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18 July 2002 Military News

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Current Operations

  • U.S. Pilots, High-Tech Aircraft Triumph Over Afghan Weather, Terrain AFPS 18 Jul 2002-- "The Taliban was our greatest threat, but the weather was our greatest challenge and hazard," an Army helicopter pilot told reporters at the Pentagon today.
  • Operations Continue in Eastern Afghanistan AFPS 18 Jul 2002 -- U.S. and coalition troops continue the painstaking process of searching eastern Afghanistan for al Qaeda and Taliban fighters, Combined Joint Task Force 180 officials said July 18.
  • GREEK TERROR VOA 18 Jul 2002 -- Greek police say they have captured a ringleader and three members of a shadowy terrorist organization that has been linked to 23 killings since 1975. Police say two of the men have confessed to taking part in the assassinations of U-S and British officials.
  • U.S., India Commit to Intensifying Cooperation Against Terrorism Washington File 18 Jul 2002 -- The U.S.-India Joint Working Group on Counterterrorism met for the fifth time since January 2000 in Washington July 11-12, and issued a joint statement in which the Indian and U.S. governments committed to intensifying their cooperation against terrorism.

Other Conflicts

  • ISRAEL / PALESTINIANS VOA 18 Jul 2002 -- Israel is tightening restrictions on Palestinians in the West Bank
  • SPAIN / MOROCCO VOA 18 Jul 2002 -- Spain has offered to withdraw its troops from an uninhabited Mediterranean island it occupied Wednesday in a dispute with Morocco -- but only if Morocco pledges not to send its own soldiers back to the island. Morocco, in turn, is demanding an unconditional Spanish withdrawal from the rocky islet before the two countries can begin talks.
  • U-S / MIDEAST TALKS VOA 18 Jul 2002 -- The foreign ministers of Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia have presented the Bush administration with a series of proposals aimed at setting up a reformed Palestinian government that could lead to statehood after Palestinian elections in January. The Arab ministers held talks with Secretary of State Colin Powell in advance of an afternoon White House meeting with President Bush.
  • BUSH / MIDEAST VOA 18 Jul 2002 -- President Bush vowed to push ahead with plans for Mideast peace Thursday despite the resumption of suicide bombings in Israel. The president held White House talks with the foreign ministers of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan.

Defense Policy / Programs

  • PENTAGON / FOAM BOMB VOA 18 Jul 2002 -- The Pentagon is exploring new ways of attacking underground sites containing chemical or biological weapons, including the idea of a deep-penetrating bomb designed not to blow up a target -- but to seal it off with an impenetrable substance like sticky foam.
  • Transcript: General Kernan Briefs on Millennium Challenge 2002 18 Jul 2002 -- "Millennium Challenge '02 begins next week. It starts on the 24th of July, and it runs through 15 August, and it includes the efforts of about 13,500 people stretched across the United States in nine live-force training locations and 17 simulation locations.(...) Our main intent here in this experiment is to determine the extent to which our forces are able to establish and maintain knowledge superiority, assure access into and throughout the battle space, leverage all national elements of power, and sustain ourselves as we conduct operations against adversaries that may come at us very differently than we have experienced in the past."
  • Largest Military Experiment to Test Transformation Theories AFPS 18 Jul 2002 -- The U.S. Joint Forces Command is about to test U.S. military transformation theories by conducting the largest, most complex military experiment in history. Called Millennium Challenge 2002, the experiment will combine live forces with simulation to test the theories, equipment and doctrine U.S. forces will use.
  • Wolfowitz Tells Troops U.S. Not An"Army of Occupation"in Afghanistan Washington File 18 Jul 2002 -- Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz told American military personnel in Afghanistan that a fundamental principle of the U.S. mission in the country was its function as an "army of liberation, not an army of occupation."
  • U.S. Relations with South Asia Called Central to War on Terrorism Washington File 18 Jul 2002 -- Assistant Secretary of State for South Asian Affairs Christina Rocca said that the United States' relationships with South Asian states have been central to the successful prosecution of the war on terrorism. Rocca was speaking before the Middle East and South Asia Subcommittee of the House International Relations Committee on July 18.
  • Wolfowitz Says Democracy in Iraq Would Benefit Whole World Washington File 18 Jul 2002 -- A democratic government in Iraq that truly cares for the welfare of its people would benefit not only Iraqis but the region and the whole world as well, U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz said July 17 in Ankara, Turkey.

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