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04 February 2002 Military News

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Defense Policy / Programs
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Current Operations

  • AFGHAN/PENTAGON VOA 04 Feb. 2002-- U-S military officials have returned to a village north of the Afghan city of Kandahar to investigate charges that a surprise American raid last month was a mistake, and led to the deaths of innocent civilians
  • Situation Unclear About U.S. Raid on Afghan Compound 04 Feb. 2002-- Officials of Hamid Karzai's Afghan interim government said the U.S. raid on suspected Taliban compounds Jan. 24 in the village of Hazar Qadam may have killed some Karzai allies.
  • With cargo missions, S. Korea joins U.S. war on terrorism Stars & Stripes 04 Feb. 2002-- South Korea's military has joined the war against global terrorism.
  • Transcript: Adm. Blair Discusses Vietnam's Anti-terrorism Support 04 Feb. 2002-- Adm. Blair: The focus of our effort in the Philippines is against the Abu Sayyaf Group. That has historical links and some contemporary links with al Qaida. It has U.S. hostages in its custody now, and has killed one in the past and held another one. It's been the center of the cross-hairs now for our cooperation with the Philippines.
  • AFHGANISTAN / SECURITY VOA 04 Feb. 2002-- Hamid Karzai, the head of Afghanistan's interim government has been urging world leaders to contribute to a greater international security presence in the country

Other Conflicts

Defense Policy / Programs

  • DEFENSE BUDGET 2ND UPDATE VOA 04 Feb. 2002-- The Bush administration has unveiled a new 379-billion dollar defense budget for the coming fiscal year
  • DOD, AF unveil fiscal 2003 budget proposals Air Force Print News 04 Feb. 2002-- The president's fiscal 2003 budget proposal authorizes $379 billion for the Department of Defense to win the war against terrorism, defend America, improve the quality of life for men and women in uniform and accelerate the transformation of the military to counter 21st century threats, senior defense officials announced Feb. 1.
  • Rumsfeld Calls 2003 Budget Key to Transformation AFPS 04 Feb. 2002-- In addition to providing funds for the war on terror, President Bush's fiscal 2003 DoD budget request starts the military transformation process, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said Feb. 4.
  • Bush Seeks More Money for Military, Homeland Security for FY2003 USIA 04 Feb. 2002-- International programs get mixed treatment in proposal
  • Bush Seeks $38,000 Million to Defend U.S. Against Terrorism USIA 04 Feb. 2002-- Budget request includes funding against bioterror threat
  • Transcript: Bush Remarks at Eglin Air Force Base, February 4 04 Feb. 2002-- Turning to his theme of the defense budget of nearly $380,000 million for fiscal year 2003, which begins October 1, Bush called the requested increase the largest in a generation. He noted that the proposal includes "another military pay raise for those who wear the uniform." He called on Congress to make the defense budget request its top priority, and to fund it fully.
  • Secretary Rumsfeld Interview with Jim Lehrer, PBS "Newsmaker" 04 Feb. 2002-- Rumsfeld: We still have to be able to win two conflicts but we only have to be able to occupy and change the regime in one while stopping the other, and in addition be capable of engaging in the kinds of other lesser contingencies or non-combatant evacuations or an event like Kosovo or something like that which is the more likely case. We're in Bosnia. We're in Kosovo. We have these different activities so we're structuring a force to fit that.
  • Secretary Rumsfeld Briefs the Fiscal 2003 DoD Budget 04 Feb. 2002-- Rumsfeld: With respect to transformation, the president's budget seeks to meet some six goals that had been reflected in the Quadrennial Defense Review and in the defense guidance to protect the U.S. homeland and critical bases of operation, to deny enemies sanctuary, to project and sustain power in access-denied areas, to -- importantly, to leverage information technology, to improve and protect information operations, and to enhance space operations. There's no question but that since September 11th our country has been changed forever. And as the wounds heal and as we begin to put September 11th behind us and to deal with the problems it poses, we need to see that we do not return to the old way of doing things and the old way of thinking about things, because they are not appropriate for the future.
  • Begert: PACAF bases will see increased operations tempo in coming months Stars & Stripes 04 Feb. 2002-- Air Force troops at Pacific Air Force bases can expect to see an increased operations tempo in the coming months.
  • Bush's defense budget slates $19.4 billion for war on terrorism Stars & Stripes 04 Feb. 2002-- Homeland defense, the war against terrorism and modernizing the military will be the trinity President Bush invokes as he tries to convince Congress to boost Pentagon spending to levels not seen since the Cold War was hot.
  • Army's transformation efforts may yield a $10 billion boost Stars & Stripes 04 Feb. 2002-- Bush administration officials have decided to showcase Army transformation efforts in 2003, and are asking Congress to boost the Army's budget by $10 billion, from $80.9 billion in 2002 to $90.9 billion.
  • Rising personnel, O&M costs addressed in Navy-Marine Corps budget Stars & Stripes 04 Feb. 2002-- The Navy-Marine Corps budget would grow from $98.8 billion in 2002 to $108.3 billion in 2003, a $9.5 billion increase largely eaten up by rising personnel costs and operations and maintenance.
  • PRESIDENT ANNOUNCES DETAILS OF WARTIME DEFENSE BUDGET 04 Feb. 2002-- President George W. Bush today released the details of his 2003 Department of Defense budget proposal to fight the war against terrorism, provide for homeland defense and accelerate changes to transform the U.S. military. To address these needs, the President's budget proposes $369 billion for DoD plus $10 billion, if needed, to fight the war on terrorism - for a total of $379 billion.
  • Budget Request Funds War on Terror, Military Transformation AFPS 04 Feb. 2002-- President Bush is asking for a fiscal 2003 defense budget of $379.4 billion, an increase of $48 billion over the fiscal 2002 budget.

Defense Industry

News Reports

  • Reservation Security VOA 04 Feb. 2002-- Of the more than 11,000 kilometers of international border the United States shares with Mexico and Canada, Native American reservations account for some 400 kilometers. The tribes have their own police forces and their own rights to protect their sovereign lands. As the federal government seeks to beef up border security as a result of the terrorist attacks last September it's begun working with tribal governments to patrol these areas more effectively.
  • AFGHANISTAN / RUSSIA VOA 04 Feb. 2002-- Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov held talks in the Afghan capital, Kabul, today (Monday), during a brief visit designed to show Russia's support for the new interim government, and to offer Russian help to rebuild the country
  • GITMO/DETAINEES/HEALTH VOA 04 Feb. 2002-- For the first time, journalists have been allowed inside a makeshift hospital ward for Taleban and al-Qaida detainees at the U-S Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Seven of the 158 detainees are receiving treatment for battle wounds sustained in Afghanistan, malaria and other ailments
  • BUSH RUSSIA VOA 04 Feb. 2002-- President Bush has discussed the war on terrorism with visiting Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov
  • IRAN / U-S VOA 04 Feb. 2002-- In his State of the Union address last week, President Bush named Iran as part of "an axis of evil" that supports terrorism
  • Text: Sen. Biden Says Sept. 11 Shifted U.S. Focus to Foreign Policy 04 Feb. 2002-- Terrorist attacks on the United States homeland have given the American public "a fuller appreciation of why foreign policy matters," and even have served as "a wake-up call to the unilateralists in the Bush administration," the Democratic chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee says.
  • White House Report, Feb. 4: Arafat op-ed, Bin Laden whereabouts 04 Feb. 2002-- Asked about a report in the Sunday New York Times that the trail had gone cold for Osama bin Laden, Fleischer said, "Well, we do not know where he is. Secretary Powell and others said that on the (talk) shows yesterday.
  • Intelligence Key to Anti-terrorism in Africa, Former Ambassador Says USIA 04 Feb. 2002-- Shinn discusses possible U.S. involvement in Somalia
  • MEDIA ABROAD FEAR 'EVIL AXIS' DESIGNATION SETS STAGE FOR WIDER WAR 04 Feb. 2002-- Overseas commentators continued to weigh in on President Bush's State of the Union address, voicing growing concern that the U.S.--basking in "patriotic pride" after its success in Afghanistan--was "unilaterally" justifying an expanded and "pre-emptive" war. Critics worried that President Bush's "self-righteous" zeal and "Manichean view" of the world would "alienate" allies, increase international tensions and undercut support for the war against terrorism. European and other allied outlets were especially irked that the Bush administration, now setting its sights on the "axis of evil," was using the war against terrorism "to fit all occasions" without consulting its coalition partners. Many lamented the "triumph of hard-liners in Washington" and the possible "loss of influence" of Secretary Powell within the Oval Office

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