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29 March 2002 Military News

Other Conflicts
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Current Operations

  • Turkey - Afghanistan VOA 29 Mar. 2002-- Turkey on Friday announced that it had agreed in principle to take over command of the international peace keeping force in Afghanistan
  • U-S / AFGHANISTAN / PAKISTAN VOA 29 Mar. 2002-- A top U-S military official indicates there was American involvement in a series of raids in Pakistan this week on suspected al-Qaida terrorist hide-outs
  • AFGHAN / MILITARY VOA 29 Mar. 2002-- The first U-S soldier killed in the recent Operation Anaconda sweep against al-Qaida fighters in eastern Afghanistan may have been a so-called friendly fire casualty.
  • General Franks Briefs at the Pentagon 29 Mar. 2002 -- "Well, our operations in Afghanistan remain focused on searching for pockets of remaining Taliban and al Qaeda. Over the past few days, our forces have taken into custody a number of additional detainees. That number now stands in Afghanistan at 236 being held. A number of caches of ammunition, documents, computers, have also been seized in the last couple of days"

Other Conflicts

  • U-N / MIDEAST VOA 29 Mar. 2002-- The U-N Security Council met in emergency session late into the night Friday to debate what to do about Israeli-Palestinian violence, which has escalated to new levels on the West Bank and inside Israel
  • SISCO AND LIEBER VOA 29 Mar. 2002-- Former Undersecretary of State Joseph Sisco and Georgetown University Government Professor Robert Lieber joined News Now's Frank Whiteis in the studio earlier today to talk about the escalating violence -- and the possibility of a ceasefire.
  • PALESTINIAN PASSOVER BOMBING VOA 29 Mar. 2002-- Newspapers around the world have reacted with frustration over the latest Palestinian suicide bombing in Israel. Those dailies not yet commenting on the latest attack, at a Passover Seder that killed at least 20 people, are taking a pessimistic view of the Arab League summit where the Saudi peace plan has been formally introduced.
  • ISRAEL / ARAFAT VOA 29 Mar. 2002-- Israeli tanks have plowed into Yasser Arafat's West Bank office compound in Ramallah and heavy fighting was reported there all day Friday. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has declared the Palestinian leader an enemy and says he will isolate Mr. Arafat as part of a campaign to end terrorist attacks against Israelis. But Palestinians see more sinister motivations in the Israeli military action
  • Abraham Sofaer on the Middle East VOA 29 Mar. 2002-- Abraham Sofaer was a legal advisor on Middle East affairs to the State Department from 1985 to 1990, and his experience makes him skeptical that another cease-fire will work. He tells News Now's Tom Crosby that he believes both sides should begin the process with some incremental, but significant steps -- something that would show both parties are prepared to make practical adjustments.
  • JENTLESON on the ME Crisis VOA 29 Mar. 2002-- Bruce Jentleson says prospects for achieving a ceasefire are in doubt
  • SIERRA LEONE POL VOA 29 Mar. 2002-- Political leaders in Sierra Leone are welcoming the U-N Security Council's decision (Thursday) to keep peacekeepers in the country for another six months. They say the peacekeepers' presence will be essential to ensuring that presidential elections in May - the first since the 10-year civil war ended - are carried out smoothly
  • ISRAEL/BOMB BLAST VOA 29 Mar. 2002-- A female suicide bomber has blown herself up at a supermarket in a southern Jerusalem neighborhood. Two people were killed, and at least 24 people were injured. Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, a militant group linked to Yasser Arafat's Fatah movement, has claimed responsibility
  • ISRAEL / PALESTINIANS VOA 29 Mar. 2002-- The Israeli government has declared Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat an "enemy" and has sent troops into his compound in the West Bank
  • SRI LANKA / REBEL TALKS VOA 29 Mar. 2002-- Thailand says it will host peace talks between the Sri Lankan government and Tamil Tiger rebels - the first face-to-face talks in seven years. The announcement came Friday in Bangkok after a meeting between Thai officials and Norwegian mediators

Defense Policy / Programs

  • B-1 is tailor-made for Operation Enduring Freedom AFPN 29 Mar. 2002-- It has been called the "monster truck" of the U.S. bomber fleet. It flies low, fast and long distance, and has the largest payload of any bomber, including the B-52 Stratofortress

Defense Industry

News Reports

  • Peacekeeping in the Shadows VOA 29 Mar. 2002-- More than 3000 men and women from the Tenth Mountain Division based at Fort Drum near the town of Watertown in New York State are deployed in the Yugoslavian province of Kosovo. They're enforcing a delicate peace between Kosovar Serbs and Kosovar Albanians. And they're helping to rebuild a region torn apart by war. But for the individual soldier, the daily grind of peacekeeping can sometimes obscure the mission

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