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22 July 2002 Military News

Other Conflicts
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Current Operations

  • AFGHANISTAN ARMY VOA 22 Jul 2002 -- The first battalion of Afghanistan's new national army is about to be deployed, after receiving U-S Army basic training.
  • AFGHAN/RUMSFELD VOA 22 Jul 2002 -- Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has confirmed that U-S forces have begun providing security for Afghan President Hamid Karzai.
  • U-S-AFGHANISTAN VOA 22 Jul 2002 -- A presidential spokesman in Afghanistan says U-S troops are being deployed to guard the palace of President Hamid Karzai. The deployment follows the recent assassination of Afghanistan's vice president.
  • UZBEK / TERRORISM VOA 22 Jul 2002 -- Although U-S-led anti-terrorism efforts have been focussed largely on Afghanistan, nationalist groups in neighboring countries, particularly Uzbekistan, have also worked with the Taleban and al-Qaida. Some of these groups have suffered heavily for their alliance with them. But do they still pose a threat?

Other Conflicts

  • ISRAEL PALESTINIANS VOA 22 Jul 2002 -- Two Palestinian gunmen were killed Monday, in a firefight with Israeli forces near a Jewish settlement in the Gaza Strip.
  • ISRAEL / PALESTINIANS VOA 22 Jul 2002 -- Tensions in the Middle East seemed to ease a bit Monday with Israel and the Palestinians both announcing measures aimed at creating a better climate for a resumption of peace efforts.
  • CONGO TALKS VOA 22 Jul 2002 -- Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo have reached a peace deal after five days of talks in South Africa.
  • SPAIN/MOROCCO DISPUTE VOA 22 Jul 2002 -- A ten-day standoff between Spain and Morocco over claims to a tiny island just off the Moroccan coast is over. U-S Secretary of State Colin Powell helped return the status quo.
  • U-S-SUDAN VOA 22 Jul 2002 -- The United States has welcomed the interim peace agreement signed by the Sudanese government and southern rebels as a "strong indication" that an end to the two-decade-old civil conflict in the African country may be within reach.
  • U-S-ANGOLA VOA 22 Jul 2002 -- The United States has praised progress being made in peace efforts in Angola, even though a Saturday deadline was missed for the full de-mobilization of UNITA rebels. The senior U-S diplomat for African Affairs, Walter Kansteiner, is visiting Angola for talks on the peace process this week.
  • ISRAEL PALESTINIANS VOA 22 Jul 2002 -- An attack by an Israeli warplane at a location in the Gaza Strip late Monday night has killed at least 10 people and wounded as many as 100 others.
  • EGYPT / REVOLUTION VOA 22 Jul 2002 -- Egyptian President Honsi Mubarak says Israel should seize what he calls a "historic chance" for peace with Arab nations. Mubarak made the comments in a speech marking the 50th anniversary of a coup that overthrew the country's British-backed monarchy.

Defense Policy / Programs

  • Transcript: DoD News Briefing - Secretary Rumsfeld and Gen. Myers 22 Jul 2002 -- "Our operations today consist mainly of smaller operations, cave- by-cave searches, sweeps for arms, intelligence, small pockets of terrorists as they have dispersed. Understandably, forces are now rotating out of Afghanistan, including from the U.K. and Canada, even as they continue to play a critical role elsewhere in the world. Meanwhile, Turkey has increased its Afghan presence, sending some 1,400 troops to Kabul to assume leadership of the International Security Assistance Force. Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands will soon deploy F-16 fighters to Kurdistan for air operations over Afghanistan. Romania is deploying an infantry battalion to Afghanistan and has offered an infantry mountain company, a nuclear, biological and chemical response company and four MiG-21 fighters. And Slovakia will soon deploy an engineering unit. Special Operation forces from Norway, Denmark, Germany, Australia and other nations continue to work with U.S. Special Forces teams on the ground, combing through the caves, searching for Taliban and al Qaeda fugitives, gathering critical intelligence information."
  • U-2 getting improved reconnaissance capability AFPN 22 Jul 2002 -- "To stay current with the latest reconnaissance technology, the U-2 fleet here is being upgraded from Block 0, or "legacy" aircraft, to the new Block 10 configuration. The $1.4 billion project, which began in 1998 and will be completed in the next two years, improves the aircraft's data-collecting capability by upgrading the airframe, sensors and data links."
  • Carrier Air Wing Five Completes At-Sea Period Navy Newsstand 22 Jul 2002 -- Carrier Air Wing Five (CVW-5) recently returned to its forward-deployed operating base, Naval Air Facility (NAF) Atsugi, Japan, after approximately seven weeks of training aboard USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63).

Defense Industry

News Reports

  • Toppling Saddam Hussein VOA 22 Jul 2002 -- In recent days, public debate has intensified over the wisdom and feasibility of U-S military involvement in toppling the government of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. Analysts differ on the merits of a U-S led military campaign and they question what kind of government might replace the Iraqi dictator. With this Dateline report on the prospects for toppling Saddam Hussein, here's Judith Latham.

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