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17 October 2001 Military News

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October 17, 2001 Airstrikes


  • Pentagon Says U.S. Warplanes Attacking Afghan Targets Unopposed USIA 17 Oct. 2001-- No reports of planes being fired upon, official says
  • PENTAGON/AFGHANISTAN VOA 17 Oct. 2001-- The Pentagon is urging Taleban soldiers in Afghanistan to surrender or face death at the hands of U-S forces
  • PENTAGON / BROADCASTS VOA 17 Oct. 2001-- U-S military radio broadcasts into Afghanistan are trying to enlist the Afghan people in helping oust the Taleban leadership
  • PENTAGON / STRIKES VOA 17 Oct. 2001-- U-S forces appear poised for a new phase in the ongoing campaign against Taleban and al-Qaida terrorist targets inside Afghanistan.
  • AUSTRALIA / MILITARY VOA 17 Oct. 2001-- Australia is sending more than 15-hundred troops, including elite special forces, to join the U-S-led campaign against terrorist targets in Afghanistan. Prime Minister John Howard says the force will be ready for action by mid-November, but analysts warn the deployment could overstretch Australia's military
  • AFGHAN ATTACKS VOA 17 Oct. 2001-- Thunderous explosions have been shaking Kabul and several other Afghan cities, as the American-led raids aimed at flushing out Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda terrorist network continue.

Video footage, and pre- and post-strikes aerials used during DoD news briefing
Click on the small image to view a larger version
Movie showing airstrike on the garrison facility of the 2nd Taliban Corps
Footage showing airstrike on the garrison facility of the 2nd Taliban Corps
Movie showing airstrike on a bivouac area of the 2nd Taliban Corps
Footage showing airstrike on a bivouac area of the 2nd Taliban Corps
The set of aerials above depict a Taliban military training facility in Kandahar, prior and after being struck by US munitions on October 15, 2001. Video footage of this airstrike was released by the DoD on October 16, 2001.

Defense Policy / Programs

Government Statements and Transcripts

US Domestic Responses

  • BUSH TERRORISM VOA 17 Oct. 2001-- Mr. Bush talked about America's determination and unity during a stopover in California on his way to the Pacific rim summit in Shanghai, China.
  • BUSH APEC TERRORISM VOA 17 Oct. 2001-- President Bush says he will seek greater cooperation in the war on terrorism at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Shanghai, China
  • INDIA / POWELL VOA 17 Oct. 2001-- Indian leaders have reiterated a strong commitment to the American-led campaign against terrorism. And -- amid concerns over rising tensions in Kashmir -- U-S Secretary of State Colin Powell has reassured India its concerns on terrorism will be addressed
  • APEC TERROR VOA 17 Oct. 2001-- The United States is pressing members of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum to strongly condemn terrorism, but some member nations with Muslim majorities have reservations

International Responses

  • Sept. 11 Attacks Were Crimes Against Humanity, Says UNHCR's Robinson USIA 17 Oct. 2001-- She spoke October 17 at U.S. Institute of Peace in Washington
  • Chilean President/Terrorism VOA 17 Oct. 2001-- Chile's president, Ricardo Lagos (LAH-gohs), says his country strongly supports the U-S-led bombing strikes on terrorist targets in Afghanistan
  • COLOMBIA / US INTERVENTION VOA 17 Oct. 2001-- Comments by a top U-S official suggesting the United States might use military force against armed Colombian groups that Washington considers as terrorist organizations met with a swift, and largely negative, reaction in Colombia
  • TURKEY / AFGHANISTAN VOA 17 Oct. 2001-- Turkey says it is willing to take part in any international peace-keeping force in Afghanistan, once the U-S-led military strikes targeting Taleban forces and suspected terrorists come to an end. Amberin Zaman in Ankara reports the announcement follows calls from exiled Afghan King Zahir Shah for Turkish troops to take part in such a force.
  • BRITAIN / BLAIR VOA 17 Oct. 2001-- British Prime Minister Tony Blair says the United States and Britain are giving additional help to Afghanistan's Northern Alliance in its war with the ruling Taleban there
  • U-N / TORTURE VOA 17 Oct. 2001-- The United Nations special investigator on torture says he is concerned that governments may deport refugees and asylum seekers who are suspected terrorists to countries where they might face torture
  • Taliban Seizes U.N. Grain Warehouses in Kabul and Kandahar USIA 17 Oct. 2001-- World Food Program vows to continue food distribution
  • EUROPE / COALITION VOA 17 Oct. 2001-- Western Europe's first reaction to the United States-led military campaign in Afghanistan was one of total support. But as the bombing continues and worries are expressed in European countries about the fate of the Afghanistan's civilian population, some analysts wonder how far Europe is willing to go in backing its major ally
  • ISRAEL/ASSASSINATIOn VOA 17 Oct. 2001-- Israel's tourism minister, Rehavam Zeevi, has died in the hospital after being shot by gunmen at a hotel in East Jerusalem
  • JAPAN / MILITARY BILL L ONLY VOA 17 Oct. 2001-- The powerful lower house of Japan's Parliament is expected to vote Thursday on legislation that would allow Japanese troops to support U-S led military operations against terrorism
  • AFRICA / TERRORISM SUMMIT VOA 17 Oct. 2001-- Some 30 African countries are holding an anti-terrorism summit in Dakar, the capital of Senegal. The African dignitaries plan to discuss a draft anti-terrorist pact proposed by Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade after the September 11th attacks in the United States

Defense Industry

Other Conflicts

News Reports

  • WALL ST. WRAP VOA 17 Oct. 2001-- U-S stock prices drifted lower on Wall Street Wednesday, as word came out of Washington that congressional offices were being screened for the potentially deadly anthrax bacteria
  • TERRORISM & SAUDI ARABIA VOA 17 Oct. 2001-- Saudi Arabia is crucial to the world's oil supply and to U-S strategy in the Middle East and beyond. Yet, there is evidence of growing tensions between the two countries over Saudi reluctance to investigate the background of several of the alleged terrorists involved in attacks in the United States. That leads to the larger question of rising Islamic fundamentalism in Saudi Arabia and its challenge to the ruling royal family
  • CHICAGO ANTHRAX SCARE VOA 17 Oct. 2001-- The discovery of anthrax apparently sent through the mail in New York, Washington D-C and other locations in the United States has created anxiety throughout the country. Emergency officials in communities nationwide have received thousands of calls from people fearing bioterrorism in a variety of forms
  • Russia: Partner, Opponent or Bystander VOA 17 Oct. 2001-- Dateline show on Russia's role in the war on terrorism
  • CONGRESS/ANTHRAX UPDATE VOA 17 Oct. 2001-- U-S Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle says the Senate will be in business Thursday, even though at least 31 people have tested positive for anthrax exposure
  • TERRORISM-ENERGY SECURITY VOA 17 Oct. 2001-- The September terrorist attacks against the United States have intensified national discussion about energy security
  • POWELL / CHINA O-NITER VOA 17 Oct. 2001-- U-S Secretary of State Colin Powell is in Shanghai to attend the annual summit of the 21-nation Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum
  • BUSH TERRORISM VOA 17 Oct. 2001-- Mr. Bush left for China Wednesday where he hopes to build more support for the international coalition against suspected terrorist Osama bin Laden and the Taleban leadership in Afghanistan.
  • ON THE LINE: THE WAR OF IDEAS VOA 17 Oct. 2001-- On the Line show about the campaign for "hearts and minds"
  • TERRORISM / IMMIGRATION VOA 17 Oct. 2001-- U-S immigration officials told Congress Wednesday that they need more information from intelligence agencies to stop suspected terrorists from entering the United States
  • Exploring the Future Role of Technology in Airport Security USIA 17 Oct. 2001-- PPI forum hosts a tech demonstration on Capitol Hill

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