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28 March 2002 Military News

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Current Operations

  • AFGHAN/RUMSFELD VOA 28 Mar. 2002-- Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is again appealing to the international community to do more to help enhance Afghanistan's security
  • U-S / WAR IMPACT VOA 28 Mar. 2002-- It will ultimately be up to historians to gauge how much the United States has changed in the wake of the September 11th terrorist attacks
  • AFGHANISTAN RESOLUTION VOA 28 Mar. 2002-- The United Nations Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution supporting the Afghan interim authority's drive toward a unified and democratic Afghanistan
  • U.S. Troops Describe Clearing Afghan Caves, Bunkers AFPS 28 Mar. 2002-- U.S. troops sent in to mop up enemy bunkers in eastern Afghanistan at the tail end of Operation Anaconda were well trained, well equipped and ready to tackle whatever they encountered in the challenging mountainous terrain.
  • DoD News Briefing - Secretary Rumsfeld and Gen. Myers 29 Mar. 2002 -- "we are working very closely with the Afghan interim authority, the administration, and non-governmental organizations overseeing the earthquake relief efforts in Afghanistan. In addition to the medical supplies that we sent yesterday, we are preparing to send nearly two dozen pallets of rice, blankets, wheat and cold weather gear to the people suffering from this disaster. Just bear in mind that at the same time we are doing that we are also continuing our hunt for the al Qaeda and the Taliban that are left inside Afghanistan. In that vein, we are still conducting surveillance and reconnaissance of likely areas where they might be. And we are also searching through several cave complexes, and gathering information and hopefully intelligence"

Other Conflicts

  • MIDDLE EAST/U-S REACT VOA 28 Mar. 2002-- The United States is welcoming the Arab League's endorsement of a Saudi proposal for Arab/Israeli peace
  • PASSOVER BOMBING VOA 28 Mar. 2002-- The latest Palestinian suicide bombing at a Passover Seder that killed at least 20 mostly elderly Israelis, has cast a pall over the latest peace initiatives in the Middle East. American newspapers are unusually outspoken in their criticism of the attack, coming as it does at the beginning of the Jewish religious holiday, and while Arab leaders are discussing a Saudi peace proposal
  • ISRAEL / PALESTINIANS VOA28 Mar. 2002-- Top Israeli officials are considering how to respond to a devastating Palestinian suicide bombing that left at least 21 people dead and injured more than 100.
  • MELVIN FRIEDLANDER VOA28 Mar. 2002-- Melvin Friedlander says the suicide bombing in Netanya on Wednesday may... have the effect of diminishing whatever is achieved in the Arab League summit.
  • MELVIN FRIEDLANDER, PART TWO VOA28 Mar. 2002-- Netanya has been the scene of other violence over the years. We have been talking with Melvin Friedlander, the author of "Conviction and Credence: U.S. Policymaking in the Middle East." For many years, he briefed officials in the U-S government and military about developments in the Middle East

Defense Policy / Programs

  • Transcript: Defense Department Briefing, March 28, 2002 Washington File 28 Mar. 2002-- Rumsfeld: So, I think that the way I would characterize the end of the conflict is when we feel that there are not effective global terrorist networks functioning in the world that these people would be likely to go back to and begin again their terrorist activities

Defense Industry

News Reports

  • U-S SMALLPOX VACCINE VOA 28 Mar. 2002-- The United States is expected have enough vaccine against smallpox to protect everyone in the country if terrorists unleash the deadly virus on U-S soil
  • RUSSIA/U-S/IRAQ VOA 28 Mar. 2002-- Russia and the United States say they have made substantial progress in discussions about revising U-N - mandated sanctions against Iraq.
  • Bush Calls for 'Heartland' Security AFPS 28 Mar. 2002-- "Homeland security in the heartland is just as important as homeland security in the big cities," President Bush said March 27 in Greenville, S.C.
  • A Changing NATO After September 11, by Philip H. Gordon Washington File 28 Mar. 2002-- Less than 24 hours after the September 11 terrorist attacks on the United States, America's allies in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) came together to invoke the Alliance's Article 5 defense guarantee -- this "attack on one" was to be considered an "attack on all." When it came time to implement that guarantee, however -- in the form of the American-led military campaign in Afghanistan -- NATO was not used.
  • Preparing NATO to Meet New Threats, by Richard L. Kugler Washington File 28 Mar. 2002-- In dealing with the new threats of terrorism and weapons of mass destruction (WMD), NATO is confronted with one of its biggest challenges in many years, but an imperative opportunity, too.
  • CHINA/U-S VOA28 Mar. 2002-- China's official media say "Beijing feels betrayed" by a series of what they call offensive actions of the United States

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