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20 May 2002 Military News

Other Conflicts
Defense Policy / Programs
Defense Industry
News Reports

Current Operations

  • AFGHAN/TERROR VOA 20 May 2002-- Questions have been raised in the United States over whether the Bush administration had any advance warning of last September's terrorist attacks and whether plans were already in place to strike al-Qaida targets in Afghanistan
  • AFGHAN/PENTAGON VOA 20 May 2002-- Coalition forces in eastern Afghanistan are pursuing the gunmen who killed a U-S Special Forces soldier
  • Defense Department Briefing Transcript Washington File 20 May 2002-- Newbold: Coalition aircraft observed a contrail [condensation trail] from a rocket or missile directed against them in the southern no-fly zone and took action against it. Coalition aircraft dropped precision weapons at a direction-finding system that supported the missile launch. And as you know, we'll review the battle damage assessment and get back to you with some results from that as soon as we know.

Other Conflicts

  • U-S-SUDAN VOA 20 May 2002-- Former senator John Danforth will stay on as the Bush administration's special envoy for Sudan as the United States continues working to end the nearly two-decade-long civil war in the African country
  • U.S. Condemns Recent Terrorist Attacks in Israel Washington File 20 May 2002-- BOUCHER: Let me make clear, first of all, and not in any denigrating manner, but we do condemn in the strongest possible terms the terrorist bombing in Netanya that left three Israelis dead, and another bombing today that killed no one other than the bomber. Our deepest condolences go out to the families of the victims of Sunday's attack.
  • U.S. "Strongly Concerned" Over India-Pakistan Tensions Washington File 20 May 2002-- BOUCHER: I would just say that we have made clear what our strong concerns are about potential for conflict between India and Pakistan. We have been working with both those governments to try to see if we can't use the excellent relations that they each have with the United States to contribute in some way to an easing of the tensions. We think the surest way to lower tensions and resolve disputes between the neighbors is through more dialogue between them, not less. That makes it important to keep their channels of direct communication open.

Defense Policy / Programs

Defense Industry

  • Performance-based eurofighter support system goes live BAE Systems 20 May 2002 -- Payment for Eurofighter spares and repairs will be linked to supplier performance, thanks to a BAE Systems-IFS support system which is now active, following three months of rigorous factory acceptance testing involving all four partner nations.
  • Eurofighter IPA1 passes further tests BAE Systems 20 May 2002 -- IPA1, the first production standard Eurofighter, based at BAE Systems Warton successfully completed five further flights within 10 days since her maiden flight.
  • Boeing Partnership With Warner Robins Expanded Boeing 20 May 2002 -- Boeing [NYSE: BA] and the Warner Robins Air Logistics Center or ALC, in Georgia are expanding their C-17 public-private partnership. The agreement, part of the C-17 Flexible Sustainment contract, authorizes Warner Robins ALC to conduct analytical condition inspections of seven U.S. Air Force C-17 aircraft during calendar year 2002. Additional inspections, called home-station checks, will also be performed on some of the C-17s.
  • Lockheed Martin's Atlas V Team Successfully Performs Second Practice Countdown to Prepare for First Launch Lockheed Martin 20 May 2002 -- Lockheed Martin's next-generation Atlas V vehicle passed another significant test on the launch pad last week on the way to its debut launch this summer. The Atlas team successfully completed the second 'wet dress rehearsal (WDR),' which is a practice countdown for actual launch. WDR number one was conducted successfully during the week of March 11.

News Reports

  • Terrorist Attack on U.S. Likely; Hunt Continues in Afghanistan AFPS 20 May 2002-- The al Qaeda terrorist network definitely has the will, the numbers of trained people and the resources to conduct another attack on the United States, Marine Corps Lt. Gen. Gregory Newbold said at a Pentagon news conference this morning.
  • TERROR WARNINGS VOA 20 May 2002-- There are new warnings about the possibility of more terrorist attacks against the United States. A day after Vice-president Dick Cheney told Americans to be prepared for another major attack, comes another warning from the F-B-I.
  • INTELLIGENCE FAILURES VOA 20 May 2002-- As members of Congress prepare to investigate what they call intelligence failures associated with the September 11th terrorist attacks, policy makers and average citizens alike are asking why U-S intelligence agencies don't cooperate more closely
  • Cheney Says Another Terror Attack is 'Almost Certain' (corrected copy) AFPS 20 May 2002-- Another terrorist attack on the United States is "almost certain," Vice President Dick Cheney warned Sunday on NBC's Meet the Press.
  • National Guard ending airport security mission Army News Service 20 May 2002-- Many Army National Guard troops are returning to life as they knew it before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks now that they are no longer helping to safeguard the nation's airports

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