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25 July 2002 Military News

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Current Operations

  • Powell Reaffirms U.S. Commitment to Reconstruction of Afghanistan Washington File 25 Jul 2002 -- Secretary of State Colin Powell has told visiting Afghan Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah that the United States remains totally committed to the reconstruction of Afghanistan.
  • AFHGAN SUMMIT VOA 25 Jul 2002 -- Afghanistan's foreign minister says incidents of civilian casualties from U-S bombs should be investigated and corrective measures taken.
  • U-S / AFGHAN AID VOA 25 Jul 2002 -- U-S Secretary of State Colin Powell has assured Afghan Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah that the Bush administration will work to speed the payment of international aid pledged for Afghan reconstruction. Senior Afghan officials visiting Washington this week have warned that the slow pace of aid deliveries could lead to renewed social unrest in the country
  • AFGHANISTAN / SECURITY VOA 25 Jul 2002 -- The Turkish commander of U-N peacekeepers in Afghanistan says the assassins of Afghan Vice President Haji Abdul Qadir -- gunned down in Kabul, earlier this month -- may never be found. Major General Hilmi Akin Zorlu says security in the capital is being tightened to prevent future assassinations.
  • 1st Battalion of Afghan National Army graduates Army News Service 25 Jul 2002 -- About 300 Afghan soldiers graduated July 23 from 10 weeks of training in a ceremony attended by Afghan President Hamid Karzai and Minister of Defense Mohammed Fahim.

Other Conflicts

  • SAF / MBEKI VOA 25 Jul 2002 -- South African President Thabo Mbeki says a new peace deal between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo could be signed in Pretoria next week.
  • POWELL / SOUTH ASIA VOA 25 Jul 2002 -- U-S Secretary of State Colin Powell leaves Washington Friday on a ten-day trip to South Asia and East Asia starting with quick visits to India and Pakistan. He says he will try to further ease tensions between the South Asian powers, which have subsided following a confrontation over Kashmir in May.
  • POWELL / MIDEAST VOA 25 Jul 2002 -- Secretary of State Colin Powell said Thursday Israel's use of U-S supplied weapons is under constant review. The remark follows the Israeli air strike early Tuesday, by an American-supplied F-16 fighter jet in Gaza City, that killed a leader of the radical Palestinian faction Hamas and 14 others in the crowded area including several children.
  • FRANCE / EGYPT VOA 25 Jul 2002 -- President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt accused Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon Thursday of trying to derail peace efforts in the Middle East with the recent bombing in Gaza. Mr. Mubarak's remarks came during the first leg of a trip to France and Spain to gather support for an Arab peace plan for the region.
  • ISRAEL / PALESTINIANS VOA 25 Jul 2002 -- Israel says it will release about 43 million dollars in Palestinian tax revenues and take additional measures to ease conditions for Palestinians living under an Israeli curfew in the West Bank. Larry James reports from Jerusalem on a move that comes amid increasing tension following an Israeli air strike in the Gaza Strip that killed 15 people, including nine children.
  • SUDAN/SLAVERY VOA 25 Jul 2002 -- An interim agreement reached on Saturday between the Sudanese government and rebels of Sudan's Liberation Army has raised hopes that the country's long-running civil war may come to an end. If so, it is hoped the end of the war may also mean the end of slavery in Sudan.

Defense Policy / Programs

  • Millennium Challenge testing Marines' next step in warfare evolution Marine Corps News 25 Jul 2002 -- Camp Pendleton Marines are set to take part in one of the largest, most complex military experiments in history - Millennium Challenge 2002 - which combines live field forces and computer simulations at 26 locations across the country.
  • AETC receives new T-38C Talon trainers AFPN 25 Jul 2002 -- Air Education and Training Command took another step in modernizing its forces when a newly modified T-38C Talon landed here July 23, becoming a permanent part of the aircraft inventory.
  • PENTAGON/SOUTH AFRICA VOA 25 Jul 2002 -- South Africa has for the first time expressed interest in receiving specialized military training from the United States under a program designed to enhance the peacekeeping and humanitarian relief capacities of African armed forces.
  • PENTAGON / AFRICA VOA 25 Jul 2002 -- The United States is poised to go forward within the next few weeks with a new military training program for sub-Saharan African countries. Armed forces from Ghana will be the first, followed soon by troops from Senegal and several other nations.

Defense Industry

News Reports

  • BRITAIN / BLAIR VOA 25 Jul 2002 -- British Prime Minister Tony Blair says his government has not reached a decision about possible military action against Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.
  • Toppling Saddam Hussein VOA 25 Jul 2002 -- In recent days, public debate has intensified over the wisdom and feasibility of U-S military involvement in toppling the government of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. Analysts differ on the merits of a U-S led military campaign and they question what kind of government might replace the Iraqi dictator. With this Dateline report on the prospects for toppling Saddam Hussein, here's Judith Latham.

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