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03 June 2002 Military News

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Current Operations

  • PHILIPPINES/WOLFOWITZ VOA 03 June 2002-- The United States and the Philippines are considering extending joint anti-terror military exercises in the southern Philippines aimed at eliminating the Muslim extremist group, Abu Sayyaf
  • Afghan Firefight Results in 'Friendly Force' Casualties AFPS 03 Jun 2002-- American and allied Afghan military forces conducting a raid May 31 mistakenly fired on other friendly Afghan troops, killing two and wounding three, a U.S. military official reported from Afghanistan today
  • Wolfowitz Meets with U.S. Troops in Philippines AFPS 03 Jun 2002-- Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz met with U.S. service members fighting the war on terrorism in a different, vital manner.

Other Conflicts

Defense Policy / Programs

  • Deputy Secretary Wolfowitz Media Availability En Route to the United States 03 June 2002-- Wolfowitz: Oh, yeah. The Philippines specifically, it's -- well, first of all, what our -- the young men and women are doing is, once again, incredibly impressive, everything from just the sheer competence of our pilots in both the C-130 and the helicopter. And realizing that, you know, they're -- that even the C-130 was taking a combat approach. If you noticed that sort of rapid descent, and firing off the many guns on the way into Basilan, it -- they're doing this. You know, it's not a -- doing it one time, it's not a big deal, but they're in this situation every day. And it's dangerous work. They do it very professionally.
  • Secretary Rumsfeld Meeting with Washington Post Editorial Board 03 June 2002-- Rumsfeld: There's no doubt in my mind but that the al Qaeda have cells all over the world. They've got people that were trained, they'd have to be in an organization that big, all the people that were trained, there has to be six, eight, ten, twelve, fifteen people who know where the bank accounts are, who know the people that were trained, who know what the techniques are, who could pick it up. I don't know whether UBL is active today or not, I don't have any idea. My guess is if he were active that we would know it.
  • Background Briefing on Secretary Rumsfeld's Trip 03 June 2002--Sr Def. Official: A second major area is structuring or restructuring the command system in NATO. We are obviously in the process of reforming our command structure here in the United States, and I think a broad consensus is emerging within the alliance that NATO needs to do the same to take advantage of changes in the threat, as well as reacting to the different kinds of contingencies that NATO forces might be involved in, in the future. We want -- so I think we'll be focusing a lot of the discussion in that area. What is the relevancy of the current command structure to the evolving threat environment? How can we make a cleaner set of command arrangements more efficient, saving resources but at the same time making them more flexible and more deployable? And finally, as the United States is transforming its forces, how can we tie in NATO and allied forces, which are also transforming in their own way, and tie those processes together? So we're very much focused on that idea.
  • Wolfowitz Press Conference at Manila Peninsula Hotel 03 June 2002-- Wolfowitz: The Philippines has been our partner in many difficult circumstances going back to World War II and events after World War II, and now in this war on terrorism. We find ourselves standing together, both our countries believing deeply in democracy, in human rights, both of our countries threatened by terrorists who deeply oppose those values and who believe in the killing of innocents as a way to advance their terrible agenda-which is an agenda that aims to take the world's Muslim population back to some medieval notion of intolerance and bigotry and repression. The efforts that we have underway here in the Philippines today between our two governments and also very definitely between our two governments and also very definitely between our two defense departments, which is-I'm here to represent the defense department-are aimed at advancing that struggle against worldwide terrorism.
  • Defense Department Briefing Transcript 03 June 2002-- U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld will leave June 4 to attend the NATO defense ministers' meetings in Brussels, visit three Persian Gulf states, and meet officials in India and Pakistan, senior defense officials say.
  • INDONESIA / U-S MILITARY TIES VOA 03 June 2002-- The Bush Administration says it wants to restore partial military ties between the United States and Indonesia severed in 1999 after Indonesian-backed militias destroyed much of East Timor during its vote for independence

Defense Industry

News Reports

  • O-A-S / TERRORISM VOA 03 Jun 2002-- The foreign ministers of all but five nations in the Americas have signed a sweeping anti-terrorism treaty, nearly nine months after the September 11th attacks in New York and Washington
  • BUSH/ TERRORISM VOA 03 Jun 2002-- President Bush says federal law enforcement and spy agencies are changing to meet the new demands of the war on terrorism and that better intelligence is needed to confront the terrorist threat
  • SHAPE NEWS SUMMARY & ANALYSIS 03 Jun 2002-- President Bush charts first-strike policy on terror
  • SHAPE NEWS MORNING UPDATE 03 June 2002-- Diplomats attempt to arrange Mideast peace conference, possibly in July

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