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08 May 2002 Military News

Other Conflicts
Defense Policy / Programs
Defense Industry
News Reports

Current Operations

  • More than 500,000 Refugees Return to Afghanistan Washington File 08 May 2002-- Aid officials concerned about their long-term future
  • AFGHANISTAN / DISPLACED VOA 08 May 2002-- With the end of the fighting in most of Afghanistan, attention is focused on the estimated four million refugees who are beginning to return home, in droves. But another group of homeless Afghan families is also trying to resume their lives. More than one million displaced people, who also fled their homes, but -- instead of leaving the country -- took shelter inside Afghanistan
  • U.S. Won't Let Terrorists Destabilize Afghanistan AFPS 08 May 2002-- Given the nature of Afghanistan's porous borders and the fact some al Qaeda and Taliban forces are on the loose, U.S. and coalition forces still have work to do, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said Wednesday at the Pentagon.

Other Conflicts

  • Powell, Straw Ask "All Others" to Condemn Bombing in Mideast Washington File 08 May 2002-- Speaking for British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw as well as himself after the first of their meetings at the State Department May 8, Secretary of State Colin Powell expressed "deep regret" for the May 7 terrorist incidents in the Middle East, "which once again puts at risk the possibility of going forward."
  • NEPAL ATTACK VOA 08 May 2002-- Maoist Rebels in Nepal have overrun a joint army-police base in the western part of the country, reportedly killing more than 100 government troops
  • ISRAEL-PALESTINIANS VOA 08 May 2002-- The Israeli Army says it is poised to launch another major offensive against Palestinian areas, in the wake of the latest suicide bombing. The bomber detonated explosives in an Israeli pool hall, popular with teenagers, killing at least 14 people.
  • UNGA/JENIN DEBATE VOA 08 May 2002-- The United Nations General Assembly -- without the support of Washington -- has condemned Israel for rejecting a U-N probe into the Israeli assault on the Jenin refugee camp. The assembly held an emergency meeting Tuesday. at the request of Arab diplomats, after a politically deadlocked security council failed to censure the Jewish state last week

Defense Policy / Programs

  • Transcript: DoD News Briefing - Secretary Rumsfeld 08 May 2002 -- "After a good deal of consideration, I have decided to terminate the Crusader program. (...) We need joint, integrated approaches to battlefield challenges. We need weapons systems capable of producing the precise and timely destruction of enemy targets. This decision is not about any one weapon system, but really about a strategy of warfare, a strategy that drives the choices that we must make about how best to prepare our total forces for the future. This decision reflects the reality that with finite resources, which is always the case, it is necessary to make choices, and in doing so, to try to balance among the various near-term, medium-term and longer-term risks"
  • Transcript: DoD News Briefing - Deputy Secretary Wolfowitz and Army Secretary White 08 May 2002 -- "In preparing the defense planning guidance for Fiscal Year[s] '04- '09 we came to the conclusion that we need to shift some investment dollars to prepare the Army to meet future security challenges. (...) In addition, the Army has an ambitious and well-conceived program to develop a more rapidly deployable lethal transformation force. (...) Accordingly, the secretary has decided and the president has agreed to recommend to the Congress an amendment to the '03 budget request to terminate the Crusader program and to re-allocate the funds from Crusader to more transformational programs. (...) This decision is not about killing a bad system. This decision is about canceling a system originally designed for a different strategic context, to make room for more promising technologies that offer greater payoffs and are more consistent with the Army's overall transformation effort"
  • Eberhart Tabbed to Head U.S. Northern Command AFPS 08 May 2002-- The commander of the U.S. military's space and continental air defense assets has been chosen to lead the nation's premier military homeland defense organization.
  • Crusader howitzer gets the axe Army News Service 08 May 2002-- Planned as the replacement for the M109A6 Paladin Self-Propelled Howitzer, the Crusader program has just been officially terminated by the Department of Defense.

Defense Industry

News Reports

  • PAKISTAN / BOMBING VOA 08 May 2002-- At least 13 people have died in a suspected suicide car bomb attack in Pakistan. The victims include 10 French nationals two Pakistanis and the bomber

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