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19 April 2002 Military News

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Current Operations

  • Transcript: Allies Prepared to Help Afghans Defeat al Qaeda Remnants Washington File 19 Apr. 2002-- BOUCHER: First of all, US troops have not left Afghanistan. US and other governments, other countries have forces there. The British, as you know, are undertaking operations against al-Qaida remnants. The United States has done so. The Canadians are out there working with all of us. So there is a considerable international presence. At one point, including the International Security Assistance Forces, we counted something like 17 countries that had forces in Afghanistan trying to help not only get rid of the final remnants of this organization of al-Qaida and the Taliban, but also through the International Security Assistance process to maintain forces there to provide a certain sense of stability.
  • Secretary Rumsfeld Media Availability During Visit with Troops at Fort Lewis 19 Apr. 2002-- Rumsfeld: At the present time, there's been some mention in the press, I believe, out of the Philippines, to the effect that we're also putting in some construction folks to give a hand with some roads and some various civil-works types things that were needed in that area, from the standpoint of the army, the Philippine army, and so we're going to be doing that for a relatively brief period.
  • Gen. Myers Interview with Jim Lehrer Newshour, PBS 19 Apr. 2002-- Myers: A couple of points. As Secretary Rumsfeld said, and I think in that same article, we've got to stop doing things that we shouldn't be doing, that the military should not be doing. That will help in some cases. We're also realizing that this war on terrorism is going to be a marathon, not a sprint. So we've taken some actions to reduce, for instance, carrier presence in the Central Command area of operation.
  • CQ BUSH-AFGHAN BOMBING VOA 19 Apr. 2002-- President Bush says all Americans are deeply saddened by the deaths of four Canadian soldiers killed by a U-S bomb during a training exercise in Afghanistan
  • PHILIPPINES/U-S TROOPS VOA 19 Apr. 2002-- The Philippine government has approved the deployment of more than 300 American sailors to undertake civic projects in the southern Philippines
  • Rumsfeld Talks Philippines Mission, Middle East Peacekeeping at Lewis AFPS 19 Apr. 2002-- DoD doesn't anticipate hiking current levels of U.S. military support to the Philippines as part of efforts to suppress terrorists, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said today at Fort Lewis, Wash.

Other Conflicts

  • ROBINSON/ISRAEL VOA 19 Apr. 2002-- The United Nations human rights chief has called off a mission to Israel and the Palestinian territories to investigate alleged abuses
  • MIDDLE EAST FALL-OUT VOA 19 Apr. 2002-- The longer the Middle East conflict lasts, say observers, the greater its impact on other parts of the world
  • BUSH/JENIN VOA 19 Apr. 2002-- President Bush wants an investigation into the deaths at the Jenin refugee camp in the West Bank where Palestinians say Israeli troops massacred civilians
  • JENIN/U-N VOA 19 Apr. 2002-- Arab diplomats at the United Nations are pressing for a Security Council vote authorizing an investigation into the Israeli attacks on the West Bank refugee camp of Jenin, despite American reservations. The Council today (Friday) continued a second day of debate on the issue
  • CONGO / WAR VOA 19 Apr. 2002-- People in the Democratic Republic of Congo's capital, Kinshasa, are expressing pessimism amid a continuing deadlock in talks aimed at mapping out the political future of the Congo in Sun City, South Africa. The talks spilled into Friday, with government officials, rebel groups, and members of the unarmed opposition working to break an impasse on a power-sharing agreement that would end nearly four years of civil war
  • SUDAN ATTACK VOA 19 Apr. 2002-- The rebel Sudan Peoples Liberation Army has accused the Sudanese government of bombing civilians near oil-producing areas in southern Sudan
  • U-N AID/ PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES VOA 19 Apr. 2002-- United Nations agencies are distributing food and medical aid to the devastated Jenin refugee camp and are trying to reach other areas in the Palestinian territories
  • ISRAEL / PALESTINIANS VOA 19 Apr. 2002-- Israel says it has completed its withdrawal from the West Bank town of Jenin and the refugee camp there. The pull-out came one day after a U-N envoy visited the camp and described the situation "as horrific beyond belief."

Defense Policy / Programs

  • Myers: New UCP Addresses Security Issues, Not Politics AFPS 19 Apr. 2002-- The U.S. military's senior officer said April 18 that other countries will be geographically aligned with U.S. unified commands in order to better address mutual security issues, not for political reasons
  • Rumsfeld at TRANSCOM: Transformation Moves Forward AFPS 19 Apr. 2002-- Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld told a joint-service audience here April 18 that the transformation of the Department of Defense cannot be put on hold while the nation pursues the global war on terrorism.

Defense Industry

News Reports

  • U.S. Blocks Assets of 10 More Terrorism Financiers Washington File 19 Apr. 2002-- "Today we block the finances of an assortment of terrorists involved in financing and carrying out bombings, kidnappings and murder. We will continue to expose and shut down these thugs wherever we find them." -- Treasury Secretary Paul 'Neill
  • RUMSFELD/PRESS VOA 19 Apr. 2002-- Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld makes no apologies for keeping a tight rein on the Pentagon's disclosure of information on the war on terrorism. Despite this, journalists who might normally be disturbed often seem more amused
  • RUSSIA/SAUDI ARABIA VOA 19 Apr. 2002-- Saudi Arabia's foreign minister has reaffirmed that his country would not support an Arab world oil embargo in support of the Palestinian uprising. Prince Saud-al Faisal has been meeting with Russian leaders in Moscow, and says his country would support the Palestinians in other ways
  • ASIA/TERRORISM VOA 19 Apr. 2002-- Southeast Asian countries will step up cooperation in fighting terrorism
  • CONGRESS/SYRIA VOA 19 Apr. 2002-- U-S lawmakers say they will introduce legislation designed to deal with what they call Syria's continued sponsorship of terrorism
  • AXIS OF EVIL REACTION VOA 19 Apr. 2002-- The "axis of evil" label that President Bush has repeatedly attributed to Iraq, Iran and North Korea is puzzling observers of U-S foreign policy and worrying those who fear unilateral U-S military action could come against these countries. The Washington Atlantic Council research organization gathered a group of panelists Thursday to discuss what it described as dealing with difficult states.

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