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11 June 2002 Military News

Other Conflicts
Defense Policy / Programs
Defense Industry
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Current Operations

Other Conflicts

  • ISRAEL / PALESTINIANS VOA 11 Jun 2002-- A bomb has exploded near a school bus in the West Bank, injuring three Israeli teenagers, one seriously
  • Three Tracks of Mideast Strategy Must Proceed Concurrently Washington File 11 Jun 2002-- State Department Spokesman Richard Boucher said the three tracks of the U.S. Middle East peace strategy, comprising political negotiations, security cooperation, and Palestinian institution building, must proceed together because they are "mutually reinforcing."
  • POWELL-MIDEAST VOA 11 Jun 2002-- Secretary of State Colin Powell says President Bush will announce steps to advance the Middle East peace process shortly after talks later this week with Saudi Arabia's Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal. He also again denied there has been any U-S "green light" for Israeli raids in the West Bank

Defense Policy / Programs

  • U-S MILITARY / TESTS ON SAILORS VOA 11 Jun 2002-- The U-S Defense Department recently revealed that it may have exposed hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Navy sailors to hazardous chemical and biological agents during a series of tests conducted in the 1960's. Now, a U-S senator is calling for a full investigation of the matter
  • Secretary Rumsfeld Media Availability in Qatar 11 Jun 2002-- Rumsfeld: Needless to say, a third worry is the fact that we know al Qaeda and Taliban left Afghanistan and transited into Iran and into Pakistan and it's conceivable that some of them might decide that it would be in their interest to create an incident, purposely, not for the benefit of Kashmir, but to cause a conflict between India and Pakistan, with the hope that they could pick up the pieces to their advantage.
  • Interview with Matt Lauer, NBC "TODAY" 11 Jun 2002-- WOLFOWITZ: What we're about here is preventing -- preventing him from doing further acts, preventing those about whom he may have knowledge from doing further acts. We're holding him now as an enemy combatant. And as an enemy combatant, he's the same as any other enemy combatant. If it came to a point of prosecution, then he would have to go back into the civil court.
  • Interview with Jane Clayson, CBS "Early Show" 11 Jun 2002-- WOLFOWITZ: We've got to be very concerned about a whole range of weapons of mass destruction. The president has pointed this out over and over again. This particular individual, Mr. Padilla, Mr. Muhajir, whatever you prefer to call him, was in the very early stages of his planning. I don't think there was actually a plot beyond some fairly loose talk and his coming in here obviously to plan further deeds.

Defense Industry

  • Team vigilant brings global capability to the uk watchkeeper programme BAE Systems 11 Jun 2002 -- Following the recent submission of its proposal for the UK Ministry of Defence WATCHKEEPER requirement, BAE Systems has today announced details of Team Vigilant, an international team created for the next phase of the WATCHKEEPER programme.
  • Honeywell-GE Tank Engine Passes First-Run Test; New LV100-5 Testing Ahead Of Program Schedule GE Aviation 11 Jun 2002 -- Honeywell [NYSE: HON] and GE Aircraft Engines, a division of General Electric Company [NYSE: GE], announced today that the LV100-5 engine the companies are co-building in a 50/50 partnership has successfully passed the First Engine To Test (FETT) milestone, six days ahead of schedule.
  • F-22 2,000th Flight Hour Lockheed Martin 11 Jun 2002 -- Happy 2,000! The U.S. Air Force-led F-22 Combined Test Force at Edwards AFB, Calif., has surpassed the 2,000 flight test hours in just over 900 test missions since Raptor 4001 - "the Spirit of America" - first began flying on September 7, 1997.

News Reports

  • U.S. Works to Stop Proliferation of Unmanned Air Vehicles Washington File 11 Jun 2002-- Van Diepen: These same attributes of UAVs that are so useful for the U.S. military -- for example, the ability to strike targets with precision and substantial protection from interception and to collect real-time intelligence -- make UAVs in the hands of our adversaries a threat to us and to our friends and allies. Moreover, UAVs are potential delivery systems for weapons of mass destruction (WMD), and indeed are ideally suited for the delivery of chemical and biological weapons (CBW) given UAVs' ability to disseminate aerosols in the right places at the right altitudes. And while, thus far, the primary concern for adversary use of WMD-armed UAVs has been with nation-states -- such as Iraq, which has been converting L-29 trainer aircraft to UAVs for probable CBW use -- there is a potential for terrorist groups to produce or acquire small UAVs and use them for CBW delivery.
  • Tracking Informal Terrorist Financing Next Task of U.S.-led Coalition Washington File 11 Jun 2002-- The United States and its coalition partners must search out terrorist finances outside the mainstream financial systems as they enter the next phase of the fight against terrorist financing, Under Secretary of Treasury Kenneth Dam says.
  • Bush: Campaign Against Terrorism Will Be "Long and Dangerous" Washington File 11 Jun 2002-- Bush: We face cold-blooded killers that hate the freedoms we cherish. And with the spread of chemical and biological and nuclear weapons, along with ballistic missile technology, freedom's enemies could attain catastrophic power. And there's no doubt that they would use that power to attack us and to attack the values we uphold.
  • Intelligence, Not Prosecution, Is U.S. First Priority With Padilla AFPS 11 Jun 2002-- The United States is more interested in extracting intelligence information than in prosecuting Jose Padilla, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said today.
  • TERROR ARREST VOA 11 Jun 2002-- U-S officials have announced the arrest of an alleged al-Qaida terrorist who they believed was planning to detonate a radioactive dirty bomb in the United States.
  • Rumsfeld: War on terrorism not 'easy, quick fix' AFPN 11 Jun 2002-- Ridding the world of terrorism is a campaign that will not be won anytime soon, according to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.
  • SHAPE NEWS SUMMARY & ANALYSIS 11 Jun 2002-- Morocco uncovers Al Qaeda plot
  • SHAPE NEWS MORNING UPDATE 11 Jun 2002-- U.S. says it could strike first against terrorists

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