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18 June 2002 Military News

Other Conflicts
Defense Policy / Programs
Defense Industry
News Reports

Current Operations

  • AFGHAN POL VOA 18 Jun 2002 -- Afghanistan's interim president has asked delegates of a grand elective council, or Loya Jirga, for one more day to finalize his cabinet. However, there is still a difference of opinion about whether the cabinet must be submitted to the council for ratification.
  • CONGRESS TERRORISM VOA 18 Jun 2002 -- Key U-S lawmakers from the joint House-Senate Intelligence Committee have resumed their closed door hearing into the September 11th terrorist attacks. The committee will be hearing today (Tuesday) from three top U-S officials from the law enforcement and intelligence community.
  • CONGRESS / HOMELAND SECURITY VOA 18 Jun 2002 -- The U-S Congress is reviewing President's Bush's proposal for a cabinet-level Homeland Security agency after receiving the plan from White House officials Tuesday.
  • PENTAGON/TERRORISTS VOA 18 Jun 2002 -- Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld says he is "greatly pleased" with the steady flow of arrests of terrorist suspects worldwide.

Other Conflicts

  • ISRAEL / BUS BOMB VOA 18 Jun 2002 -- Israeli police say at least 19 people were killed and dozens injured when a Palestinian suicide bomber detonated explosives on a crowded bus in Jerusalem.
  • EGYPT / U-S PEACE PLAN VOA 18 Jun 2002 -- Egypt's al Hayat newspaper is reporting President Mubarak has received a summary of President Bush's soon to be announced peace plan for the Middle East. High-level Egyptian government officials were quoted as saying "the proposals for peace focus on two main elements."
  • CQ BUSH/BOMBING VOA 18 Jun 2002 -- President Bush has condemned the latest suicide bombing in Jerusalem. The blast ripped off the roof and sides of a commuter bus filled with children and office workers, leaving 19 Israelis dead and dozens more injured. This new violence comes as the president prepares to unveil a plan for moving the Mideast peace process forward.

Defense Policy / Programs

  • Congressional Report: Homeland Security, Terrorism Washington File 18 Jun 2002 -- Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge formally presented to the U.S. Congress June 18 President Bush's detailed proposal to create a new cabinet-level Department of Homeland Security.
  • DARPA System Looks to Provide Artillery Support AFIS 18 Jun 2002 -- Net Fires is one alternative system the Defense Department is looking at to provide artillery support in place of the Crusader artillery system. Defense officials want to stress accuracy in artillery fire and bring to Army and Marine Corps groundpounders the same capabilities that precision- guided munitions have brought to Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps aviators.

Defense Industry

News Reports

  • RWANDA / JUSTICE VOA 18 Jun 2002 -- Rwandan President Paul Kagame has revived a traditional court system to hear the cases of more than 100-thousand people accused of taking part in the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. The genocide suspects will be taken to the scene of the alleged crimes and judged by their neighbors.
  • SAUDI / ARRESTS VOA 18 Jun 2002 -- Saudi Arabia announced the arrest of 13 people for planning terrorist attacks in the country. The official Saudi Press Agency says seven of the suspects have been linked to the al-Qaida terrorist network.
  • SHAPE Morning News Update 18 Jun 2002 -- Italian anti-terrorism officials meeting with FBI agents in New York, and discussing plans for countering terrorist groups in Italy and the United States.
  • SHAPE Afternoon News Update 18 Jun 2002 -- In a small breakthrough for its stuttering common defense policy, the EU agreed Monday on how to finance future peacekeeping operations, ending months of wrangling. Under the accord, spending on military operations will reportedly be split between common costs, to be paid for collectively out of the EU budget, and individual costs to be met by participating nations.

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