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27 February 2002 Military News

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  • Fact Sheet on Coalition Partners' Contributions in War on Terrorism 27 Feb. 2002-- Coalition partners from across globe are fighting against evil of terrorism.
  • PENTAGON/GEORGIA VOA 27 Feb. 2002-- The Pentagon plans to send between 45 and 200 military trainers to the former Soviet republic of Georgia to help soldiers there deal with an increased presence of al-Qaida terrorists
  • Franks: 'Much Left to Be Done' In Afghanistan AFPS 27 Feb. 2002-- Army Gen. Tommy R. Franks today told House Armed Services Committee members that his command "remains on the offensive" in Afghanistan
  • PHILIPPINES TERROR / ROOTS VOA 27 Feb. 2002-- In the southern Philippines, joint exercises between U-S Green Berets and Philippine troops have focused international attention on the Abu Sayyaf, a small group of Muslim guerrillas that has been linked to the al-Qaida terrorist network
  • RUSSIA / U-S / GEORGIA VOA 27 Feb. 2002-- Russian officials say they oppose plans to send U-S military advisers to Georgia.
  • INDIA / AFGHANISTAN VOA 27 Feb. 2002-- Afghanistan's interim Prime Minister Hamid Karzai wrapped up two-days of talks in India on Wednesday with agreement on a broad range of issues with New Delhi

Other Conflicts

Defense Policy / Programs

  • Prepared Testimony on the FY2003 Defense Budget Request to the SAC-D 27 Feb. 2002-- Wolfowitz The 2003 Defense Budget request is designed to address the President's goals in five key areas: 1) fighting and winning the war on terror; 2) defending the American people from a range of potential threats, from securing the homeland to defending against ballistic and cruise missiles; 3) restoring morale and readiness of the Armed Forces; 4) transforming the force; and 5) managing the Defense Department in a more business-like manner. Many elements of the budget address more than one of these goals. However, my remarks today will focus largely on what we are doing to transform the force, a critical area in which we need Congress's help.
  • Transcript: Defense Department Briefing, February 27, 2002 27 Feb. 2002-- Pace: In Georgia, if I could add, there has been a transfer of unarmed Huey helicopters to assist that government with mobility for their own forces, for their own security. Those helicopters have been delivered. And there is a DOD team of seven people -- one U.S. military, seven contractors -- who are assisting the Georgian government in receiving the helicopters and going through the kinds of maintenance procedures that you need to do to keep them flying
  • Maritime Administration Wants to Expand Port Security Zone 27 Feb. 2002-- The U.S. Maritime Administration (MARAD) intends to push the U.S. seaport security perimeter overseas to the point of cargo and container loading, Maritime Administrator William Schubert says.
  • Rumsfeld Interview with KSTP-ABC, St. Paul, Minn. 27 Feb. 2002-- Rumsfeld: Well, it's one of the things that are going on. The other things that are going on, of course, is we're still looking for the top oh, five or ten Taliban and al Qaeda that are still outstanding, including Omar and Osama bin Laden. We are very actively interrogating the people who have been captured to gather intelligence information which is enabling us to stop terrorist attacks elsewhere in the world.
  • Rumsfeld Interview with KSDK-NBC, St. Louis 27 Feb. 2002-- Rumsfeld: The difficulty was that a couple of people reported on the office as though it planned to do things that were improper and in some cases, illegal. Obviously we're not going to do that. We haven't done it in the past, we aren't doing it now, we wouldn't in the future.
  • Secretary Rumsfeld Interview with WISN-ABC, Milwaukee 27 Feb. 2002-- Rumsfeld: What we do know about him, we may not know where he is and we may not know whether he's dead or alive, but we do know that he is having trouble functioning and operating. That he's on the run, that it's hard for him to raise money, that it's harder for him to recruit, that his training bases in Afghanistan are gone, that the host government, the Taliban, has been thrown out of the country, and that he's hiding in caves or tunnels, having difficulty communication with his associates
  • Secretary Rumsfeld Interview with WKRC-CBS, Cincinnati 27 Feb. 2002-- Rumsfeld: Clearly we're in the Philippines providing technical assistance, advice, training, logistics, some intelligence assistance to the 4,000 or 5,000 Philippines soldiers that are down on Basilan Island trying to aggressively go after the terrorists who are holding them.

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