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09 July 2002 Military News

Other Conflicts
Defense Policy / Programs
Defense Industry
News Reports

Current Operations

  • 82nd Airborne replacing 101st in Afghanistan Army News Service 09 Jul 2002-- The second battalion of paratroopers from the 82nd Airborne Division began arriving at Kandahar Airfield this week to replace air assault troops of Task Force Rakkasan.
  • AFGHANISTAN ASSASSINTION VOA 09 Jul 2002-- The assassination of Afghanistan's vice-president, Hajji Abdul Qadir in Kabul over the weekend sent shock waves through several American newspapers, worried about its potential destabilizing effects
  • PHILIPPINES/U-S VOA 09 Jul 2002-- The next military exercise between U-S troops and Philippine soldiers will include another restive province in the southern Philippines

Other Conflicts

  • Security Council members voice disappointment at slow progress in Cyprus talks United Nations 09 Jul 2002-- Following a briefing by a senior United Nations envoy on the ongoing Cyprus talks, the members of the Security Council today expressed disappointment that, despite the personal involvement of Secretary-General Kofi Annan, including his visit to the island in May, progress remained "disappointingly slow" and the June target date for agreement had not been met.
  • Security Council to begin talks on Somalia draft resolution, President says United Nations 09 Jul 2002-- The United Nations Security Council will be considering a draft resolution on Somalia this week as it looks for progress on the situation in that country, the current President of the 15-member body said today.
  • A New U-S Middle East Policy VOA 09 Jul 2002-- President Bush's recent policy speech [6/24/02] on the way to peace in the Middle East elicited a mixed response. Israel welcomed his call for a change in the Palestinian leadership while Arab and European reaction was muted. Middle East specialists in the United States also have voiced strong reactions to what they consider the strengths and weaknesses of the new policy
  • ISRAEL / PALESTINIANS VOA 09 Jul 2002-- Palestinian sources say Israeli troops shot and killed a leading member of the Islamic Jihad militant group in the West Bank

Defense Policy / Programs

  • DOD EXPANDS SHAD INVESTIGATION 09 Jul 2002 -- The Department of Defense announced today an expansion of the Shipboard Hazard and Defense investigation. A team of investigators will travel to Dugway Proving Ground in mid-August to review Deseret Test Center records.

Defense Industry

News Reports

  • PAKISTAN'S FIGHT AGAINST TERRORISM VOA 09 Jul 2002-- Pakistan is stepping up its efforts against terrorists. Hundreds of troops are now scouring the tribal areas of northwest Pakistan for al-Qaida fighters who escaped from Afghanistan. Pakistan is mounting raids in response to recent terrorist attacks such as the car bombing at the U-S consulate in Karachi. Teresita Schaffer is director of the South Asia program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. She says that terrorism poses an even graver threat to Pakistan than to the West.
  • P-L-O / NEW YORK COUNCIL VOA 09 Jul 2002-- While President Bush addressed Wall Street (Tuesday) the New York City Council discussed a resolution asking the U-S government to close the Palestinian Liberation Organization [P-L-O] Mission to the United Nations
  • POWELL-SOUTH ASIA VOA 09 Jul 2002-- Secretary of State Colin Powell says he plans to visit India and Pakistan later this month in a further U-S effort to ease tensions between the two South Asian powers. He told Senators Tuesday he will try to get a dialogue going but that it is up to the parties themselves to resolve the Kashmir issue
  • ISRAEL / DEFENSE VOA 09 Jul 2002-- Israel has sworn in a new head of the country's defense forces, Moshe Ya'alon.
  • Humanitarian Mine Action: The Landmine Threat and the Response to It Washington File 09 Jul 2002-- There are more than 100 landmine and/or UXO-affected [unexploded ordnance] countries in the world. Approximately 20 of these (e.g. Angola, Afghanistan, Croatia, Egypt, Cambodia) are heavily affected
  • Bush Goals: Win War, Protect Homeland, Strengthen Economy AFPS 09 Jul 2002-- Winning the war on terrorism and protecting the American homeland require a sustained national commitment, according to President Bush.
  • SHAPE NEWS MORNING UPDATE 09 Jul 2002-- U.S. hails Greek success against urban guerrillas
  • SHAPE NEWS SUMMARY & ANALYSIS 09 Jul 2002-- Peacekeepers on high alert as nation observes day of morning for slain official

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