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29 July 2002 Military News

Other Conflicts
Defense Policy / Programs
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Current Operations

  • AFGHANISTAN POL VOA 29 Jul 2002-- Afghan President Hamid Karzai has named four new provincial governors in a move to consolidate his power outside the capital, Kabul
  • Afghan Security Situation 'Quite Good,' Rumsfeld Says AFPS 29 Jul 2002-- All in all, the regional security situation in Afghanistan is going very well, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said in a recent interview with the Washington Times newspaper.

Other Conflicts

  • U-S-ANGOLA VOA 29 Jul 2002-- The Bush administration's top African affairs expert says the process of demobilizing UNITA guerrillas in Angola is essentially complete, and the task now is to help the rebels and their families re-integrate into civilian life. Assistant Secretary of State Walter Kansteiner spoke to reporters Monday after returning from a trip to Angola, Gabon and Nigeria
  • U-S-SUDAN PEACE VOA 29 Jul 2002-- The Bush administration's chief African affairs official, Walter Kansteiner, is urging the parties to the Sudan conflict to refrain from military activity in order to advance the country's emerging peace process. Sudan's Islamic government and southern rebels agreed on a six-year peace plan earlier this month and their leaders held an unprecedented meeting Saturday in Kampala
  • ISRAEL / PALESTINIANS VOA 29 Jul 2002-- Palestinians in the West Bank town of Nablus have defied an Israeli army curfew for the second day
  • U-S/Jordan/Mideast VOA 29 Jul 2002-- Jordanian Foreign Minister Marwan Muasher is calling for a three-year "work plan" with a specific timeline for implementing an Israeli-Palestinian peace accord.
  • CONGO RWANDA PEACE VOA 29 Jul 2002-- The leaders of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo are to sign a deal Tuesday in South Africa that could speed a return to peace in Congo
  • U-N / CHECHNYA VOA 29 Jul 2002-- Humanitarian activities in the northern Caucasus have been suspended by the United Nations after the kidnapping of a senior Russian aid official in Chechnya last week

Defense Policy / Programs

  • KC130s Vital to 22d MEU (SOC)'s Success Marine Corps News 29 Jul 2002-- Throughout history, many military disasters have been preceded by a break, and sometimes just a kink, in a unit's supply chain. To ensure this doesn't happen to its forward-deployed Marine Expeditionary Units (MEUs), the Marine Corps forward deploys KC130 Hercules transport aircraft in the MEUs' areas of operation to keep them supplied.
  • Rumsfeld Visits Millennium Challenge Experiment AFPS 29 Jul 2002-- Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld got a glimpse of how the military of tomorrow will work during a tour of the Millennium Challenge 2002 experiment here today.
  • CSAF explains combat wing organization AFPN 29 Jul 2002-- The combat wing organization is critical to both the service's expeditionary mind-set and to individual career progression, the service's senior officer said
  • Reserves Complete Pre-deployment Training USMC News 29 Jul 2002 -- Reserve Marines of Marine Forces UNITAS, launched from the well deck here, July 29, to perform a simulated noncombatant evacuation operation (NEO) at Camp Lejeune, N.C. The NEO capped off a week-long series of amphibious exercises, in Onslow Bay, designed to prepare the unit for its upcoming deployment to Latin America.

Defense Industry

News Reports

  • ASIA / POWELL VOA 29 Jul 2002-- U-S Secretary of State Colin Powell, on a tour of Southeast Asia, says the region is united in its commitment to fight terrorism
  • ASEAN / TERRORISM VOA 29 Jul 2002-- Foreign ministers from the 10-member Association of South East Asian Nations known as ASEAN are discussing the final points of an anti-terrorism agreement, which outlines closer security ties with the United States
  • Nominee to Head U.S. Southcom Discusses Threats to Security in Americas Washington File 29 Jul 2002-- James Hill tells Congress: Southcom's priority is to fight terrorism
  • U.S.-Russia Group Concerned by Taliban, Al-Qaida Actions Washington File 29 Jul 2002-- The U.S.-Russia Working Group on Counterterrorism has expressed concern that remnants of Taliban militia and al-Qaida terrorist forces regrouping in southern and southeastern border regions of Afghanistan pose a serious threat to Afghan and regional stability, a joint press statement says.

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