged Mallet 2003. After securing the beach for an amphibious offload of MEU Service Support Group-24 personnel, vehicles and supplies, Golf Co. pushed out on foot to secure an assembly area.
  • Military Sealift Command keeps CJTF-HOA on schedule Marine Corps News 09 Dec 2002-- Even though surrounded by hundreds of miles of water, USS Mount Whitney which is taking Combined Joint Task Force - Horn of Africa to northeast Africa, stocked up on everything from eggs to fuel during replenishments at sea recently.

Other Conflicts

Defense Policy / Programs

  • U.S., Canada Establish Bi-National Military Planning Group Washington File 09 Dec 2002-- The United States and Canada have signed an agreement to establish a new bi-national military planning group at the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colorado, that will prepare contingency plans to respond to attacks and other major emergencies in either nation, according to a December 9 media note issued by the State Department.
  • Bush Says Pearl Harbor Inspires U.S. in War Against Terror Washington File 09 Dec 2002-- President Bush recalled the Japanese surprise attack on U.S. forces at Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941 in his Presidential Proclamation of 2002 saying that their "courage in battle continues to inspire us today as our Armed Forces fight against terrorism in Afghanistan and around the world."
  • Defense Department Report, December 9: China Talks; Aircraft Carrier Washington File 09 Dec 2002-- The fifth round of defense consultative talks between the United States and China, concluded December 9 in Washington, was both "useful" and "professional," a U.S. defense official who took part in them says.
  • Navy Names Carrier After Former President Bush AFPS 09 Dec 2002-- Former President George H.W. Bush told a Pentagon audience today that he's not a hero, despite flying off a carrier and having his plane shot down in the Pacific during World War II.
  • Afghans Lead U.S. Soldiers to Rockets Aimed at Firebase AFPS 09 Dec 2002-- Afghan villagers led American soldiers to a weapons cache near a U.S. firebase Dec. 7, defense officials said.
  • Fueling the Fighters: A Small Team With a Big Mission AFPS 09 Dec 2002-- When U.S. and coalition air forces first launched attacks against terrorists and the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, a 10-person U.S. team based in Bahrain was critical to keeping the warplanes flying.
  • Navy Carrier Named In Honor Of Former President Navy Newsstand 09 Dec 2002-- Secretary of the Navy Gordon England officially named the Navy's 10th Nimitz-class aircraft carrier, CVN 77, in honor of World War II naval aviator and former President of the United States George Herbert Walker Bush during a ceremony Dec. 9 at the Pentagon.
  • Harrier gear unveiled Marine Corps News 09 Dec 2002-- Seventy-five AV-8B Harrier airframe mechanics here, to train on a new Rynglok Tube Fitting System from Eaton Aeroquip Nov. 19.
  • Supertyphoon strikes Guam AFPN 09 Dec 2002-- A supertyphoon with sustained winds of 150 mph struck Guam, on Dec. 8 and has left the island without power and water and only limited telephone service.
  • Guard unit soars to new heights USAFE News 09 Dec 2002-- Maj. Don Ross gets shot at on a daily basis, which is nothing unusual for an F-16 fighter pilot deployed in support of Operation Northern Watch here. But during this deployment, he feels a bit more confident about his ability to fire back.
  • Grounbreaking ceremony set for construction projects COMSUBPAC News Release 09 Dec 2002-- The Navy will hold a groundbreaking ceremony Thursday, Dec. 5 at 10:00 a.m. at Polaris Point to launch construction projects designed to upgrade waterfront utilities, and build an emergent repair shop and warehouse.
  • RUMSFELD / TRIP VOA 09 Dec 2002 -- With tensions rising over Iraq's weapons of mass destruction and global terrorism still a threat, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has embarked on a week-long trip to the Middle East and Horn of Africa region

Defense Industry

News Reports

  • TURKEY / E-U VOA 09 Dec 2002 -- The leader of Turkey's ruling party has accused the European Union of maintaining a double standard for candidate countries. The charge came after E-U leaders indicated Turkey may not be given a date to open entry negotiations at this week's summit in Copenhagen
  • KENYA TERRORIST ATTACKS: 'AL-QAIDA WIDENS ITS GUN SIGHTS' Foreign Media Reactions 09 Dec 2002-- Dailies worldwide concluded that the Kenya attacks bore the imprint of al-Qaida. / Non-Muslim papers emphasized the evolving global terrorist threat. / Arab writers a saw "lesson" for PM Sharon: his "excess use of force" reaps more violence.
  • KENYA/POLITICS VOA 09 Dec 2002 -- A public opinion poll released Monday in Kenya indicates the opposition National Rainbow Coalition, known as NARC, will win the December 27th general elections. The poll says Uhuru Kenyatta, the presidential candidate of the ruling KANU party, is trailing opposition candidate Mwai Kibaki
  • SHAPE NEWS MORNING UPDATE 09 Dec 2002 -- Schroeder at risk from US request to NATO over Iraq / NATO Secretary-General Robertson arrives in Moscow for conference / French troops in Bosnia club linked to trafficking / Serbia faces major political crisis after failed election / Four candidate countries pledge to work together to improve their EU membership conditions
  • SHAPE NEWS SUMMARY & ANALYSIS 09 Dec 2002-- Russia, NATO agree cooperation can build new security order / Study lays out U.S., EU moves before removing peacekeepers from Balkans / Crisis looms after Serbian poll failure / Britain set to spurn plan for EU defense procurement / German official: Berlin received no formal U.S. request for AWACS / Iraq dossier under scrutiny / Defense Minister appoints new CHOD

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