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28 September 2001 Military News

Government Statements and Transcripts
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  • Pentagon/Strategy VOA 28 September 2001 -- U-S forces are reportedly conducting scouting missions inside Afghanistan while American ships, planes and troops mass in the region. But Bush administration officials are downplaying the likelihood of imminent military strikes.
  • DoD Moves to Restrict Civilian Blood Collections on Bases AFPS 28 September 2001 -- DoD officials have approved a policy to restrict blood drives by civilian agencies on military bases should the services need extra blood in coming months.
  • All Agencies Join Effort Against Terror AFPS 28 September 2001 -- Now the war against these terror networks will be unlike any in America's past -- in this war, the military will play a part, but just a part, in finding and stamping out the terror networks.

Government Statements and Transcripts

  • Text: Bush Authorizes Release of Assistance to Pakistan 28 Sept. 2001--- I hereby determine that it is important to the security interests of the United States to furnish up to $50 million for Pakistan without regard to any provision of law within the scope of section 614(a)(1) of the Act.
  • Transcript: State Department Noon Briefing, September 28, 2001 28 Sept 2001-- Twenty-some governments have taken concrete action either to freeze assets or impose new regulations. We've also seen a number of countries sign the International Convention for the Suppression of Financing of Terrorism.
  • Transcript: Powell Says Now Is the Time to Stop Support for Terrorism 28 Sept 2001-- Powell said it takes a coalition of nations to carry out the war against terrorism because it involves intelligence-sharing, controlling people crossing borders, and tracking financial transactions and terrorists' financial systems. It can't be done alone, he said.
  • Fact Sheet: USAID's Emergency Report on Afghanistan, Sept. 27 28 Sept 2001-- U.S. humanitarian aid rises to almost $184 million
  • DoD News Briefing Victoria Clarke, ASD PA Friday, Sept. 28, 2001 -- General Franks is not the world's most press-friendly guy. CENTCOM Public Affairs took down their web site last week.... I'm saying as a very strong general principle we won't be talking about operations... Now if I was trying to build a mosaic on that and I confirmed that, I've got that X in the box. And if another country does it, I've got another X in the box. And pretty soon, after some number of days have gone by, I have a complete lay-down of U.S. forces, where they are, and inherently their capabilities. We are not going to be helpful to help fill in those boxes.... Security at the source is going to be the principal way, as opposed to censorship or security review or something like that, of making sure that the products, before they ever leave the pool, are just fine.
  • Text: Bush Authorizes Release of Assistance to Pakistan 28 September 2001 -- Announcement from the White House September 28 about the release of up to $50 million in U.S. assistance to Pakistan.
  • Transcript: Powell, Spanish Foreign Minister Press Stakeout 28 September 2001 -- Asked about the change in U.S. policy towards the Sudan, Powell said that since the September 11 terrorist attacks on the United States Sudan has been "rather forthcoming in giving us access to certain individuals within the country, and in taking other actions which demonstrate to us a change in attitude."
  • Transcript: State Department Noon Briefing 28 September 2001 -- COALITION AGAINST TERRORISM -- Financial Efforts Against Terrorism/UN Security Council - Aspects/Saudi Arabia Support -- Under Secretary Bolton's Travel to Central Asia -- International Support -- Secretary's Phone Calls
  • White House Daily Briefing USIA 28 September 2001 -- Bush's schedule/phone calls, Bush/King Abdullah of Jordan meeting, worker relief/economic stimulus package, airline security, Reagan National Airport/reopening, operational detail policy, Reverend Jackson, Bill Maher's comments, UN sanctions/Sudan, week ahead.
  • Fact Sheet: Sanctions on India and Pakistan 28 September 2001 -- The U.S. State Department released a summary of the sanctions against India and Pakistan waived by President Bush September 22.
  • Excerpts: U.S. Works to End Suffering of Afghan Refugees USIA 28 September 2001 -- State Department officials emphasized in various appearances this week that the United States is helping to alleviate the suffering of millions of Afghan refugees.
  • Transcript: Powell Says Now Is the Time to Stop Support for Terrorism 28 September 2001 -- U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell says the strengthened international anti-terrorism campaign getting under way gives nations that have actively supported terrorists and their infrastructure in the past an opportunity to stop.
  • Transcript: Bush-Abdullah White House Photo Op USIA 28 September 2001 -- President Bush began his meeting with Jordan's King Abdullah in Washington September 28 by thanking the monarch for Jordan's condolences and support immediately following the September 11 terrorist attacks.
  • Fact Sheet: USAID's Emergency Report on Afghanistan, 28 September 2001 -- Twenty years of war and civil strife and three years of drought have created a mounting humanitarian disaster in Afghanistan, with refugees and displaced persons numbering in the millions.

US Domestic Responses

  • Travel Slump VOA 28 September 2001 -- President Bush is urging Americans to "get on the airlines" as he put it. But many people are not. Instead, they are canceling business and personal travel in such numbers that analysts say some of the nation's commercial airlines may find it difficult to survive.
  • Making the Skies Safe AFPS 28 September 2001 -- Bush told the crowd that the federal government would take over airport security. In the long run, this means airport security officials must meet stringent federal guidelines for training and background checks.
  • US-Slow Growth VOA 28 September 2001 -- Many economists believe that what has been a slow growing U-S economy is entering recession -- an outright decline in economic activity.

International Responses

  • Pak/Afghan VOA 28 September 2001 -- Pakistani emissaries who traveled to Afghanistan Friday say the Taleban has again rejected U-S demands to turn over alleged terrorist leader Osama bin Laden.
  • WITH THE U.S. OR WITH THE TERRORISTS: CHOICE IN LATIN AMERICA Foreign Media Reaction 28 September 2001 -- The outpouring of sympathy for the U.S. and pan-American solidarity flowing from the the Latin American media after the September 11 terrorist attacks has given way to more nuanced assessments following President Bush's call for an international anti-terror coalition in his address to Congress. Uncertainty surrounding the U.S.' "next step," the absence of the anticipated "conclusive" evidence fingering Usama bin Laden as the chief culprit, and fears that a "spectacular" U.S. military retaliation was imminent fueled doubts and anxiety in many quarters, and some critics bristled at the "bellicose discourse of the first days."
  • WORLD AWAITS U.S. RESPONSE; PRAISES 'RESTRAINT' SEEN THUS FAR Foreign Media Reaction 28 September 2001 -- Media focused on what should be Pakistan's level of participation in the U.S. effort against terrorism. Editorial writers emphasized that Pakistan will not participate militarily in any action against Afghanistan, and that this decision is "welcomed" by the people of Pakistan. Many dailies again stressed that the U.S. should avoid "any massive military attack against the Taliban," and concentrate instead on negotiations with the Afghan regime.
  • BRITAIN / ATTACKS (L UPDATE VOA 28 Sept 2001-- : British prosecutors say an Algerian pilot arrested in London provided flight training to four of the hijackers in this month's terrorist attacks in the United States
  • PAK / AFGHAN VOA 28 Sept 2001-- Pakistani officials say they hope the delegation can convince Taleban leaders about the seriousness of the situation they face.
  • ASIA WEEK MARKET WRAP VOA 28 Sept 2001-- Almost every equity market in the region closed the week higher, and the U-S dollar also gained ground against the Japanese yen.
  • INDONESIA / ANTI-US DEMOS VOA 28 Sept 2001-- Thousands of protesters rallied in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, in the largest anti-American demonstration since the September 11th terror attacks in New York and Washington
  • CHINA SECURITY VOA 28 Sept 2001-- China's government is rounding up suspected separatists and tightening security at borders, airports and elsewhere following recent terror attacks in the United States
  • JAPAN BUSINESS WRAP VOA 28 Sept 2001-- Japanese airlines are seeking financial help from the government, while leading electronics companies are trying a new strategy to combat poor computer hardware sales.
  • PAK / AFGHAN VOA 28 Sept 2001-- The religious leaders say they will try to convince the Taleban leadership to talk with the United States even though U-S officials say it is now time for action not talk.
  • U-N Terror Resolution VOA 28 September 2001 -- The U-N Security Council has adopted a sweeping resolution to fight terrorism with a major emphasis on eliminating international financial resources for terrorist groups.
  • UN / Afghan Relief VOA 28 September 2001 -- United Nations aid agencies are speeding the shipment of food and other relief supplies into border areas close to Afghanistan in preparation for a multi-million dollar emergency operation.
  • Berlusconi/React VOA 28 September 2001 -- "Tactless," "irresponsible" and "inappropriate" was how many in Italy described the Italian Prime Minister's comments about Western civilization's superiority to Islam.
  • U.S. Facilitated Sept 28 Israeli-Palestinian Security Talks 28 September 2001 -- The U.S. government attended and facilitated Israeli-Palestinian security discussions September 28 and is encouraged that both sides agreed to meet again soon to try to further security cooperation, State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said.
  • Despite Attacks on U.S., Africa Business Head Predicts Future Growth USIA 28 September 2001 -- Despite the devastating September 11 terrorist attack on New York City -- the financial and commercial hub of America -- the head of one of the largest U.S.-African business associations says he sees continued and steady growth in investor confidence in the Africa region.
  • U.S., NATO, Russia Partner in Terrorism Fight AFPS 28 September 2001 -- Whatever happens from now on in the struggle against global terrorism, the United States knows it can rely on its fellow NATO members, and Russia, as allies.
  • Israel / Palestinians VOA 28 September 2001 -- Thousands of Palestinians have observed the first anniversary (Friday) of their uprising against Israel with demonstrations, marches, and prayers.
  • Afghanistan VOA 28 September 2001 -- Afghanistan is one of the world's least developed countries. It has been the hiding place of suspected terrorist leader, Osama bin Laden.
  • Russia / Afghan Refugees VOA 28 September 2001 -- Thousands in Afghanistan are fleeing to neighboring countries, fearing a possible U-S military response to the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington.

Defense Industry

Other Conflicts

News Reports

  • Identical Letters Link Terrorists on Three Hijacked Flights September 11 USIA 28 Sept 2001-- Attorney General Ashcroft briefs at Sept. 28 news conference
  • Identical Letters Link Terrorists on Three Hijacked Flights September 11 USIA 28 September 2001 -- Identical letters in Arabic found in three different sites in the United States link together the hijackers of three of the four airliners that crashed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.
  • Terror Investigation VOA 28 September 2001 -- F-B-I investigators have found a letter left behind by hijackers involved in the September 11th terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, which they say contained instructions about how the attacks were to be carried out.
  • Britain / Attacks VOA 28 September 2001 -- British prosecutors say an Algerian pilot arrested in London provided flight training to four of the hijackers in this month's terrorist attacks in the United States.
  • LAAir /Incident VOA 28 September 2001 -- Safety concerns are prompting measures for improved security in aircraft and at airports and airlines are taking airborne disturbances seriously.
  • Bush / Taleban VOA 28 September 2001 -- President Bush says there will be no discussions with the Taleban. He is insisting that Afghanistan's leaders hand over suspected terrorist Osama bin Laden and all members of his al-Qaida organization.
  • Afghan/Humanitarian Efforts VOA 28 September 2001 -- Senior U-N officials warn that Afghanistan's grim humanitarian situation could become catastrophic if aid agencies are unable to get food, shelter and other critically needed relief supplies into the country by mid-November.
  • UN Evacuation Drill VOA 28 September 2001 -- All staff and most diplomats were evacuated from United Nations headquarters in New York Friday in a practice drill.
  • Gen Aviation Security VOA 28 September 2001 -- Thousands of planes remain grounded amid serious security concerns.
  • Cyber Alert VOA 28 September 2001 -- U-S government agencies and businesses are stepping up Internet security in the wake of the recent terrorist attacks.
  • Excerpt: Lawyer for Detained Aid Workers in Afghanistan Goes to Kabul 28 September 2001 -- State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said the status of the detained foreign aid workers in Afghanistan is "a completely separate matter" and the detainees need to be released right away.

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