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18 April 2002 Military News

Other Conflicts
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Current Operations

  • Deputy Secretary Wolfowitz Interview with New York Times 18 Apr. 2002-- Wolfowitz: If that seems like a roundabout answer to your question, what I'm -- it is in a way. The point is we haven't defined yet what the answer is to that problem, let's say the Iraqi problem. The president defined what the problem is, we are thinking through what solutions, what policies there can be, and in the mean time the world changes in certain ways. It opens up some options, makes others more difficult. It's not an accident that Iraq sees a great interest in fueling the Arab-Israeli conflict because it certainly makes things more difficult, but I don't think it's an either/or.
  • AFGHAN BOMBING UPDATE VOA 18 Apr. 2002-- At least four Canadian soldiers have been killed and at least eight others wounded in a so-called friendly fire incident near Kandahar in Afghanistan
  • Bush Promises Full Investigation of Bombing of Canadians in Afghanistan Washington File 18 Apr. 2002-- Bush: Canada is a vital member of a mighty coalition against terrorism and hatred. It is shouldering great burdens and making tremendous sacrifices to make the world a safer place for all people. It is doing so in defense of the values that define the Canadian nation and that unite our two peoples.
  • AFGHANISTAN / KING VOA 18 Apr. 2002-- Afghanistan's deposed king, Mohammed Zahir Shah, arrived in his homeland Thursday after nearly three decades in exile in Italy
  • PHILIPPINES/TERROR VOA 18 Apr. 2002-- An Indonesian man linked to Osama bin Laden's al-Qaida terrorist network has been sentenced to 10 to 12 years in prison Thursday, after pleading guilty to illegal possession of explosives in the Philippinesv
  • Secretary Rumsfeld Town Hall Meeting with Troops at Scott Air Force Base, Ill. 18 Apr. 2002-- Rumsfeld: But our job, of course, does not end with Afghanistan. We have to pursue them. We have to see that we help train other countries. We currently have some forces, modest numbers -- in Georgia -- the former Soviet republic of Georgia; in Yemen. We have some forces in the Philippines who are helping to train and develop capabilities on the part of the local nationals in those countries, so that they can do a better job of preventing other safe havens for terrorists to develop.

Other Conflicts

  • Jenin/UN Debate VOA 18 Apr. 2002-- Israel has rejected a proposal by United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan to send a large multinational force to Palestinian areas to prevent further violence. The message was delivered during the opening of a Security Council debate Thursday on the devastation in the West Bank refugee camp of Jenin
  • REACTION TO POWELL TRIP VOA 18 Apr. 2002-- President Bush says Secretary of State Colin Powell made some progress on his trip to the Middle East, but he is not getting much agreement. Israeli troops continue to invade and occupy the West Bank despite the President's telling them to withdraw. Arab leaders say the Powell trip illustrates the one-sided U-S support of Israel
  • U.S. Cites Progress Achieved in Assisting Mideast Parties Towards Peace Washington File 18 Apr. 2002-- Reeker said the United States continues to call upon Israel to "respect humanitarian principles and to facilitate access by humanitarian organizations and services" to the Palestinian population.
  • Annan Calls for Peacekeepers in Occupied Territories Washington File 18 Apr. 2002-- US will study proposal very seriously, Negroponte says
  • Transcript: Bush Praises Powell's Message of "Hope and Peace" to Mideast Washington File 18 Apr. 2002-- Bush: This is a part of the world where killing had been going on for a long, long time. And one trip by the Secretary of State is not going to prevent that from happening, but one trip by the Secretary of State laid out the framework and the path to achieve peace. The United States has an obligation to do just that, and he did. And I have done that. And we will continue to do that.
  • MIDEAST: SNUBBED, POWELL RETURNS 'EMPTY-HANDED' Foreign Media Reaction 18 Apr. 2002-- Israelis split along right/left lines on whether reoccupation of the territories or internationalization of the peace process offers the most promise
  • CONGRESS ARAFAT VOA 18 Apr. 2002-- Two U-S Senators have introduced legislation that would impose sanctions on the Palestinian Authority if its President, Yasser Arafat, does not do more to end violence against Israelis
  • CONGRESS/SYRIA VOA 18 Apr. 2002-- U-S lawmakers say they will introduce legislation designed to deal with what they call Syria's continued sponsorship of terrorism
  • MIDEAST/ANNAN VOA 18 Apr. 2002-- United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan has suggested sending a large, armed, multi-national force to Palestinian areas to stave off further violence in the area
  • RUSSIA CHECHNYA VOA 18 Apr. 2002-- A powerful explosion killed at least 17 police officers today (Thursday) in Grozny, capital of the breakaway Russian republic of Chechnya. The blast came just hours before Russian President Vladimir Putin said in his annual state of the nation address that the military conflict in Chechnya is over
  • KATY SALMON VOA 18 Apr. 2002-- While the warring parties in the Democratic Republic of Congo have been holding peace talks in Sun City, South Africa, there has been an upsurge in fighting in eastern Congo

Defense Policy / Programs

  • PENTAGON/AFRICA VOA 18 Apr. 2002-- The newly-revised U-S global military organization plan unveiled this past week still leaves one major world geographic area uncovered by its own unique and dedicated American military command

Defense Industry

News Reports

  • AXIS OF EVIL REACTION VOA 18 Apr. 2002-- The "axis of evil" label that President Bush has repeatedly attributed to Iraq, Iran and North Korea is puzzling observers of U-S foreign policy and worrying those who fear unilateral U-S military action could come against these countries. The Washington Atlantic Council research organization gathered a group of panelists Thursday to discuss what it described as dealing with difficult states
  • CONGRESS BIOTERROR VOA 18 Apr. 2002-- Senate Democrats pressed the Bush administration's top health official to do more to better prepare the nation's health care system to respond to victims of bioterrorism
  • PENTAGON/IRAQ VOA 18 Apr. 2002-- Pentagon officials say they are keeping a close eye on Iraq and its weapons development efforts, even as the main focus of U-S military activities remains Afghanistan
  • BUSH COLOMBIA VOA 18 Apr. 2002-- President Bush wants to let Colombia's military use U-S equipment to fight leftist rebels
  • Iraqi Funds, Training Fuel Islamic Terror Group Washington File 18 Apr. 2002-- This article first appeared in The Christian Science Monitor on April 2, 2002, and is reproduced with permission. (c) 2002, The Christian Science Publishing Society. All rights reserved. (Republication not permitted in Kuwait
  • U.S. Pacific Chief Says Cooperation Critical to Fighting Terrorism Washington File 18 Apr. 2002-- The key to success against international terrorism in the Asia-Pacific region "is relentless pressure against the terrorists and their support, and unprecedented international cooperation in the campaign," Blair said in a speech to the Asia Society in Hong Kong April 18
  • Ex-smuggler describes Iraqi plot to blow up U.S. warship Washington File 18 Apr. 2002-- This article first appeared in The Christian Science Monitor on April 3, 2002, and is reproduced with permission. (c) 2002, The Christian Science Publishing Society. All rights reserved. (Republication not permitted in Kuwait
  • HONG KONG / U-S VOA 18 Apr. 2002-- The U-S Commander for the Pacific says China does not have the military strength to occupy Taiwan. He also says the U-S military would be interested in using Vietnam's Cam Ranh Bay air and naval base once the Russians pull out
  • SHAPE NEWS MORNING UPDATE 18 Apr. 2002-- Karzai plays royal card with ex-Afghan king return
  • SHAPE NEWS SUMMARY & ANALYSIS 18 Apr. 2002-- NATO to invite Russia to join summit if final agreement reached

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