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12 October 2001 Military News

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  • PENTAGON/STRIKES VOA 12 Oct. 2001-- U-S Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld says the al-Qaida terrorists and their Taleban supporters in Afghanistan should not count on regular respites from U-S attack because of Muslim holy days
  • Aerial Strikes Weaken Taliban, Terrorists, Says Rumsfeld AFIS 12 Oct. 2001-- Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld and Air Force Gen. Richard B. Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told Pentagon reporters today that air attacks in Afghanistan since Oct. 7 have disrupted Taliban and Al Queda network communications, destroyed terrorist training camps and airfields, knocked out many air defense and command-and-control nodes and pulverized ground-based aircraft and vehicles.
  • High-Deployment Per Diem Stopped for Enduring Freedom AFIS 12 Oct. 2001-- DoD has suspended its requirement that services track deployment days and pay $100 per day to troops who are deployed more than 400 days in any two-year period.
  • Air Force Fliers Continue Afghan Food Drop Operations AFIS 12 Oct. 2001-- For four nights straight, teams of two Air Force C-17s have airdropped a total of more than 140,000 daily rations for needy Afghan refugees, Air Force Col. Kip Self said today from Ramstein Air Base, Germany
  • Rumsfeld, Myers Say Air Strikes Weakening Taliban, al Qaida USIA 12 Oct. 2001-- Myers says missions "going according to our plan"

Video footage and aerials of pre- and post-strikes targets used during DoD news briefing
Click on the small image to view a larger version
Movie showing destruction of transport aircraft at the Kabul Airfield Footage showing destruction of transport aircraft at the Kabul Airfield Movie showing destruction of transport aircraft at the Kabul Airfield Footage showing destruction of transport aircraft at the Kabul Airfield
Movie showing strike on Herat Airfield Footage showing strike on Herat Airfield Movie showing strike on jet fighter Footage showing strike on jet fighter

Defense Policy / Programs

Government Statements and Transcripts

  • Byliner: Secretary of State Powell on Battle Against Terrorism 12 Oct. 2001-- Powell in Newsweek
  • Transcript: Defense Department Briefing, October 12, 2001 12 Oct. 2001-- Rumsfeld: "This is the end of the first week of our involvement in Afghanistan from a military standpoint. And after six days of strikes against al Qaeda and Taliban military targets, we have disrupted their communications somewhat, and we have, we believe, weakened the Taliban military, and damaged but certainly not eliminated their air defense capabilities"
  • Text: EU Declares Full Solidarity with, Support for U.S. 12 Oct. 2001-- The EU declares its full solidarity with the US and its wholehearted support for the action that is being taken in self-defence and in conformity with the UN Charter and the UNSCR 1368. The terrorist attacks of the 11th of September are an assault on our open, democratic tolerant and multicultural societies and are regarded by the UN Security Council as a threat to international peace and security
  • Fact Sheet: U.S. Policy Statements on Post-Taliban Afghanistan 12 Oct. 2001-- Here is what U.S. officials have said in recent days about a post-Taliban Afghanistan.
  • Text: Treasury's Gurule on U.S. Action Freezing Terrorist Assets 12 Oct. 2001-- Today we add another brick to the international wall we are building against the funding of terrorist acts around the world. We are determined to paralyze the terrorists' ability to move funds through the international banking system, and we are using every tool at our disposal to cut off the various sources of funding for their atrocities
  • Text: Treasury's Taylor on Blocking Terrorist Assets 12 Oct. 2001-- I am pleased to announce today that all members of the G7 are taking simultaneous action to block assets of terrorist individuals and groups identified by the United States. This is just one example of the unprecedented level of international cooperation we have received to combat the financing of terrorism.
  • Text: U.S., Uzbekistan Cooperate to Aid Afghan People, Fight Terrorism 12 Oct. 2001-- "The Government of the United States of America and the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan recognize international terrorism as a serious threat to peace and to global and regional stability. To this end, they signed an agreement October 7 that establishes a strong basis for bilateral cooperation in the struggle against terrorism. Our countries will work closely to create a safer future not only for the people of Central Asia but for people throughout the world.
  • Text: Treasury's O'Neill on Freezing Additional Terrorist Assets 12 Oct. 2001-- Together Secretary Powell and I notified all financial institutions in the United States to block the assets of 39 additional persons and entities that are either wanted terrorists or who are known to financially support terrorism. The list includes businesses and charitable organizations that funnel money to the al Qaeda terrorist network.
  • International Development Secretary and Under Secretary of State for Defence: Press Conference 12 Oct. 2001-- Humanitarian aid is also a vital part of our wider strategy to combat terrorism. As you know, great effort has been made to enhance the military contribution to the humanitarian operation.

US Domestic Responses

  • U.S. Freezes Assets of 39 More Suspected of Aiding Terrorism USIA 12 Oct. 2001-- Senate, House committee pass money laundering measures
  • USAID Head Stresses Urgency of Aid Delivery to Afghanistan USIA 12 Oct. 2001-- Winter could make food deliveries impossible in some areas
  • Federal Officials Investigate Another U.S. Case of Anthrax USIA 12 Oct. 2001-- Network television employee infected, receiving treatment
  • U-S ON ALERT VOA 12 Oct. 2001-- U-S law enforcement agencies were on the highest state of alert Friday following an F-B-I warning of the possibility of additional terrorist attacks. Meanwhile, the Bush administration is taking further steps to cut off financing for terrorist groups
  • BUSH / AFGHAN AID VOA 12 Oct. 2001-- Mr. Bush focused an efforts to help the Afghan people even as the United States hits terrorist and Taleban targets in Afghanistan.
  • Federal Officials Investigate Another U.S. Case of Anthrax USIA 12 Oct. 2001-- Network television employee infected, receiving treatment
  • Senate and House Approve Similar Anti-Terrorism Bills USIA 12 Oct. 2001-- But air safety measure, passed by Senate, stalls in House
  • POWELL TRIP VOA 12 Oct. 2001-- U-S Secretary of State Colin Powell heads to Pakistan and India this weekend to help shore up relations between the nuclear rivals and their support for U-S military actions in Afghanistan
  • ON THE LINE: THE WAR WE ARE IN VOA 12 Oct. 2001-- On the Line -- a discussion of United States policy and contemporary issues
  • BUSH TERRORISM VOA 12 Oct. 2001-- Mr. Bush says the government is doing everything possible to protect the nation from further terrorist attacks.
  • CONGRESS / AVIATION SECURITY VOA 12 Oct. 2001-- The Democratic-led U-S Senate has unanimously approved a bill to improve aviation security to prevent the kind of hijackings that led to the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon one month ago
  • CONGRESS / TERRORISM VOA 12 Oct. 2001-- One month after the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, the Democratic-led U-S Senate overwhelmingly passed a bill (by a 96 to 1 vote) to toughen anti-terrorism laws
  • BUSH / WRAP VOA 12 Oct. 2001-- President Bush says there is progress in the war on terrorism, but a final victory could take years

International Responses

  • E-U / DEFENSE MINISTERS VOA 12 Oct. 2001-- European Union (E-U) defense ministers say their countries are ready, willing and able to replace any United States troops that might be re-deployed from peacekeeping missions in the Balkans and assigned to anti-terrorist operations
  • ASIA WEEK MARKET WRAP VOA 12 Oct. 2001-- Most stock markets in Asia ended the week on solid footing. But as V-O-A's Amy Bickers reports from Tokyo, trading is still largely influenced by the direction of Wall Street and concerns over the U-S led war on terrorism
  • INDONESIA PROTESTS VOA 12 Oct. 2001-- Indonesian President Megawati Sukarnoputri says she remains committed to the U-S-led war on global terrorism
  • AFGHAN ATTACKS VOA 12 Oct. 2001-- Pakistani troops are patrolling the streets of several cities where protests are underway against U-S air and missile strikes against targets in Afghanistan. The protests come as Taleban authorities in Afghanistan say they have recovered more than 160 bodies from a village they say was struck by U-S jets on Thursday

Defense Industry

Other Conflicts

News Reports

  • CHENEY/TERRORISM VOA 12 Oct. 2001-- Vice President Dick Cheney is raising the possibility that cases of anthrax in Florida and New York might be linked, and that bioterrorism can not be ruled out as the cause
  • ATTACK INVESTIGATION VOA 12 Oct. 2001-- U-S Attorney General John Ashcroft says there is no link between anthrax cases in New York and Florida
  • TERRORISM IN THE CAUCASUS VOA 12 Oct. 2001-- Afghanistan is the focus of attention as the war unfolds, but terrorism could also strike the Caucasus, according to participants at a recent Congressional hearing. They warned that internal strife, to a considerable degree fomented by Russia, and weak states with few border controls are an invitation to terrorism
  • ANTHRAX / FLORIDA VOA 12 Oct. 2001-- Federal officials investigating an outbreak of anthrax exposure in Boca Raton, Florida say the potentially-lethal bacterium appears to be contained -- at least for now
  • SPECIAL ENGLISH IN THE NEWS #502 -- Homeland Security VOA 12 Oct. 2001-- In the News Show on Homeland Security
  • PENTAGON/TERROR VOA 12 Oct. 2001-- A senior U-S defense official says the Pentagon believes the al-Qaida terrorist network has chemical weapons and possibly biological ones
  • ANTHRAX PROBE VOA 12 Oct. 2001-- U-S officials are warning Americans to be on the lookout for suspicious mail that might carry anthrax
  • NEGROPONTE INTERVIEW VOA 12 Oct. 2001-- In his first interview since becoming U-S ambassador to the United Nations John Negroponte stressed the global nature of terrorism and the widespread support of the U-S response to it
  • AFGHAN COMMANDER VOA 12 Oct. 2001-- The advent of U-S attacks on terrorist bases in Afghanistan has attracted new interest in the vexing question of how to free that country from the vicious cycle of internal conflict and civil war. Once-prominent figures on Afghanistan's political and military landscape are again emerging from exile or obscurity
  • ANTHRAX MEASURES VOA 12 Oct. 2001-- As state and federal officials intensify their investigation of anthrax cases in New York and Florida, there are calls for stepped up measures to protect Americans from a bio-terrorist attack
  • Reporting in Time of War VOA 12 Oct. 2001-- Dateline show on war reporting
  • BRITAIN / AID VOA 12 Oct. 2001-- British authorities are denying claims by Afghanistan's ruling Taleban of heavy civilian casualties in the U-S-led air strikes against military and terrorist targets in Afghanistan. Britain also says the air war may ease for a Muslim holiday
  • NORTHERN AFGHANISTAN SITREP VOA 12 Oct. 2001-- While the United States leads a bombing campaign against Afghanistan's Taleban rulers and their suspected terrorist associates, the opposition Northern Alliance is hoping to capitalize on the situation
  • Bioterrorism VOA 12 Oct. 2001-- After the September 11 attack, Americans were worried about additional strikes. As security in airports tightened in the United States, fears emerged that terrorists could turn to other weaponsmost notably those involving biological agents.
  • EYEWITNESS / AFGHANISTAN VOA 12 Oct. 2001-- Eyewitnesses to the U-S-led bombing in the north of Afghanistan say the attacks are weakening the Taleban. The eyewitnesses claim that in the town of Talaqan some Taleban commanders have run away, taking their families with them. Irris Makler reports from northern Afghanistan

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