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06 December 2001 Military News

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    Video footage of airstrikes, used during DoD news briefing
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    Movie showing December 4, 2001, F-16 airstrike, using a JDAM, on a compound in Kandahar where Taliban troops had reportedly taken refuge
    Footage showing December 4, 2001, F-16 airstrike, using a JDAM, on a compound in Kandahar where Taliban troops had reportedly taken refuge
    Movie showing December 4, 2001, FA/18 airstrike using a laser-guided bomb on an al-Qaeda troop facility in the Kandahar area Footage showing December 4, 2001, FA/18 airstrike using a laser-guided bomb on an al-Qaeda troop facility in the Kandahar area Movie showing a series of weapons being delivered, on December 4, 2001, to what DOD believed to an al-Qaeda leadership compound near Kandahar Footage showing a series of weapons being delivered, on December 4, 2001, to what DOD believed to an al-Qaeda leadership compound near Kandahar

Defense Policy / Programs

Government Statements and Transcripts

  • Transcript: Defense Department Briefing, December 6, 2001 06 Dec. 2001-- Rumsfeld: We have expressed very forcefully to all of the so-called opposition leaders, who have been opposing the Taliban, what our principal goals are and what are views are, and we have -- at least at this moment, I have not seen or heard anything that would suggest that anyone is negotiating something that would be contrary to what our interests are.
  • White House Report, Dec. 6: Afghanistan, Mideast, Saudi Arabia, Bolivia 06 Dec. 2001-- Fleischer: "In the event that somebody is captured, careful and proper, deliberate decisions will be made about what course should come next. But that is not the case now because he remains a combatant against the United States and other nations."
  • Text: U.S. Places 39 Groups On Terrorist Exclusion List 06 Dec. 2001-- The U.S. Department of State has issued a terrorist exclusion list that designates 39 groups, charities, and companies as "supporters of terrorism" that are now subject to specific visa restrictions, State spokesman Philip Reeker said December 6.
  • Transcript: Coordinator for Counterterrorism's Remarks in Beijing 06 Dec. 2001-- The Chinese Government may allow agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to work out of the U.S. embassy in Beijing, says Ambassador Francis X. Taylor, the State Department's Coordinator for Counterterrorism.
  • Text: Ashcroft Says Terrorism Investigation Aims to Protect Lives 06 Dec. 2001-- Ashcroft: "Our legal powers are targeted at terrorists. Our investigation is focused on terrorists. Our prevention strategy targets the terrorist threat"
  • Text: UN Security Council Resolution on Afghan Interim Authority 06 Dec. 2001-- Endorses the Agreement on provisional arrangements in Afghanistan pending the re-establishment of permanent government institutions as reported in the Secretary-General's letter of 5 December 2001;
  • Text: Transportation Dept.'s Mineta on Port Security 06 Dec. 2001-- Minetta: The Coast Guard has refocused resources to protect high consequence targets in the marine environment, including critical bridges, port facilities and other infrastructure.
  • Text: HHS Announces New Bioterrorism Research Programs 06 Dec. 2001-- HHS Secretary Tommy G. Thompson today announced seven new initiatives to accelerate bioterrorism research and help strengthen the nation's ability to deal with the public health threat posed by bioterrorism.

US Domestic Responses

  • U-S/TERRORISM LIST VOA 06 Dec. 2001-- The U-S State Department has issued a list of 39 alleged terrorist organizations and affiliated businesses whose members will now be barred from entering the United States. Officials in Washington say the measure is designed to close loopholes that allowed alleged terrorists and their sympathizers to travel to the U-S
  • U-S / IRAQ VOA 06 Dec. 2001-- Some influential members of Congress are urging President Bush to make Iraq the next target in the war against terrorism, and are calling for stepped up efforts to topple Saddam Hussein. President Bush warns Baghdad will eventually have to face the consequences if it does not allow United Nations weapons inspectors back into the country
  • POWELL/AFGHAN/NATO VOA 06 Dec. 2001-- U-S Secretary of State Colin Powell says an international peacekeeping force will soon be sent to Afghanistan and that plenty of troops will be available
  • ASHCROFT-TERRORISM VOA 06 Dec. 2001-- U-S Attorney General John Ashcroft confronted congressional critics Thursday in defending the Bush administration's domestic crackdown on terrorism in the aftermath of the September 11th attacks on New York and Washington.
  • AFGHAN/RUMSFELD VOA 06 Dec. 2001-- Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld says Taleban leader Mullah Mohamed Omar must not be allowed to go free in return for a negotiated surrender of the southern Afghan city of Kandahar
  • Senators Say Bush Antiterror Approach Legal, But Needs Safeguards USIA 06 Dec. 2001-- Ashcroft justifies tribunals before Judiciary Committee
  • US CHINA TERRORISM VOA 06 Dec. 2001-- The U-S State Department's top counter-terrorism official says China will strengthen cooperation with Washington in the fight against terrorism. After meetings with top officials in Beijing, Ambassador Francis Taylor calls the partnership between China and the United States "robust" and "evolving."

International Responses

  • AFGHAN AGREEMENT REACT VOA 06 Dec. 2001-- The agreement reached in Bonn Wednesday on installing a new, interim government in Afghanistan after eight days of marathon negotiations, was welcomed by the international community as a necessary step in rebuilding the country in the post-Taleban era. No one believes the task will be easy and there are already signs of discord among some of the factions that are to play a role in the future government
  • AUSTRALIA/INDIA TERROR VOA 06 Dec. 2001-- The Australian government says a man arrested in India last month claims to have planned terrorist attacks against Australia
  • U-N/ AFGHAN ENDORSEMENT VOA 06 Dec. 2001-- Without debate, the U-N Security Council has unanimously endorsed the agreement to create an interim government in Afghanistan.
  • AFGHAN AGREEMENT VOA 06 Dec. 2001-- The leaders of four major Afghan tribal groups, including two from the dominant ethnic Pasthuns, have agreed upon an interim government for their country.
  • UN Security Council Endorses Afghan Agreement USIA 06 Dec. 2001-- Council also expects to mandate multinational force, Cunningham says
  • Senior Taliban Leaders Expected to Be Brought to Justice USIA 06 Dec. 2001-- CIC's Keith also comments on negations for surrender of Kandahar
  • BELGIUM / AFGHAN WOMEN VOA 06 Dec. 2001-- While Afghan leaders were meeting in Germany this week to hammer out details of a temporary post-Taleban government in Afghanistan, Afghan women were having a summit of their own in Brussels
  • AFGHAN / KANDAHAR VOA 06 Dec. 2001-- The Taleban is negotiating the surrender of their last stronghold, the Afghan city of Kandahar. The announcement was made by Taleban leaders and the man designated to head Afghanistan's new interim government, Hamid Karzai
  • AFGHAN OMAR VOA 06 Dec. 2001-- Taleban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar is reported to have decided to surrender Kandahar, the last remaining Taleban stronghold in Afghanistan

Defense Industry

Other Conflicts

News Reports

  • COUNTER-TERRORISM EXPERT VOA 06 Dec. 2001-- A counter-terrorism expert says the war on terrorism is entering a dangerous phase. The former official in the Reagan administration says that with Osama bin Laden cornered, the likelihood of terrorist attacks increases
  • AFGHANISTAN / RUSSIANS VOA 06 Dec. 2001-- Several dozen Russian military personnel are in the Afghan capital Kabul, on a mission to rebuild its embassy and to provide medical help to the poor. It is the first time Russian troops have been on Afghan soil since the former Soviet Union withdrew the last of its forces from Afghanistan 12 years ago
  • Women Part of Afghan Interim Government USIA 06 Dec. 2001-- White House pleased but says more work remains ahead

  • ATK Rocket Motors Launch Space Shuttle Endeavour on Mission to International Space Station ATK 06 Dec 2001 -- ATK (Alliant Techsystems)(NYSE: ATK) said two reusable solid rocket motors manufactured by its Aerospace Group helped launch NASA's Space Shuttle Endeavour on a mission to the International Space Station from Kennedy Space Center, Fla., yesterday.

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