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06 February 2002 Military News

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Current Operations

  • U-N / AFGHANISTAN ENVIRONMENT VOA 06 Feb. 2002-- The United Nations Environment Program says it is preparing to carry out the first environmental assessment of Afghanistan in 25 years. The Geneva-based organization says it is hoping to recruit Afghan researchers and others qualified to assist U-N experts.
  • AFGHAN/MISTAKES VOA 06 Feb. 2002-- U-S forces in Afghanistan have acknowledged mistakes may have been made in two recent raids on suspected terrorist targets
  • U.N. Envoy Says Afghanistan Needs Aid Now USIA 06 Feb. 2002-- Lakhdar Brahimi says fragile situation needs bolstering
  • John C. Stennis/Airwing 9 Team Takes Right Action During Emergency Divert Navy News Service 06 Feb. 2002-- An F/A-18 Hornet from the "Argonauts" of Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 147 recently made an emergency landing at a forward-operating base, after its refueling basket became disconnected from an Air Force KC-10 during in-flight refueling operations, shattering the Hornet's canopy. The Hornet was conducting routine in-flight refueling during a combat mission in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.
  • Last 100 Marines wrap up Kandahar mission Stars and Stripes 06 Feb. 2002-- The last 100 Marines from the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit left Kandahar airfield on Tuesday.

Other Conflicts

Defense Policy / Programs

  • Rumsfeld Spells Out Six Key Defense Goals to Senate Committee USIA 06 Feb. 2002-- Says defense spending will push transformational objectives
  • Rumsfeld Talks Money With Senators AFIS 06 Feb. 2002-- The U.S. military must accomplish three difficult missions at once, and ignoring any one of them would put the nation in peril, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said today to the Senate Armed Services Committee.
  • What's Up at the Pentagon? AFIS 06 Feb. 2002-- Defense-based capabilities. Transformation. Force-sizing construct. Asymmetric threats. These are some of the latest buzzwords at the Pentagon
  • Myers Says Joint Capabilities, Transformation Key to 21st Century War AFIS 06 Feb. 2002-- DoD's top uniformed officer told the Senate Armed Services Committee today that the country must invest in its military to maintain the quality of the force and to fulfill U.S. obligations around the world.
  • AEF rotation policy remains unchanged Air Force News Service 06 Feb. 2002-- Air Force policy for aerospace expeditionary force rotations remains unchanged. Most airmen will be vulnerable for a 3-month rotation followed by a 12-month period before the next rotation. However, the combination of multiple crisis operations and our ongoing steady state commitments has placed extraordinary stress on the Expeditionary Air Force and our resources.
  • Battlelab brings data recorders into digital age Air Force News Service 06 Feb. 2002-- Saving time, money and space, the Air Force is starting to scrap its old 8 mm videotape recorders in favor of new digital systems thanks to the Air Expeditionary Force Battlelab here.
  • Amid base-closing uncertainty, CONUS construction budget takes a hit By Lisa Burgess Stars and Stripes 06 Feb. 2002 -- The Bush administration is gutting its construction budget request for CONUS bases for 2003 rather than waste money on improvements to facilities that may close by the end of the decade, senior Pentagon officials said Monday.

Defense Industry

News Reports

  • C-I-A - TERRORISM VOA 06 Feb. 2002-- The head of the Central Intelligence Agency, George Tenet, is warning that the al-Qaida terrorist network remains a threat, despite the U-S-led military campaign against al-Qaida targets in Afghanistan. He made his comments in open testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee Wednesday
  • POWELL / TENET / IRAN VOA 06 Feb. 2002-- U-S Secretary of State Colin Powell -- in Congressional testimony Wednesday -- called on Iranians to resolve the country's internal political struggle in favor of moderation and to end support for terrorism and what he called "meddling" in Afghanistan
  • Text: CIA's Tenet Says al-Qa'ida Still a Serious Threat 06 Feb. 2002-- Tenet: That said, I must repeat that al-Qa'ida has not yet been destroyed. It and other like-minded groups remain willing and able to strike us. Al-Qa'ida leaders still at large are working to reconstitute the organization and to resume its terrorist operations. We must eradicate these organizations by denying them their sources of financing and eliminating their ability to hijack charitable organizations for their terrorist purposes. We must be prepared for a long war, and we must not falter.
  • Adm. Blair reflects on post-Sept. 11 changes, lauds strength of U.S.-Japan ties Stars and Stripes 06 Feb. 2002-- President Bush's State of the Union warning to North Korea and the "axis of evil" shows just how much the world situation has changed since Sept. 11, the top American military commander in the Pacific said Monday.
  • NATO allies hesitant to pick a fight with Iraq Stars and Stripes 06 Feb. 2002-- If the United States decides to take military action to topple Iraqi President Saddam Hussein's regime in the fight against terrorism, it remains unclear if many European allies will join the battle.

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