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04 November 2002 Military News

Other Conflicts
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Current Operations

  • PENTAGON / YEMEN UPDATE VOA 04 Nov 2002-- The deaths in Yemen of six suspected al-Qaida terrorists, including a key planner in the bloody attack on a American destroyer two years ago, appear to be the work of a missile fired by a unmanned U-S aircraft
  • PENTAGON / HORN VOA 04 Nov 2002-- The United States military is stepping up its antiterrorism activities in the Horn of Africa as senior defense officials report increased movements there of terrorist suspects and weapons
  • PAKISTAN / AFGHAN REFUGEES VOA 04 Nov 2002-- The United Nations is continuing its intensive effort to repatriate Afghans who fled decades of war. Since March, one-point-seven million Afghans have returned. But many more remain in exile - including a million and a half in neighboring Pakistan alone - many of whom do not want to go home for economic and security reasons
  • AFGHANISTAN / LAW VOA 04 Nov 2002-- In much of Afghanistan, the rule of the gun continues to prevail over the rule of law. After 23 years of war and civil strife, the legal system like nearly everything else in Afghanistan is badly in need of reconstruction
  • U.S., Coalition Forces Respond to Enemy Fire AFPS 04 Nov 2002-- Coalition bases continue to receive sporadic fire from Taliban and al Qaeda sympathizers, DoD officials said Nov. 4.

Other Conflicts

  • ISRAEL GOVERNMENT VOA 04 Nov 2002-- Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon faces the first of three no-confidence votes since the collapse of his coalition
  • CHECHEN TERRORISM VOA 04 Nov 2002-- Terrorists from Chechnya recently held a theater full of people hostage in Moscow. The heavily armed guerrillas rigged the building with explosives and threatened to blow up themselves and their captives if Russia didn't immediately withdraw its troops from Chechnya, a Russian province that has been seeking independence. In a pre-dawn raid, Russian forces flooded the theater with a powerful gas meant to render the terrorists unconscious. Fifty guerrillas were killed. A few were captured. But over one-hundred fifteen hostages died from the gas that was pumped into the theater.
  • Moscow Crisis Aftermath VOA 04 Nov 2002-- In the wake of the Moscow hostage crisis, painful questions are being asked about the use of the gas that took so many lives, about the ease with which the terrorists moved through the city, about the failure of Russia to negotiate an end to the war with Chechnya
  • IVORY COAST / TALKS VOA 04 Nov 2002-- Peace talks aimed at ending a rebellion in Ivory Coast remain on hold, with rebels saying they will not return to the negotiations, unless they are allowed to bring their political demands to the table
  • ISRAEL/GOVERNMENT VOA 04 Nov 2002-- The government of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has survived three no-confidence votes in the Israeli parliament, even without the support of the Labor Party, which left his government last week

Defense Policy / Programs

  • Reserve component, major USAREUR player Army News Service 04 Nov 2002 -- U.S. Army Europe relies heavily on reserve-component soldiers in almost everything it does, according to USAREUR's top soldier.
  • A look back at OEF HUMRO - the operation Air Mobility Command 05 Nov 2002-- The colonel remembers one mission where he was the lead aircraft in a four-aircraft formation due to winds had to set their airdrop release point over the top of Taliban forces so the humanitarian daily rations would drift to where they were needed. At the same time of the airdrop, coalition fighters and bombers were striking the Taliban.
  • Navy's Newest Destroyer Arrives in Boston for Commissioning navy Newsstand 04 Nov 2002-- Pre-commissioning Unit (PCU) Preble (DDG 88), the Navy's newest and most technically advanced Arleigh Burke-class destroyer, arrived at Boston's World Trade Center Saturday, Nov. 2 to begin a week's worth of events culminating in the ship's commissioning.
  • Transcript: Defense Department Briefing, November 4, 2002 Washington File 04 Nov 2002-- Myers: As operations -- as Operation Enduring Freedom continues, coalition forces in Afghanistan continue to recover weapons, and at the same time, experience rocket attacks on their compounds there. In the Persian Gulf, maritime intercept operations continue, and this week alone, there were 73 diverts of primarily what we call the dhows, the smaller ships that were smuggling illegal oil and dates from Iraq. And that effort, of course, by Iraq was not in accordance with U.N. resolutions.
  • TR Goes Through Yard Period at Flank Speed Navy Newsstand 04 Nov 2002-- USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) rejoined 2nd Fleet Oct. 30, after completing a record-breaking six-month yard period.
  • 'World Watchers' Jump To the Task, Take To Skies Navy Newsstand 04 Nov 2002-- It is the middle of the night, and you are flying high over Western Afghanistan. It's barely a month after the tragedies of Sept. 11th, and a determined nation has sent its armed forces to bring justice to those who instigated the attacks. You are among them.
  • Fairford gains responsibility of RAF Welford Air Forces Europe News 04 Nov 2002-- RAF Welford has recently became the administrative responsibility of the 424th Air Base Squadron at RAF Fairford. The base's origins date back to World War II when its original purpose was as an operational training unit and post for the U.S. Air Force 92nd Bomber Group.
  • Mildenhall LRS flight ready to roll as one-stop shop for deployments Air Forces Europe News 04 Nov 2002-- Getting from "here to there" has always been a challenge for military units preparing for deployments. These days with the seemingly never-ending amount of taskings, unit readiness has become a major concern for senior leadership in ensuring the U.S. military is up to the challenge of leaving at a moments notice.

Defense Industry

News Reports

  • ASEAN / TERRORISM VOA 04 Nov 2002-- Southeast Asian leaders meeting in Cambodia have agreed to strengthen the fight against terrorism, but they urge other governments to avoid issuing travel warnings that alarm tourists and foreign investors
  • U-S / CYBER TERRORISM VOA 04 Nov 2002-- Top U-S government and law enforcement officials are increasingly concerned that al-Qaida and other terrorist organizations may soon use computers to attack Americans inside the United States. They say there is significant evidence al-Qaida could be planning to use cyber terrorism to attack America's infrastructure with the goal of causing widespread financial damage and bloodshed
  • TURKEY / ELECTION AFTERMATH VOA 04 Nov 2002-- Turkey's Justice and Development Party, which won a sweeping mandate for change in Sunday's election, may find that obtaining victory at the polls was easy compared to putting together a government
  • SHAPE NEWS MORNING UPDATE 01 Nov 2002-- U.S. jets to guard Czech airspace during NATO meet
  • SHAPE NEWS SUMMARY & ANALYSIS 04 Nov 2002-- Whales: Judge blocks U.S. Navy use of new sonar

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